Communicate Effectively as A Workplace Leader

1.1) Description of Communication Project:

A communication project is to be commenced to announce the new flexible workplace arrangement. Through this project the intended benefits of the new flexible workplace arrangement will be communicated to the employees. This aims to ensure positivity amongst the stakeholders to work effectively and efficiently towards the achievement of the organisational goals and objectives. It also aims at ensuring that the employees are positive towards the new workplace arrangement decided by the management which is developed for enhancing the skills and reducing the stress of the employees.

1.2) Purpose of Communication: Identify the purpose of the communication plan. 

The purpose of Communication Plan is to ensure that the workplace communication strategies, approaches and methods are in place.

1.3) Communication Objectives: List the objectives for the communication.

The objectives of the communication project are:

1. announcing new flexible workplace arrangement to the workforce

2. promote benefits of the new flexible workplace arrangement

3. ensure all the stakeholders have positively accepted the flexible workplace arrangement

1.4) Key Messages of Communication: Outline your key messages to be communicated in the communication plan

Employee engagement plays a vital role in the business organization it is about how we create the condition in which workers offer more of their capability and potential (Zaki, 2019). Moreover, the employees of Best Smart has a good relationship with their managers. Further, the engagement of the sales team in the organization is from the top down. The vision of the communication project is to enhance the skill and reduce the stress of the employees to achieve the organization's goals and objectives.

1.5) Intended Audience for Communication and Audience Characteristics: Identify the intended audience for communications and their characteristics.


Audience 1

Audience 2

Audience 3


IT Manager-

It manager is liable for the computer-related activities; employees can coordinate with him to resolve their problem.

Sales Manager- is accountable for leading the sales team to reach the sales target of the organization. 

Sales Executive- help the organization to sale its products or services to the clients and enhance the growth of the organization.

Educational/Technical expertise


Sales management


Level of Authority




Position within Organisation




1.6) External Environment - PEST Analysis: Identify the four (4) external factors that may have an impact on your communication plan.



Buy Smart, follow the political and legal regulations, as it operates in the overseas region

The organization has adopted the incentive programme for the sales employees,



The organization has encouraged unity and connects the entire workforce to provide high visibility and easy accesses to create real community feeling in the workplace.

As the technology is advancing the way to meet the requirement of the customers. The organization has enhanced its technology to reduce the stress of their employees and working hours.

1.7) Communication Methods: Choose a written, verbal and social media communication method and evaluate strengths and weaknesses. When choosing your method, ensure that the method chosen will be a respective and positive communication approach.


Communication Method 1: Written

Communication Method 2: Verbal

Communication Method 3: Social Media


Email is a method in which information can easily preserve and can be collected easily at a time of need.

It can avoid misunderstanding

Face to face meeting communication is an effective method as it includes facial expression of the employee and gives instant feedback.

Successful meeting can pass its ideas and opinion to each other.

Blogs or Social media post can easily avail the brand awareness to the potential employees of the organization.

Employees can easily communicate with each other and share their thought and ideas easily through social media platform.


This method of communication takes time to communicate with others.

It is not effective for an illiterate person

Face to face communication is unsuitable for the employee who are poor communicator

There is no written record in face to face communication, so it cannot preserve.

Training is needed to manage its resources.


Track Receipt Method for Message:

 Email tracking can be done by using digitally time-stamped record that reveals the date and exact time that at what time an email was received and opened.

 In face to face, communication message conveys to the employee instantly

Number of the visit to the website by the employee

Click on the social media platform.


Message Method:

Acknowledgement of the written communication is only possible when the written message is received by the employee

Acknowledgement of the message is received instantly in the face to face communication.

High traffic on the platform

1.8) Barriers to Effective Communication: Identify any barriers that you see that may impact on effectively communicating the message.


Solutions to overcome barrier

Values of the employees

Be aware of the values of the employees so that the communication does not harm the personal values of the employees. Ensure that the communication technique is neutral and does not target any one community of the employees

Mood of the employees

 Avoiding information overload and disseminating the information using simple language will help in overcoming this barrier.

