Person-Centred Approach: Roleplay

Introduction to Roleplay

To critically analyse ideas and concepts, role plays are the best option in terms of effectiveness and efficiency at the same time. Relating to such fact, this roleplay will help analyse and observe the provided support and approaches towards the patient with Dementia in ensuring to meet the performance checklist requirements effectively. Thus, this roleplay will assist in offering substantial idea about the necessities and approaches a nurse or healthcare professional need to provide clients in a real-life setting.

Plot Summary

During midnight, when every people in the society has gone sleep, Margo is in her kitchen trying to bake a cake. She is saying that she needs to be quickly and hurry as the set order is due and the customer or people will be waiting for her service and cake. Margo lives in an aged care facility and does not work; however, she used to be a professional caretaker in her younger years.

Now, I have been assigned as a Personal Nurse or Caretaker to Margo in taking care of her and supporting her who is living with Dementia. All the approaches, supporting techniques, and care will be accordingly to the healthcare aspects and shall meet the performance checklist effectively. The role will involve four people which includes the nurse or the caretaker, Margo, a doctor, and a friend of the nurse. The prime role will be played by the nurse and the entire focus of the role play will be on the two characters that are, the nurse and Margo. However, in between and in some intervals, the other two characters will come into the picture. The whole idea of the role play will be narrating the duties, activities, approaches, ways of supporting a nurse towards a patient or person living with Dementia.


All the characters that are assigned, have been taken from my family which includes:

The nurse: Myself as Sara

Margo: My mother

Doctor: My father

The friend of the nurse: My elder brother as David


When the screen open, Margo will be at the kitchen, baking cake at midnight.

Later, the screen will switch to the healthcare setting, where I and the doctor will be appearing and where I have been assigned with a caretaking duty of a patient living with Dementia.

After that, the scene will come again to Margo’s home where she was found baking cake in her kitchen. The nurse greets, "Hello, Ms, Margo, what are you baking?" Margo replied, "I am baking cake for the people waiting outside for my hot and tasty cake." Nurse, responds, "oh, that is great, Ms Margo, I too will love to taste your cake as well". Margo looks at the nurse, anxiously, wondering, who she is. The nurse assumed Margo’s anxiousness and replied, I am your caretaker madam, to help you with your needs and bakery. Margo looks surprisingly at the Nurse, and says, “oh, really, that is very nice of you, you know people are not coming to help me, but goes away from me”. The nurse replies, “Do not worry, madam, I am here to help you in person and to look for all your needs”.

Later, the nurse asks Margo to go to sleep as it is already midnight and needs rest. The nurse asks, "Ms Margo, since, it is late night, all the people might be sleeping and they will be coming tomorrow morning, so, it will better, if we go to sleep and wake up early to prepare the cakes". Margo looks susceptibly and replies, “Is it really midnight? Are you sure, the people are going to come tomorrow for my cake?”. The nurse responds, “Yes, I am sure, we should sleep now”. Margo listens to the nurse and the nurse take her to her bed which was differentiated from other beds in terms of colour and picture. Also, made sure the bedroom was near the toilet with signposted and with good lighting conditions. Post that, the scene ends with Margo goes to sleep in her bed and the nurse thinking, analysing, and planning for her tomorrow approach to support her with her mental conditions.

Next morning, the nurse arrives at Margo’s bedroom door and greets, "Good morning, Ms Margo, how are you today?”. Margo replies, “Good morning, yes, I am doing good, Is it 8 o’clock in the morning, feels like it is 12 noon. The nurse quickly checks the time on her watch and replies to Margo with a smile, “No, madam, it is 7 o’clock early morning with a bright sunny day outside." Margo gazes at the window and realises what exactly the nurse has told her. The nurse comfortably holds her and helps to get up from her bed. Later she takes her to the bathroom and assists her to take bath and fresh off by switching the taps on.

After Margo comes out from the bathroom, the nurse quickly arrives her and helps her to take her to the bedroom to change the clothes and dress up in a clean and comfortable outfit. The nurse asks Margo politely, "what do you want to have for breakfast? Is anything special you want me to prepare for you?" Margo swiftly responds, "Yes, why not? It is been many days that nobody has asked or prepared anything special for me.” The nurse says, “Yes, today I am really going to something special for you.”

The nurse asks the cook of the house over the telephone to prepare a good protein and carbohydrate-rich breakfast combines with eggs, avocado, fruits, yoghurt, and vegetables with extra toppings on it to fascinate Margo with colours combination. As soon as the cooks finish breakfast, phone rings and the nurse answers, "Please wait, I am coming to bring the breakfast." The nurse gradually walks to the kitchen and holds the breakfast tray and walks back to Ms Margo to serve her the special breakfast.

