Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness - Assessment Task 1

Value proposition: The Company Apparel Brands will offer a wide range of clothing brands and products through online mode and incline towards assisting the cloth manufacturers within the Australian province to secure their business positively. Primarily, the company will only deal with apparels and clothing solutions from various popular brands known across Australia and globally. The prices of the products will be set reasonably that would help customers to make effective and reasonable buying decision which will not burn their pockets negatively. In addition, the quality of the products will be high and trending as per the industry and market standards to differentiate from other competitors in making the company’s products differ in terms of high quality and reliability. As the company will set up a business idea related to clothing business where the customers can design their clothes as per their taste and preference, this will considerably benefit the customers and help the company to prosper growth and profitability at the same time.

Target market: The target market will be based on the marketing segmentation techniques concentrated on psychographic, geographical, behavioural, and demographics factors of the proposed region. Mainly, the customer within the age range of 21 to 50 will be the target customers and they will comprise of students, graduates, working professionals, creative artists, housewives, and retired personnel. Besides, people who love the style and willing to stay updated with the trending fashion. These people or customer always seek for high quality, reliable, and up-trending fashionable clothes to suit up their needs, wants and desires to be fulfilled and satisfied.

By doing critical market research and reaching out to potential customers and societies to acquired insights and understanding regarding their choices, preferences, and taste to assess their needs and find an effectual solution to resolve the gap by bridging with efficient products and services. By creating a team of four members in surveying the public, and two members in assessing the information gathered by the team to provide substantial and effective findings in setting up the venture proficiently.

Consulting with the team of market research and product development team will assist in benefiting from other experts. Besides networking with the existing team to brainstorm and exchanges valuable insights, developments, and skills knowledge will generate benefits to prosper growth for the company effectively.

By doing a thorough market research and domain analysis of the existing web applications and e-commerce business available within the same business model shall provide significant help in understanding the differences. Second, designing an appealing and attractive website for the company with all sorts of requirements present, ranging from creating a user account, easy navigation from one webpage to the other, secure online payments channels to allow customers make payments without visiting the store or business centre. Third, by associating with effective web search engines like Google, Yahoo, and eBay in order to get the business incorporated with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique to maximise marketing campaigns about products and services concerning promotions and positioning. These approaches will eventually and effectively assist the company and online sales team to carefully scrutinize user data to reach customers as per their needs and queries. 

The benefits to Apparel Brands can be determined by its utilization of approaches and techniques in order to ensure organizational effectively at every level of business processes. The benefits will consist of increased customer awareness about the brand, products, and services through different digital marketing approaches. In addition, the approach of transition to online e-commerce business will significantly reduce the overall costs of the business in term of employee engagement, marketing costs, and overall expenses to run the business. With the initiation and implementation of e-commerce venture, the company will gain increased productivity as the indicated processes are effective and efficient in delivering desired results within a short period.

Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness - Assessment Task 2

According to the case of Apparel Brands, it has been indicated that after the completion of performance plan, it is essential for the organization to demonstrate on the skills and requirements for team cohesion in developing the e-commerce business venture proposal for presentation to the board of directors of the company. Concerning such fact, discussing the success and achievement of individual goals and by providing valuable feedback on other’s work or performance will help to give significant insight into developing team cohesion within the team effectively.

Team cohesion – An effective teamwork requires collaboration from every member of the team to make a valuable contribution in an equal and within an unrelenting manner over a significant period. Within a team, it is essential that every member of the team to share information and details by considering different opinions, viewpoints, and solutions to identified or occurring challenges that they have come across to make effective decisions. However, in a few cases, it is requisite for the members to keep aside any personal problems or beliefs for the benefits of the whole team. It is of obvious understanding that, a human component is a key to the achievement of the team, thus, it is essential and important to allocate time to focus o working on team building and team cohesion effectively to ensure profitability across various verticals. According to a study by Chiniara and Bentein, (2018), indicates that team cohesion can be defined as the strength and degree of an interpersonal correlation which is accessible between the members of a group (Chiniara and Bentein, 2018). In addition, it signifies the efficiency and effectiveness a team may comprise to make a strong interpersonal association exchange them among each other to make the teamwork better and more productive as compared to past experiences of teamwork (Chiniara and Bentein, 2018). It is the leaders who play a key role in ensuring team effectiveness and cohesion at the same time (Chiniara and Bentein, 2018).