Cultural barriers

Being mindful of the cultural values while preparing the communication plan can help in overcoming the cultural barriers

Use of technical language or jargons

Organization should provide relevant content to the employee to attract their client easily.

Intergenerational differences

The communication approach is to be made by keeping the generational differences in mind. As this generational difference will influence the attitude of the receivers towards the information.

1.9) Communication Examples: Attach an example of your written communication and social media communication where you have communicated the flexible workplace arrangements for BuySmart. Ensure the communication examples have a respectful and positive approach.

1. Social Media

2. Written Communication:

This is to bring to the attention of all the employees working with BuySmart, that the company understands the importance of employee satisfaction and hence, has decided to implement Flexile Workplace arrangement for better work-life balance of all the employees. The key components of the Flexible workplace arrangement are:L

a) Work from anywhere, anytime.

b) Job sharing among the people working on similar projects

c) Telecommuting and meetings

1.10) Communication Action Plan: Complete an action plan for the implementation of your communication plan.



Person/s responsible

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Recording Method

Resources Required

Face to Face Meeting

1 day


Work Flexibility






Social media Communication

1 day


Online engagement

Screen recording

Software for Screen recording

Internet connectivity


Face to face meeting

 1 day






Previous sales data



Email communication method

1 day


Feedback and Acknowledgment

Screen Recording

Software for Screen recording

Internet connectivity


1.11) Feedback Methods: Identity and briefly describe three (3) methods that will use to seek feedback from stakeholders on your communication process and message. Your methods must provide opportunities for stakeholders to be able to clarify and confirm their understanding of the communication process and messages.

Feedback Method


Verbal feedback

Verbal feedbacks increase the communication and foster the productivity and overall performance of the sales team. It includes phone call, face to face meetings. It is more effective because it gives personal time with the stakeholder of the organization.

Social media

Feedback through the social media platform is easier and convenient. Employees can easily communicate with each other through the social media platform

Written feedback

Feedback through emails is the easiest way to collect and share the feedback from the stakeholders.

1.12) Monitoring and Evaluation Process: Identify your follow up activities from the evaluation of your communication of flexible work arrangements and the activity KPI, Timeline and the method you will use to communicate these activities and results to your Manager.

Follow Up Activities

KPI / Measure


Method Used:


 Flexible working

Once in a Week

Face to Face


Online Engagement

Once in 15 days

Social media

Written communication

Acknowledgement and Feedback



1.13) Relevant Organisational Policy and Procedures and their impact on communications: List the policies and procedures that may impact on your communication plan and briefly describe the impact that these policies will have.

Policy is a set of common guideline that outlines the plan of the organization for tackling an issue. It can communicate between the organizational goals and values and its day to day work or operations (Bayo, 2019).

Policy of the company includes

  • Policy and procedure for attendance – it includes the sick leaves, tiredness, vacation time, and paid volunteers hours.
  • Policies for discrimination and Harassment – this policy safeguards the integrity of the employees and make effective work culture.
  • Policies for internet and social media – this policy helps the employee to communicate with each other easily and ensure everything that they do online is legal, appropriate and ethical.
  • Policies for health and safety – employee safety should be in top priority for any organization in case of any emergency
  • Policies and procedures are helpful to run the workplace more efficiently, but they are only effective if the policies are being enforced in the organization. Enforcement of these guidelines helps the organization to motivate their employees and reduces their regarding stress.

1.14) List Relevant Legislation and their impact on communications: List the policies and procedures that may impact on your communication plan and briefly describe the impact that these policies will have.

Competition Law- It safeguards the market competition by regulating anti-competitive behaviour in the organizations (Australian,2020). This law is administrated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Moreover, it protects and promotes the competition i.e. the nature and the type of competitor between organization to retain and win consumer by preventing the unfair business practices

Consumer Law- It protects the products and services and unfair practices in the market places. This law is administrated by the Australian Consumer Law (Australian, 2020).

Privacy law- It protects the internal information such as data privacy in the organizations. It is administrated by the OAIC (Office of Australian Information Commissioners) (Australian,2020).

References for Communicate Effectively as A Workplace Leader

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