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1. Identify two project management tools/templates that are commonly used by project managers to manage projects.

Briefly explain the purpose of each tool you have chosen. (200-300 words)

The most commonly used project tools are Gannt chart, work break down structure, product breakdown structure, and logic network. These are some tools that are used by the project managers.

Work break down structure: it is technique that helps in breaking the task into smaller parts. It is mots common type of tool that helps in increasing the productivity of the project. If the project is very complicated and big then breaking this complicated project into smaller part is the great solution. This tool makes sure that all the project plans are in alignment such as scope of the project, cost of the project and schedule bassline of the project. Work break down structure of two types generally, one is deliverable based and other is phase based. The most common approach which is used by all project managers is deliverable approach. This approach helps in making the connection between the scope of the project and the project deliverables such as services, products or outcomes.

Gantt Chart: a Gantt chart is a horizontal chart that helps in visualizing the plan of the project in a particular period of time. The Gantt shows the status of the project and also demonstrates the person

responsible for each task while working on the project. There are keep parts of the Gantt chart. These are task list, timeline, dateline, bars, milestones, dependencies, progress, and resources allocated. Task list describes the work of the project and it is organised into sub groups and groups.

Timeline shows the date, month, week and year of the project and also shows the remaining time to complete the project.

Dateline highlights the current date of the month.

Bars helps in showing the progress of the project.

Milestones are represented with the help of yellow diamonds and it is called deliverable, decisions and major events.

2. Discuss the types of documents and other sources of information used to define the parameters of a project? (200-300 words)

It is up to the project managers that what kinds of tools and techniques they select for the management of project. There are various key documents that help in managing the project accurately and appropriately. These are parameters of the project. Here is a lot of different types of documents and other source of information which are important for managing the activities of the project and offers important deliverables.

1. Project charter: the sponsors of the project create a document which is known as project charter. This document helps in identifying the requirements of the project, it also provides the authorization of the project, and also helps in granting the authority and also carry out activities of the project.

2. Plan of project management: it is created by the project manager in association with the sponsors of the project as the information written in the project charter. This is the important document that helps in guiding the complete project and some more information covered under this project management plan are, costs, communications, procurement, risks, stakeholders and many more. ...

3. Plan of risk amendment: it provides the project team about the possible risks of different concerns to the project manager and team of the project. It helps in identifying the possible risks so that the project become very successful.

4. Progress report: this is the report that helps in keeping the stakeholders up to date about the progress of the project. Budget of the project, whether the project is on time or not, whether the project meet all the requirements and specifications or not, whether the project is able to meet the intended goals and objectives of the project or not. This is the most important point about the progress report.

5. Apart from these points, there are some important parameters of the project such as plan, define, monitor, control, guide and execute.

3. Explain a process used for identifying and managing risk in a project. (150-200 words)

As written in PMBOK, there are various methods and techniques present to identify the risk in the project. Here is a list: reviewing the documentation, information collection methods such as delphi technique, interviewing, brainstorming, root cause analysis and many more, analysis of checklist such as lowest level RBS, assumption analysis, diagramming methods such as flow charts, sequence diagrams, UML, cause and effect pictures, SWOT analysis, and various others.

It is very important to identify a risk in the project management plan, because it helps in determines the types of risk and which risk might influence the project and its documents

Some steps have to follow to manage the risk in the project are;

1. Develop a risk register

2. First it is necessary to identify the risk before managing the risk.

3. Identify the opportunities and risks which are positive.

4. Calculate the likelihood and influence

5. Calculate the response of the risk

6. Allocate a risk manager to each type of risk

7. It is necessary to review the risks regularly

8. Create a report about the risk and how the risk generated, because of what reasons the risk generated. It helps in preventing and avoiding the risk next time.

4. Identify at least two Acts of legislation that organisations would need to apply or follow in order to manage projects and/or project team legally. (150-200 words)

1. Contractor risk management: contractors are the people who work in the office or business on the temporary basis or on the specialist skills. The regular staff of any business gone through the stricter verification phase as compared to the contractors before hired to the company. The regular staff also get some kind of training before starting the work in any project and they get an experience of the business’ environment of work and all the risk factors which are associated with them. However, this is not true for the contract employees in the organisation. Hence an act come to provide all the benefits to the contractors same as in-house employees.

2. Healthy and safety legislation at workplace: this is the responsibility of the organisation to check the health and safety of all the employees. An act is come forward that make sure in all the organisations that all companies follow the rules and regulations regarding the work safety and healthy environment. So that all employees can enjoy great health while working in the organisations and they don’t fall sick because of the organisation’s irresponsible and damaged safe and health issues

5. Explain the purpose of following the identified procedures and/or processes below that are relevant to managing a project within an organisation. (40 – 60 words each)

a) lines of authority and approvals

Line of authority in the business is the person who is in charge of giving the instructions and approving the orders and it also provides the efficient attainment of the objective and goal of the organisation. This person approves all the money related, permission related queries within the project and take all the decisions to make the project very successful

b) quality assurance

Quality assurance generally called as QA. It mainly concentrates on the processes that involved in the project and that executes accurately within the project to achieve the desired quality of the project. It helps in meeting the standards of the project and also helps in mitigating the bugs and defects of the project

c) human resources

project human resource involves different skills and responsibilities of the project. The team of the project is made up of different skills and talents according to the requirement of the project. So, the skills and talent of the people that applied to the project is come under human resource.

d) budgets and finance

A project’s budgets and finance is the total estimated cost that involved in the project and that is required to complete the project successfully. It is used to calculate the overall cost of the project and the cost involved in each phase of the project.

e) recordkeeping

A project recordkeeping is the systematic method that permits the people to get the records and other details of the project for future use. It helps in highlighting the important details about the project which is very much relevant to the project

f) reporting

Reporting in managing the project requires more than simply make the communication about the recent updates about the project and status of the project to the stakeholders and to the team. It is also help in eliminating the risk, supervising the budget and timeline of the project and develop the project more accurately.

6. Discuss reasons why it is important to ensure that a project undertaken by an organisation should align to the mission, goals, objectives and operations of an organisation. (50 – 100 words)

Businesses and organisations have to compete with each other in the market. Hence it is necessary and it is required to define mission, goals, objectives and operations of the project undertaken by an organisation. It helps the organisation to execute the project successfully and it also help in making sure that whatever the business does, it does it for a particular purpose and it does to get the desired successful in the market.

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