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The main purpose of this policy is to ensure a smooth flow of operation within the process of separation and termination of employment due to any specific situation, the employee leaves the company or been terminated from the organization due to low performance either voluntarily or involuntarily (Haque, 2020). Besides that, it associates with the organizational strategic and organizational plan by setting specific set of rules and regulations on which the employees must follow and adhered to ensure effectiveness and productivity. With the implementation of this policy, it will ensure better output and performance and will effectively lead to reach organizational goals (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). The role of separation and terminations plays an effective role in augmenting organizational performance by assessing employee’s performance and set a rule to execute the process effectively in accordance to the legislations and laws (Zardasht, Omed and Taha, 2020).

The policy applies to all levels of staff within the Sim Co. including the top-level executives. Moreover, the policies of separation and termination applies only to the permanent employment of executives and staffs (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). Concerning the employees who are under temporary employment, the separation and termination will be as per their performance and attendance basis; and which will be measured by metrics and KPIs, there will be a preparation of merit list for the top performing employees. Consecutively, such high performing employees who are under temporary employment will be absorbed by Sim Co. as permanent (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). 

  • Termination
  • Separation
  • Sim Co.
  • Gross misconduct
  • Complaints
  • Trust and confidence
  • Legal obligations

Fair Work Act 2009: All the separation and termination of Sim Co.’s employment falls under the legislation of Fair Work Act 2009 and the employers or the company must adhere to the legislations effectively to ensure no lawsuits issued against him or the organization as a whole (Federal Register of Legislation, 2018).

In order to end an employment or separation, the employee must provide a written notice of the last of his employment, or imbursement in place of notice. The minimum period pf serving the notice period will be based on length of the service and age, and in case of longer notice periods, the needs must be applied under contract (Christopher, 2019).

Under the Fair Work Act, the employees are protected against any unreasonable termination by their employers. No employees can enjoy special protection against the dismissal (Federal Register of Legislation, 2018).


To monitor, approve, and assess the overall process of development and implementation of the separation and termination policies of Sim Co.

Managers and Supervisors

To manage and supervise the implementation process of the policy by setting procedures and guidelines to adhere to by employers and employees.

HR Manager

To review and deliver the policies to the HR team for perusal and providing training and development sessions for the staffs.

HR Team

To educate and offer training needs to the specific staffs and communicate the policies effectively to the employees.


To involve, agree/disagree, and participate in reviewing the policies to ensure whether it is as per the laws and interest of employees’ welfare

The policy of separation and termination needs to be reviewed as to ensure adherence to best approaches and legislations effectively. The policy will be reviewed after its implementation and performance measurement (Zardasht, Omed and Taha, 2020). Primarily, the CEO and HR manager will be responsible to review and evaluate the policy. By using the performance indicators such as KPIs and target metrics, the evaluation and review of the policy will be done effectively (Zardasht, Omed and Taha, 2020).


By conducting seminar, role plays, and theoretical education to staffs. Setting specific rules and guidelines to adhere to which are mandatory for Sim Co.


Educating and creating awareness about the definite and effectual laws related to separation and termination of employment (Cotes and Ugarte, 2019).

Significance of policies

To educate employees regarding the significance of policies and its compliance to the same.

Knowledge of etiquettes

To ensure smooth separation and termination process, employees of Sim Co. must be trained about the knowledge of protocols and customs of the process as well (Cotes and Ugarte, 2019).


The negligence of employees in adhering to the legislation and etiquettes of the policies

By a face-to-face interaction or via email.

HR manager

Lack of seriousness and absence of precise and complete employment record. Negligence of keeping the documents safe (Cotes and Ugarte, 2019).

Through seminars, group meetings, and personal communication (Cotes and Ugarte, 2019).


The complexity in the process of requiring trainers and experts

By meeting or telephonic conversation (Cotes and Ugarte, 2019)

HR manager

Educating about the separation and termination policies.

By a face-to-face interaction or via email.


Measuring the implementation performance through metrics and performance parameters.

By meeting and conference


Meeting the expected results of smooth flow of operation and adherence to the policies effectively (Christopher, 2019).

Through meeting or telephonic conversation


Monitoring the development process of separation and termination policies.

By an email, followed by a meeting.


Ensuring effectiveness in the implementation and smooth flow of operation (Christopher, 2019).

A meeting and team conference.

HR manager

Educating and ensuring that the employees are adhering to the separation and termination policies (Zardasht, Omed and Taha, 2020).

Induction, meeting, and via email correspondence.

It is of utmost importance to maintain confidentiality and privacy regarding separations and terminations as it provides effectual assistance in building and developing strong trust among employers and employees. Moreover, it enables free flow of information concerning employee’s crucial data about issues and challenges working within the workplace amongst the employee and management effectively (Haque, 2020). The HR manager of Sim Co. is accountable for maintaining and addressing privacy and confidentiality issues of every employees’ working within the organization. According to The Privacy Act 1988 and the Fair Work Act 2009 of the Australian government, every business organization must adhere to the guidelines and legislations effectively to protect the rights and values of every individuals and employees (Attorney-General's department, 2020). It is the HR manager who is entitled to access any type of information about employee concerning their personal data, employment history, and performance. By ensuring information are stored in a secured manner, giving training to employees regularly on how to maintain effectiveness, and creating effective policies relating to privacy and confidentiality (Haque, 2020).