Now concerning the discussion of achievement of individual goals, it is important to meet with the teammates and communicate effectively about the success and goals precisely. By looking at the individual performance plan, it has been identified that a basic knowledge regarding teamwork can be seen within the members of the team; however, to make it more promising and effectual, it is crucial to develop the skills and knowledge of team members to build team cohesion and teamwork effectively. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency in any type of group work, team cohesion is the vital asset that needs a key focus to develop and enhance it proficiently. In fact, without effective team cohesion, it will be challenging to achieve goals and ensure quality work at the same time (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). Thus, in the case of Apparel Brands case, to develop an e-commerce venture, the organization need to build a team cohesion that would ensure effectiveness and efficient subsequently at every vertical of the business process.

As mentioned in the individual performance plan, every team member of the group has a definite job role or duty to perform which helps the entire team and organization to mutually contribute their efforts to reach goals. Providing feedback is another essential factor that is required to ensure effectiveness (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). It gives the team member a scope for improvement and realization of the gaps and weakness that the individual must work upon to ensure success in the next try or determination to achieve the significant goals effectively (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016).

Besides that, by creating or encouraging open and truthful communication with the team leader and all the team members of the group shall help build the team cohesion more effectively (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). In addition, keeping in mind that the communication flow shall be of two-way, instead of only one-way, it is necessary to ensure communication flow systematically as per the priorities (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). This indicates that when team members communicate with each other it must be sure to return the goodwill accordingly (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016).

By concentrating on the issues and challenges that the teammates have faced while performing their task of venturing an e-commerce business of Apparel Brands shall assist in making the task more effective in reaching the set goal successively (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). Also, by acknowledging the issue or conflicts concerning its root cause and affected prospects shall help provide a significant understanding of the reason of such arousal of conflict within the team (Chiniara and Bentein, 2018). Second, by stopping and cooling off the situation with effectual and harmony communication that would help encourages assurance of resolve and peace (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). Third, by clarifying or classifying the positions of each member within the group will assist in making the team members understand about their part and role within the group which shall consequently resolve the conflict (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). And, by breaking the large group into smaller sections; and by separating the present alliance, which are likely to create conflicts and issues within the team members of the group will help considerably to minimize the negative effect (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016).

Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness - Assessment Task 3

  1. By meeting with the manager several discussions have been made concerning the issues regarding the team goals and corrective actions. It includes the effectiveness of team cohesion, team collaboration, teamwork, and effectiveness. Utilizing the theoretical concepts, ideas, and opinions of various management experts would help to understand the significance of such factors and benefits of it.
  2. After meeting with the team, and effective communication has been made to identify the key issues and the attitude of the group and group members effectively and accurately. Besides that, it has also helped the organization to understand their requirements and hidden agenda that need to be fulfilled or nay knowledge gap which needs to be bridged in order to ensure group effectiveness and productivity at the same time.
  3. A report to the manager describing the corrective action taken to resolve the performance issues:


Teamwork and team cohesion both the factors play a crucial role in an organization where a team's role is key to succeed in the organizational goals and objectives effectively. The performance of the team is the main priority and aspects that every manager or organization seeks for (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). Without an effectual performance, a team’s effectiveness cannot be determined nor its efficiency. By analyzing and reviewing the team's performance helps managers and organizations to take effectual decisions in making the entire team’s performance more promising and efficient (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). It has been identified within the individual performance plan, that there are few loopholes and gaps that need to be enhanced and developed in order to minimize and eradicate the effect on the overall company’s processes proficiently (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). Thus, this report will help to describe the corrective action which has been undertaken to resolve the issues of performance successfully.