The nurse slowly enters the room and with a bright smile on her face says, "Here is your special breakfast specially made for you by me." Margo attentively stares at the tray and astonished to see the colours of the items served in her breakfast. Margo said, "Is it for me? I cannot believe it is made for me, wow!". The nurse replies, "Yes, Ms Margo, it is especially prepared for you, it will help provide you with good health both mentally and physically as it has many rich sources of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.” Margo wonders what just did the nurse has said and asks, “Wait, for what? I had no idea what all these are and is it really help me stay fit and healthy?". The nurse replied, "Yes, madam, this breakfast has a lot of nutrients which will help you to stay active and healthy which doctors and other healthcare professionals usually suggest."

After finishing the breakfast, the nurse asks Margo, "Ms Margo, since, the day is nice, bright, and sunny, it is pleasant weather and time to have an effective exercise session, why don't we go to the backyard outside and have a little exercise and yoga." Margo replies, "But I had never done exercise before, am I able to do?". The nurse replies, "Do not worry, Ms Margo, I am there to help you. I will guide you step by step how to do exercise and yoga, and besides that, I will be educating you about its benefits while performing.”

The nurse shows several exercises and yoga techniques and while doing these activities, the nurse speaks regarding its benefits, values, and helpful to stay active and healthy. Margo attentively listens to it and performs excises accordingly by following the techniques of the nurse. Later, the nurse asks Margo, “madam, do want to meet my friend, he is a very good friend of mine, we socialize together to make a healthy living.” Margo replied, “Why not? Will he taste and buy my baked cake?” The nurse replied, “Of course, why not, me and my friend both will taste and buy your cake.” Margo turns happy and cheers with joy, “Yippie! I got two new customers.”

The nurse then calls David (friend of the nurse) over his cell phone, "Hello, David, it is me, Sara. Will, you able to come to St. Louis street, within an hour?”. David replies from the other side of the telephone call, “Yeah, alright! I will be there within an hour or two.” The nurse replied, “Thank you, David, see you soon, bye!” Both disconnects the call.

Margo to be seen, playing with a pen, pretending to be writing something in a blank paper. The nurse quickly observes the activity and asks Margo, "Do you know how to paint? Or have any idea of arts and crafts?". Margo responds, "Yes, I know little, but not a professional. Also, I have interests in arts and crafts." The nurse replied, "Oh wow, Ms Margo, I think our hobbies and interests resemble with each other. Why don't we jointly try to paint something, umm, say a landscape or a scenery?”. Margo replies, “Yes, that will be a great idea to start off.” Soon, they both go to the living room and arranges painting gears together one by one and fixes them in a comfortable place so that both can paint individually.

While painting, the nurse urges Margo to use her favourite colours to paint the scenery and make sure she also put her familiar imaginary view which she always want to art. Margo says to the nurse, “Do you know I always use to image a place where the sun is setting beyond the mountains, a man sailing his boat to the other side of the river, a house in the riverside, birds flying above the sky, and few kids are playing enjoying fishing beside the river." The nurse replies, Oh, wow, what an imagination Ms Margo, I would love to see that view with your art."

Home calling bell rings, the nurse attends the door and finds David standing outside. The nurse says, “Hey, David, welcome, thank you for coming.” David replies, "Thank you, Sara, great to see you." The nurse quickly explains to David that, she has been assigned to look after a patient living with Dementia and she is helping her to get well and recover gradually. Thus, she needs his help in networking and socialising with Margo and her to encourage socialization and mental stimulation at the same time.

The nurse introduces David with Margo and says, "Ms Margo, here is my friend, David about whom I was talking about." Margo recalls and greets David. David asks and greets Margo, "Hello, Ms Margo, how have you been? Seems like you are painting something". Margo responds, "Yes, I am painting my favourite imaginary landscape." David says, "Wow, sounds great! Would love to see that."

Later, the nurse asks Margo, "Would you like to join me in baking some cakes, Ms Margo." Margo speedily replies, “Sure, why not?”. David, the nurse, and Margo, the trio goes to the kitchen and together shares work to bake few cakes to eat. The nurse writes off all the ingredients in a cooking book for Margo and says, "Ms Margo, I have written all the baking details to prepare a cake if you need it the future." Margo responds, "Oh, thank you, Sara. You have been so nice to me throughout the day.”

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