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Working with Diversity and Conflict

Executive Summary of Talen International and Diversity

The purpose of this report is to provide a detailed analysis on Talent International, an IT company, which completely woks with digital and tech employment. The findings of this paper suggest that Talent International, although has diversity in its organisational structure, needs to change different aspects to maintain the diversity and keep the employees satisfied. Thus, it can be said that diversity, nowadays, is important to be able to retain the employees in the organisation, make them feel included in the structure and decision-making process. Talent International should improve its diversity policies regarding its employees, so that they so not have the feeling of being excluded.

Table of Contents


Diversity Policies.

Talent International

Talent International’s Diversity Policy.

Talent International’s Diversity Leadership.



Reference List

Introduction to Talen International and Diversity

Workplace Diversity can be defined as term, which is used for the workplace, which comprises of personnel having various characteristics, which include sex, gender, colour, race, religion. According to Saxena (2014), workplace diversity is the similarities and differences between the employees in relation to their age, colour, sex, physical abilities, their disabilities, and various other reasons. The author further states that different people have their own differences and are not divergent only in terms of their race, colour, and many more, but also based on their preconceptions and standpoints. The aim of this paper is to provide a detailed analysis of Talent International’s diversity management and provide recommendations for the inclusion of the diversity management processes in the organisation. Thus, this paper will provide a detailed analysis on the different aspects of the existing diversity policy of the organisation, along with developing procedures and strategies to improve the culture and climate of the business as well as uplift diversity and inclusion of all employees, followed by the concluding paragraph.

Diversity Policies

In today’s world, including diversity in the workplace has become an essential element, and including diversity policies makes the workforce varied. Globalizing markets have brought varied changes along, which have changed the working of the organisations. Diversity policies are those policies, which are introduced by companies to maintain equality within the company. Both the private as well as the public organisations have changes their policies to involve all employees from different backgrounds. These policies ensure that the goal of the organisation is to provide support to all its employees. In diversity in the organisation, t may be seen as collective in nature, that is, women being different from men, physically, but diversity policies make sure that these aim to remove the differences between the two genders and consider them as equals. These policies ensure to identify and know the worth of the differences between all the employees. These policies further create a mutual understanding between different employees from different cultures, races, etc. These policies are at time effective, but, at times, there are arguments regarding whether they are moral or practical. These policies can either focus on an individual or a group. Moral arguments focus on individuals, and states that focussing on groups is not humane. Further, groups have moral values, which extends beyond the sum of individuals (Ewijk, 2011).

The key components of diversity are:

  1. Culture, Race and Ethnicity
  2. Religious and Spiritual Standards,
  3. Disability,
  4. Generational,
  5. Sexual Orientation and Identity, and
  6. Inter-sex.

When the company considers all the above-mentioned components and creates policies considering these aspects, then workplace diversity is created and all the employees feel equal and free in the workplace, which leads to positive outcomes for the organisation.

Talent International

Talent Management is a globally introduces IT company, which is a digital and tech employment authority. It is the largest independently-owned placement solutions and has its branches globally. This organisation connect job-seeking individuals with top companies globally, where it has introduced various programs for the welfare of its clients (Talent 2020).

The diversity Management of Talent International believes in remembering that the base of every element is human. The organisation strives to maintain diversity by requesting its clients to accept all the resumes, irrespective of the names, sexual orientation or any other identifier, which can lead to the generation of biasness. It was the first company to provide corporate fundraising for the Marriage Equality Campaign in Australia, depicting that the company believed in equality among all people. It has the 100% Human at Work imbibed in its policies and culture. Various offers are given to all its employees, irrespective of their sexual orientation, race, colour, and many more, which include flexible work hours, paid parental leave, study leave, health benefits, as well as volunteer benefits. The purpose of the company is to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to be able to live their best lives through equality. The company has introduced a campaign called Talent Rise, where it reaches for solutions, which empower youth employment by allowing the youth to have proper access to the resources they require for obtaining a proper job (Talent. 2020). 

Talent International has a diverse team which includes 40% people who are parents and caretakers of children, 5% consist people from the LGBTQ communities, the employees speak 41 different languages, employees belong to 32 nationalities, 6% are neurologically different (Talent. 2020). It is inclusive in its policy document, as it considers its employees to have equal quality and talent who provide proper services to its clients.

Talent International’s Diversity Policy

Diversity and Equality are important elements in an organisation. Equal opportunities include equal rights, being tolerant, involving both minority and women in every activity in an organisation. Diversity Management is an organisational initiative, where companies focus on providing equal opportunities to all its employees, irrespective of sex, gender, colour, race. (Sharma, 2016). There are various types of Diversity Policies which have been implemented in the organisation, namely Gender Diversity, where 50% of the Talent Board Directors are female. Discrimination is not done in the company based on gender. It has achieved the role of HRD Australia Top Performing Company in Diversity and Inclusion in both 2018 and 2019. It further has a team of managers, of whom 45% are female, which also depicts the absence of gender differences in the company. Further, the organisation also supports the LGBTQ Community, and has members of the LGBTQ Community representing at the Board level. 

Talent International’s Diversity Leadership

The role of the leaders and leadership are the most significant aspects in maintaining diversity in an organisation (Bunton, n.d). The role which the leaders play at Talent International is to improve the success of the workplace learning as well as development. The leaders must be aware of what is expected of them and how they must carry out their responsibilities in a proper manner. Further, for the proper sustainability of the organisation, the leaders must change themselves in accordance with the cultural beliefs of their employees (Rahman, 2019). All the diversity procedures are implemented properly in the organisation, as they make sure that all employees feel safe and equal in the workplace. The engagement scores of the Talent Staff engagement can be seen to be equal across all genders at the organisation. Further, the talent abrasion rates in the organisation are at 12%, which is low as compared to the industry’s rate of 25-30% (Talent, 2020). The leaders are responsible for maintaining the diverse cultures in the organisation. Downey et al (2015) states that creating a “trust climate” as well as a proper relationship within the organisation would act as a source of positivity for the employees as they will have a feeling of inclusion in their workplace.

Further, having a diverse team and proper diverse management can lead to:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Attracting and retaining employees,
  3. Improved creativity and problem solving skills.
  4. Creation of proper communication skills.

However, the negative aspects which are faced by the leaders are:

  1. Failure to maintain proper time management
  2. Poor decision making
  3. Low speed in completing the work within the time-frame allotted.
  4. Poor management of the employees (Rahman, 2019).

Bianca Jones, the NZ Country Manager states that diversity policies play a significant role in bringing different people from diverse backgrounds into the company and inclusive practices helps the organisation to retain them (Talent. 2020).

Recommendations on Talen International and Diversity

The recommendations for Talent International are:

  1. To have proper leadership and management commitment. The leaders as well as the management team must include proper diversity processes in the organisation for its employees to feel safe and equal.
  2. The leaders must involve all employees in the decision-making process.
  3. The leaders must empower the employees through their skills, so that the employees are able to survive in the competitive market.
  4. Workplace satisfaction for all employees must be improved.
  5. An environment of continuous learning must be created for all employees.

Conclusion on Talen International and Diversity

Thus, the aim of this paper was to provide a detailed analysis on the diversity and inclusion practices of Talent International. For this reason, this paper has provided an analysis on the various diversity policies of Talent International, its leaders, implementation of its diversity policies, as well as recommendations for improving its policies. Thus, it can be said that Diversity in an organisation is a significant element, because it cannot function without having a diverse set of employees in the workplace.

Reference List for Talen International and Diversity

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