Undertaken corrective actions

Resolving the performance issues of the group is a crucial factor sand require utmost attention. To effectually and efficiently resolve the performance issues of the team members within the group includes:

  • Commence an informal talk or communication with the teammates personally to understand their viewpoints, issues, and opinions shall provide significant understanding about their ideologies and attitude towards the organization and group as a whole (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).
  • Offering support to the group members who are facing challenges and issues in coping with the tasks, duties, and proceedings of other members within the group (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). This will help the concerned individual in identifying their flaws and any possible misunderstanding that has grown over time which is creating conflicts among the teammates negatively.
  • Meeting on performance review or monitoring the team mate’s performance shall help considerably to eradicate the conflict effectively (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). This approach is effective in terms of analyzing the performance of an individual about which a formal caution may be given to make aware of the performance that the person is delivering from their end (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).
  • Decision and approval is another approach to critically uplift the performance issues of an individual within the team (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). By considering the data assembled at the meeting, an effectual decision on a course of action shall help resolve the performance issue (De Jong, Dirks and Gillespie, 2016). It includes imposing written warning letters to the team members whose performance are not up to the mark and are having performance issues within (Tekleab, Karaca, Quigley and Tsang, 2016). At the first meeting, a first warning letter must be issued to the employee or teammate to keep him aware of the consequences. A final warning letter to be issued when there are no significant improvements seen within the team member. And at last, firing decision to be made in order to keep the performance at the top priority and make aware of it among all the teammates (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).
  • By informing the teammate about their performances which are not meeting the criteria and requisites shall create awareness among them to understanding the needs and seriousness of the business (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). Consequently, this would lead to acknowledge the performance issue by the team member and efficiently improve towards reaching the performance goals effectively (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).
  • Agreeing to a performance enhancement plan will help considerably in resolving the performance issues of an individual (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). After issuing the warning letters to the concerned employees or team members, it is important to make agree towards a performance enhancement plan to identify the aspects which cause unsatisfactory results of the teammates performance in doing the given tasks related to venturing the e-commerce business of Apparel Brands (De Jong, Dirks and Gillespie, 2016). Besides that, it will also help to agree on required additional training, mentoring, coaching, and any other vital support that are essential to enhance the performance of the individual effectively (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). Hence, by providing the team member or employee with appropriate support in order to improve their respective performance will help to enable them an adequate and rational time to progress and to vigilantly monitoring on the progress (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).
  • By implementing a follow-up meeting with the team members in order to acquire knowledge about their status of progress, issues, and challenges that they might face while adopting the improvement plan of performance (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). In addition, arranging a follow-up meeting to discuss the team member’s progress and improvement will help to repeat the practice from step 3 if necessary as per the progress (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). However, it has to be noted that, after three consecutive reviews regarding the team mate’s performance, the meeting needs to be fixed accordingly (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). Thus, supposedly if the performance level of the teammate successfully reaches the satisfactory level within the set review period, then no further action is needed (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019). But, if there was no significant improvement, then agree to additional improvement plan must be initiated or applied by the team member to must improve accordingly (Rezvani, Barrett and Khosravi, 2019).


This is to conclude that the counteractive actions which have been taken to resolve the performance issues of the teammates are effective and efficient at the same time to eradicate the negative impact effectively. All the described corrective actions are effectual in gaining success in making significant improvement among the team in context to performance issues. This indicates that the defined resolutions are indicative to improve the productivity and performance of the members remarkably. Concerning the given scenario of Apparel Brands, the mentioned corrective actions will play a significant role in assisting the team manager and overall organization to effectively reach the organizational goal by improving the performance issues efficiently and productively.

Reference List for Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness

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