Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning


Task 1-Written Activity.

Task 2.



Human Resource Development - Task 1

The purpose of the report is to focus on the growing needs of the organization and to provide a clear objective of the organization, which is to expand and grow in the organization. The objectives and the targets of the company are to grow and expand. The predicted costs and the beliefs would be how much to use the resource and to use it constructively. For example, if the $50000 employee has been hired for the Digital marketing options, how much he can reap in return in the year and per month, s the cost and the benefit analysis. The technology requirements should equally be adaptive, clear and to make the employees grow and expand their calibre. The risks management and contingencies plans have to be parallel in the demand of the employees, employer and the required needs (Tikhonov, 2019). For example, the Chinese employees have been hired, what would be the growth plans, how to bend the employees within the organization and what would be returned. The risks are always there, such as after the employees are hired, how much they can give to the organization and give benefits. Through the congruency plans, would also be to develop how much is the growth evaluation and the monitoring plans. The development has to be contingency and can help to develop a care plan (Edwards, 2019).

To conduct the strategic plan and have in-depth research to be done, evaluate and to check over the plans of action (Goodin, 2018). For example, when the employees are to be hired, what would be the costs and how much investment is required to train, develop and to also grow. The strategic plans would also be to check over the labour needs and also to anticipate the changing trends. The company would also have to hold and anticipate the needs, demands and the supply that can help to recruit scout and even hire such employees. For example, if they have the new process and the new developments in place, then the company would receipt then the set employees in the set demands and trends. Even if the company is focused on the partnerships, collaboration plans and they have to scout the target market, hire in accordance with the company needs. For example, when opening an office in South Korea or Australia, the workforce would be mapped in accordance with the targeted need and to hire suitable candidates. The productive labour needs and the desired to hire suitable employees can help to grow and make plans. The monitoring methods, needs and methods have to be transitioned in the set manner. The contingencies plans would be to keep the target plans, in command to the company needs and the acquaintance. In case of any issues or any plans of evaluation, the company should focus on the strategies and the growth plans. The evaluation methods would be mapping and then checking with the company needs and the plans.

Particularly the role of the human resource planning and the function would be to focus on the company objectives, goals and the demands, based on which the HR can hire the suitable course of actions. Same goes for the plan of actions, with the evaluation plans, methods and to hire the set course of actions that can place the resources within the system. Though the constant innovation and the impacts of technology, the method would be to source the labour functions and to hire the labour supply that would equally be tried, developed and bled with the system. The requirements of the strategic plan of actions have to be planned and mapped. For example, of the budgeting purpose, the company should not go overboard and there should be a constant evaluation and to be mapped, with the company demands. As the company grows, they also have to think about rightfully demands and calibre.

In the end, the role of the HR is crucial in deciding the company objectives, goals and the plans of action that can help the company to grow and plan. As the company grows, so does the HR functions and to recruit suitable employees.

Human Resource Development - Task 2

The purpose of the report, the HR function, us of the technology, to use the rightful legislative, regulatory and the technology requirement has to rightfully place that can help the company to grow and evolve.

The six main functions of HR are recruitment, workplace safety, employee relations, compensation planning, labour law compliance and training. The first task of the HR is to focus on the recruitment part, to hire and rightfully place people with the job. To maintain and support the safe environments, with the main right people for the right job. Subsequently, the HR function is crucial to check the safe environment, to maintain the employer-employee relations, to derive the compensation and benefits and then rightfully place the labour law compliance. It would also be an important role in training and development

The role of the technology is to use Technology on the job role, for optimization purposes. To increases productivity and hence reduces the burden on workers and eliminates the burden of doing repetitive tasks. For this, workers need to learn some skills to stay employed. It's just that the workers should be given training for the newly created jobs. ... And as a result, they create more jobs.

The role of the legislative, regulatory and the industrial requirement, can help to make the company hire, remain in standard place to the registered business and to devise the plans. It would incorporate the business and directors, to maintain the business name. Use the ASIC on key changes, keep financial records. And to pay the fees, annual statements and to attain the professional advice.