Employees of Sim Co. who wants to resign from their employment must give written correspondence via email and in paper before the HR manager. After the resignation letter being approved by the HR manager followed by consent from the management, the employee must serve a notice period of 30 days from the day of resignation to complete the pending works and ensure delivery of all allotted projects. The employee must complete the terms that will be in the checklist and have to go through an exit interview to gain feedback and complete the formalities as per company policy (Opute, 2020). 

Besides, employees who comes under retirement conditions, they must claim for the same a to the HR manager in writing or via email correspondence with a subject line of “Seeking retirement process from the post”. After the claim has been approved by the HR manager and the management of Sim Co. all the pending payments, provident funds, insurance funds will be processed within 30 days of issuing the retirement letter (Opute, 2020).

In case of death of an employee, the HR must communicate with the family and closed colleagues who he/she had worked in a polite manner and offer support to make them comfortable. The particular day or consecutive day shall be declared leave for employees for the day to mourn the sad event (Opute, 2020). The management and the HR manager must consult with the attorney to process the withholding requirements such a pending payments, benefits, insurance and provident funds to the deceased family accurately and safely after receiving the death certificate from the concerned authority (Opute, 2020).

To dial 000 and inform the concerned authority to come and address the issue. To call the emergency contact of the employee and send a company representative to inform the family of the deceased employee politely and in a supportive manner. The HR manager is responsible to address the issue and adhere to the policy of Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 effectively (Matthews, Fitzpatrick, Bohle and Quinlan, 2015). The computers and the used devices of the employees must be terminated immediately to ensure privacy and confidentiality of company and employee’s personal information. To follow normal termination polices to make sure all the belongings of the deceased employee are been returned to the family (Matthews, Fitzpatrick, Bohle and Quinlan, 2015).

In case of any identified redundancy within employee’s work or productivity, he/she will be terminated from the designated employment followed by a warning of 1 month. The management and the HR team will actively support the employee in terms of helping him/her improve and solve the issues of the employee that he/she is been facing. However, if the management sees no remarkable improvements in his/her performance, the company have to terminate the employee (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). The employee must serve a notice period of 7 days effectively to pursue the pending payments and experience certificates of his/her employment with Sim Co.

Employee’s performance is of key factor for organizational growth and success; thus, Sim Co. seeks for performance driven employees and make a strong association with it to prosper success. In case of identified poor performance of employee, the concerned employees will be forwarded to performance improvement plan concerning skills and knowledge development which will be monitored by the HR manager and team (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). The evaluation period will be of 3 months, if post 3 months, there are no visible improvements in employee’s performance, the company have to terminate his/her employment with a reason of poor performance. All terminations payments will be given within 7 days after the completion of termination process (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). 

In case of any gross misconduct such as physical violence, theft, gross carelessness, and cheating, the HR manager and the management have to terminate the employee at the spot without giving any prior notice (Haque, 2020). All the pending payments and benefits will be ceased as a compensation to recover company’s loss and damages (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019).

In the event of misconduct, for instance, causing bad repute to Sim Co.’s image in the society or causing detrimental damage to the organizational property, the HR management of Sim Co.’s shall suspend or terminate his/her employment without giving any prior notice based on the severity of the damage caused. All the termination payments will be processed to provided employee’s bank respective account within days of business processes (Haque, 2020).

In the circumstance of employment abandonment, the HR management of Sim Co. follows strict policies concerning termination and suspension. When an employee will fail to report at Sim Co.’s designated department for 3 consecutive days, the company shall treat it as abandonment of employment and his/her employment with Sim Co. shall be eradicated from the system (Christopher, 2019). To reapply for the employment, the employee must follow the regular recruitment procedure of the company (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019).

Sim Co. seeks passionate and go-getter attitude employee to perform effective in its performance driven working environment. The company hunts for individuals who actively participate in making the organization grown and prosper success. In case of any identified physical or mental incapacity employees in any of the departments of Sim Co. as reported by the concerned managers, the management have to terminate his/her employment by giving a notice of 15 days (Christopher, 2019). This decision will be based on the agreed policy between the management and the employee concerning delivery of high output in work. within the notice period of 15 days, all the pending termination payments and benefits will be handed over to the employee accurately as per the company policy (Christopher, 2019). 

It is mandatory that every employee of Sim Co. must go through the process of exit interview to complete their termination process effectively. The HR manager or the Assistant HR manager will take the exit interview of the employee to gain the positive and negative feedback which he/she had from the work experience at Sim Co (Cristiani and Peiró, 2019). This way the management of Sim Co. will take closer look at the feedback of employees and try to improve to make the employment experience better and expect re-joining of potential employees to serve Sim Co. and its customers continuously (Rowley and Ramasamy, 2016). 

In case of any grievances by the implementation of separations and terminations policy, an employee can file a complaint to the HR department of Sim Co. regarding the issues that they identified within the policy (Harris, 2019). The management will review the case and help improve the policy as per feasibility. First, the complaint must be filed with 48 hours of implementation and in writing to the HR department. Second, if the HR department fails to provide any effectual solution to the complaint the then employee can forward the complaint to higher authorities of Sim Co. to expediate the process within 3 days. Third, if the employee is not satisfied with the decision of higher authorities, he further it to the grievance committee of Sim Co. who shall recommend the HR manager within 5 days in report form. Fourth, a final appeal of policy revision can be made by the employee to the voluntary adjudication, if he/she is not satisfied with the decision (Cabrelli, 2016). Overall, the management must communicate its decision to the employee within 7 days after receipt (Harris, 2019).

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