Develop and Implement Strategies for Intellectual Property Management

Draft research

This research is based on the strategic plan for AgriFutures Australia

Business Profile and Background of Agri Futures Australia

This is the section where you describe about the company and provide a brief explanation on what the business is about and why IP is important for them.

AgriFutures Australia is the business name given to the RIRDC ( Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation). The concerned organization has been known to make an investment upon explorations as well leadership related operations along with the tasks of innovating and gaining knowledge about the different ways to assist different kinds of industries (Ayton et al., 2019). They assist those sectors who doesn’t have their individual R & D ( Research & Development) operations in place, latest and the developing sectors and also in terms of those problems that create an impact on the complete agricultural system prevailing in the country of Australia.

In this context the concerned organization is associated with the task of attracting skillful people in professions associated with agriculture, it assists research and development activities in rice, pollination, honey bee, oil and few other businesses (Ayton et al., 2019). Moreover, it assists in the broadening of the remote sectors such as buffalo, camel milk and deer.

Intellectual Property is significant for the AgriFutures Australia because its main objective is to distribute as well as sell the information they obtain from research and development activities for the advantage of the fundamental sectors that is assisted by the concerned organization.

Intellectual Property Profile

Describe on what are intellectual properties AgriFutures Australia has in place.

  • Patents- As per the law of Australia, a patent offers a lawful authority to prevent any other person from producing or making use of the information or even profiteering the innovation made by a company in Australia (Brady, 2018).Hence, in the case of the AgriFuture company such patents will protect the confidentiality of any information, that company has obtained through its research and development activities.
  • Trademarks- The country of Australia has a well-formulated law-oriented structure that safeguards the Intellectual properties of different people as well as organizations. In case of companies in Australia, they can enroll their trademark as a marketing technique that will offer lawful protection to the information of an organization and will also not provide permission to other companies to make use of it. For example, Rice Extension, financed by AgriFutures (Brady, 2018) .
  • Copyrights- This is created in the country of Australia for the purpose of motivating as well as safeguarding commercial activities like that of the AgriFutures who engage in investing their time as well as expertise in the development of latest resources (Brady, 2018). This means that the various research and development made by the AgriFutures will be copyrighted to ensure to the owner that it won’t be claimed by any third party.
  • Trade Secrets- It refers to that confidential information of an organization, that is AgriFutures in this case that can be traded as well as registered. This can include the mechanisms (Brady, 2018) objects, methodologies as well as the modules used by the concerned organization in executing their research.

Explain what they are and what AgriFutures has on each section

The Case for Intellectual Property Protection

Explain how AgriFutures seek partnership or other methods to protect their intellectual properties

  • Firstly, when an organization like the AgriFutures in this case takes a decision to innovate a new commodity they go ahead with their research and development operations to generate a new idea.
  • Secondly, when it is determined that the generated idea has a significant business value then it will start working towards achieving a right in the context of that particular property by means of obtaining a patent (Australia, 2017).
  • Thirdly, after obtaining the patent, the concerned organization works towards making their latest development open to the public as well as to the market. In such a situation, when a patent is obtained it automatically enters the public sector and hence the attributes of the concerned development should also be revealed to the public.

Intellectual Property Best Practice Model Under IP Legislative

  • Registering a domain name- A domain name is known to be an exclusive location of a website that will enable other individuals to view that particular website. The web address that ends with “au” implies that that it has been enrolled under the government of Australia and managed as well as governed by the auDA ( Domain Administration) (Campi, 2015).
  • Design protection- In the country of Australia there is a legal structure for the purpose of the enrollment of designs (Campi, 2015). Moreover, a designing application can be submitted using only a one design or even a common design that will work towards the protection of several products.
  • Copyright protection- The copyright protection law of Australia is developed for the purpose of motivating as well as safeguarding those types of commercial activities that spending their valuable time as well as resources in developing new products (Campi, 2015).

Strategic Advantage of IP Protection

Explain what advantages will IP protection brought for AgriFutures

  • Collaborative approach- A collaboration perspective of protecting the IP will enable the AgriFutures company to enhance their output, create ways to smoothen the administration of collaborative assignments and moreover, it will also assist the research and development department of the concerned organization to interact as well as distribute the available information (Baldwin et al., 2015).
  • Open source option- The benefit of an open source option for the AgriFutures company would that the concerned organization will not cut-off their possession over a particular property (Baldwin et al., 2015), however, it can serve to be crucial technique for the purpose of developing their individual IP in a more secured as well as a spontaneous manner.

Recommendation for strategy development

Identify the intellectual property needs/opportunities of AgriFutures Australia

  • The AgriFutures Australia, should take an initiative to obtain a patent of their different research and development activities which they use to make a new innovation and thereby assist other organizations that doesn’t have their own research and development activities (Srinivas et al., 2019).

Develop the strategies recommended for AgriFutures Australia and discuss the advantages of your IP strategy.

Below are the recommended steps that the AgriFutures Australia should embrace to enhance its operations:

  • The AgriFutures should take relevant measures to offer protection to their Intellectual Property in terms of obtaining a patent.
  • The AgriFutures should also take an initiative to maximize their research and development functions.
  • Additionally, the concerned organization is also recommended to devise their properties (Srinivas et al., 2019).

Presentation slides

Based on the above information, create a PowerPoint Presentation for your research

Audience feedback

Upon presentation, collect feedback from your audience and write a summary on the feedback collected.

As per the feedback obtained from the audience it has been determined that the presentation provides all relevant information that will assist the AgriFutures Australia to protect its Intellectual Property and the best way to do so is to obtain a patent for every research and development activity it conducts for providing assistance to other organizations.

Reference for Develop and Implement Strategies for Intellectual Property Management

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