The role of the Labour market options for sourcing labour supply, the goal is to focus on the employee engagement plans and to devise a range of recruitment options. To hire and to use casual labour, finding out the rightful source of the new graduates or trainees are also one of the plans. To recruit and employ off-shore workers and finally to outsource the employees in the organization (Edwards, 2019) . The goal is also to use contractors or consultants (Edwards, 2019).

The organization can aim for the strategic plans, mission, vision, along with devising the aspirations. It would be core values, to would-be strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The company objectives, strategies along with the operational tactics would be the provision of the measurements and funding streams (Muhammed, 2017).


1.(a) The observation would be sequenced, by understanding what are the organization demands and what can be the consequent plans (Pritvorova, 2018). The organization preferences are to place the HR within an integral part of the organization, how much they can reap and grow with the organization needs. The organization, the need would be in adjusted to the preferences that would be aimed at the changing needs and the preferences. For example, when there is a need of the SAP skilled or the SAAS based expertise, the organization would ire such recruits, that have the desired skills set to match and to deliver. The organization role would be to scout HR firs, would be to hire and use such employees who are efficient and even can use it efficiently (Aljayi, 2019).

b) The emerging industry practices and trends, that can impact human resource and practices, is the efficient plans, allocation of the resource and even to have constructive plans. The trends, such as changing customer needs, industry expectations and the organization goals are also the changing demands of the HR function. Emerging industry practices like using technology accurately and adapting to company expectations.

c) The future organization labour needs and the skills requirements are the understanding changing company and the industry dynamics, such as if the organization has opened in the China office, then sourcing should be based on the job hunt for the China office and use the sources adequately. The skills and the options would be to use it accurately, in place to organization needs and for the investment plans.

d) Such as changing laws and the legal rights of the people, for example, the Discrimination Act, introducing the Equality Act, are the some of the factors that can be introduced in the workplace and the normal scenarios. An organization should always be alert of the changing legal patterns and on the overall set up scenarios.

2. a) By consulting the relevant manages, the goal would be to understand their requirements, skills and industry-specific needs. For example, if the managers want to hire in the China office for the digital sourcing requirement profile, then understanding the requirement of the managers, an HR role has to source, recruit based on the candidate experience, skills and with the required techniques, to deliver as per manager expectations. This would help to rightly source the candidate, who can match with the organization expectation and within the budget (Aljayi, 2019).

b) When discussing the information with the rightfully relevant managers, the sourcing procedure would be following the company values, ethics and the policies. It would be relevant to the manager’s approach (Aljayi, 2019). The philosophies would be relevant and it would have to be mapped in accordance to the company goals and objectives. The values and the polices, would be rightfully be placed in understanding the organization expectations and sourcing.

c) (i) Budget

If the rightful candidate can be approved with the same budget and to use it rightfully.

(ii) Priorities

To check with the external and the internal stakeholders, in linking with the plans and to secure the plans.

(iii) The objectives, targets and the programs and the practice, is based on how much has been invested and how much can be reaped in returns. Costs should be low and the ways to optimize productivity are the challenges.

(iv) It should be rightfully being done in the onetime frame, which is the 6months to 1-year plans.

V. Risks such as the acceptance and the plans are also some of the ways, that can create plans of acceptance or resistance, depends on the sources.

d) When developing the strategic objectives and the targets, the goals are to develop the human resource services that can be in line to the demand and the desire. The management support for the plan has to be approved and should be in sync with the funds and the allocation of the resources to be used...

e) Such as when hiring the new employees, what is the budgeting required, how much cost is determined in the training plans and the development costs (Blanco, 2017). Finally, when they start to be productive, what are the challenges and how it should be handled and streamlined?

f) When identifying the appropriate technology and system, the goal would be agreed over the human resources and with the consequent plans of programs and practices. For example, how much it is demanded per technology like SAP skilling, some Excel working, PowerPoint if the training allows to Horne the skills of such employees then rightfully, the HR should take intimate to train them within the budget. Else, can support in budgeting to acquire the certification or some courses.

g) The rises are always how much is invested in eh employees such as the per month salary, to the training and development costs and finally in supporting the training costs and development. Such costs can be gained from future outcomes and with the rightful courses of action.

3) a) My role would be to understand the implementation procedure, evaluation plans and even to access the criteria’s based on which the plans can be followed judiciously (Blanco, 2019).

b) To check if the plans are rightfully followed, for example, if the Chinese based employee recently herd has been able to train and developed in accordance with the organization expectations and plans (Edwards, 2019).

c) If the people have been able to understand the plans and can deliver in accordance with the devised plans. For example, as per the Discrimination Act, the employees should not decimate each other based on any unprofessional misconduct. If someone is found to be doing, what can be the course of action that can be applied and used, are the adaptability to the change in plan?

d) By consistently mapping and understanding the team requirements, the HR can develop, consequent plan and even understand how to rightfully develop and to recruit. It is also an effective way, to develop and be on the consequent plan.


1. The three main strategies, which human resources department develop strategies would be the remuneration part, training and development and when hiring. As the salary is an important factor, HR can recruit, train and even develop strategies to control and command. Training and development are where the employees can be mould and the process of the hiring, where the candidate's skills, expertise and rightful candidates can be hired and fit into.

2. One’s needs to understand and allocate resources, in the same manner, as human resources strategic plan can be handled. HR has to understand company resources understanding and their calibre, process requirements and the company funds, which is present (Edwards, 2019).

3. Eight types of the employees are the as below

Freeloader-: These are the people who work and take the credits alongside with the other.

Worker -: Such people are the workers who are working for the company (Edwards, 2019).

Entrepreneur-: the men who think plans and evaluates at every point of time.

Permanent or fixed-term employees-; the one who is fixed who is permanent and even long-lasting with the relationships.

Casual employees-: These are the casual employees who come for the work for normal purposes, working in the regular hours and then optimize the work.

Apprentices or trainees – employees-: These are the trainees and the people who are working in an organization and to acquire the skills and the learnings.

Employment agency staff -: They are also referred to as the labour-hire and they would be part of the set place, workplace venture and to work constructively.

Contractors and sub-contractors-: They are the hired staff, that works in line to the secure, protectionism and for the overall time-based hiring’s.

4. HR Policy can be based on securing the rights, responsibilities and to maintain process development that can speed up the organization and also provide extensive support.

5. The main reason to develop the human resource plan is to think about to resource the humans, recruit, hire and is to make employees adaptive to blend with the process and the workings.

6. The different human services are to recruit, hire and train the employees and provide remuneration... Gradually, to build collaborative plans that can help to upgrade human’s ability to work, perform and even to do things constructively (Edwards, 2019). Human resources plans are effective ways that can help to blend employees with the system and to work constructively.

7. The effective one can be used rightfully and is within the budget (Edwards, 2019). The process is to check over plan and define Objectives, to bring in the involved stakeholders and to provide best secure buy-in and manage transient, create the project plan, team and even involve the HRIS options. To execute implementation and to plan the post-Live Training

8. The strategies to optimize, use the allocated funds efficiently and to access the future needs are one of the plans, which the organisation should work upon. The targets to hire, plan and to recruit are the methods that can help to hire and decide the rightful person for the rightful job.

9. HRM practices 3 operations are the recruitment and selection, training and development and finally to orient with the organizational performance, that can process and to increase the overall development. It is a method to increase and develop with the employee skills, acquiring the abilities and to blend with the system that can provide the necessary quality of products and productivity (Edwards, 2019). The 3 operations are also a way to strengthen the sustained competitive advantage that can be developed in the organization

10. Formal and informal communication, such as the formal memos, letters, drafts and circulation can be written notes. Informal would be the meetings, informal parties and the other ways to handle the process (Edwards, 2019). The involvement of personal communication and discussion is important in such scenarios

11. Monitor and review the strategic plan is to check with the productivities and how the employees can perform and deliver work.

12. To check with the organization demands, objectives and the goals that can help to deliver plans and even grow. For example, if the sales objectives for the year is 100 output increase and there 10 members in the sales team then the allocation of the effective performance evaluation should be 10% for every 10 members to reach the 100 units. Performance evaluation is also mapping from the past to the present allocation.

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