Investigate and Design E-Business Solutions

Section 1 – Investigation

  1. Provide a brief description of the organisation you have chosen to complete this assessment.

Woolworth is one of the most recognised organisations and always enhances their services in order to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers the organisation wants to provide flexibility for the work force in order to manage the timing and involve many programs that can enhance the performance of the employees. Provide flexible working condition organisation fulfil the workforce requirement that needed to accomplish the organisational goals. The organisation undertakes various programs and activities that manage the interaction between the employees as well as to maintain the exchange of information in the organisation. Order to deliver flexible working condition the organisation follows all the rules and regulation like equal opportunities and anti-discrimination etc. However organisation also provides flexible working hours as per the recent performance of the employees. Apart from this organisation always focus on diversifying workplace as diversity helps organisation to accomplish new heights and success and also has the organisation to attain innovation and creativity in the work. The program that requires a workforce plan is to provide the flexibility in working hours and provide a diversified culture to the employees.

  1. Business analysis

The organisation is working for a very long time and delivers its services to the customers with best quality of products. The organisation have large workforce and there are various branches of organisation in Australia as well as in different parts of the world. The organisation always focuses on delivering best for it product and the mission of the organisation is to be the best retailer in the Australia. However there are is other organisation that gives strong competition to the firm and Organisation always adopt different strategies to meet the needs and demands of the customer. The biggest competition of the organisation is the Amazon which is the biggest head for the firm. Apart from this is the biggest competition for the organisation however the organisation always adopted different strategies that meet the needs and demands of the customers. The new business capabilities on retail Industry highly impact the organisation. Online business platform impact the organisation performance and Organisation needs to make strategies that meet the needs and requirements of the online platforms. The main reason because of which Amazon is the most preferable organisation for the customers because of its e- business strategies. Action used to enhance its online presence as Amazon is already capturing most of the online platforms and because of this the demand of Amazon is increasing and the demand is decreasing day by day.

  1. Market analysis

Market analysis is important for the organisation as it helps the organisation to analyse the market and address the new entry barriers segment the market according to organisation core activities. Organization is working for a very long time and target almost a range of customers from class to higher class people. Important for the organisation to analyse the new market entry because it helps to enhance the organisation performance and check if the strategies of the other organisations are better than Woolworth customers will lose Di loyalty towards organisation and prefer organisation to purchase products. Social economic environment highly impact organisation work.

  1. SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis of the organisation are the strengths weaknesses fortunately and third that impact organisation performance. The strength of the organisation is that organisation is working for a very long period therefore the impact of organisation on the customers in terms of quality is well established. The organisation always focused on providing best services to the customer and therefore firm adopts different strategies such as delivering organic products to the customer. Apart from this, the organisation is that it does not meet the needs and demands of the customer in terms of different approaches that is obtained by different organisations such as Amazon. The opportunity for the organisation is to include different strategies and plans in the present operations to fulfil the listen demand of the customer. The threat for the organisation is the new entries in the market which highly impact the customer preferences towards the order that different organisation provide. Organisation need address the issue so that this threat can be reduced because Amazon is already captured in the entire market of online business and if this continues then it will be a biggest threat for the organisation

  1. Potential contribution of e-business

E-business is commonly used by firms and helps to exchange goods and services through the internet. Different forms of e-commerce businesses are comprises of business to consumers, business to business etc. These system help the organisation to maintain the interaction with the customers on the web or perform task related to meeting consumer needs. Several organisations used this tactic to enhance their services by getting feedback on frequent levels from customer and enhancing their services to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers. The legal and ethical issues related to e- commerce opportunities are the fraud on the internet, copyrights, domain names, web tracking, privacy and other ethical and legal issues faced by the organisations. The cost for implementing E-Commerce is a quality high for rules what as the organisation is also working in Retail Industry therefore the demand of e-commerce is quietly high.

There are different kinds of e business models that are business to consumers, business to businesses, consumer to business, and consumer to consumer. These are the four traditional e commerce Business models which are adopted by the organisation in order to fulfill the needs and demands of the customer as well as organisation.

  1. E-business models and solutions evaluation

The main motive of e-commerce business is to sell the products on the online platforms and review its content functionality and attractiveness to retain large number of customers at once. This is one of the best ideas to develop our operating system and motivate others to evaluate. In order to evaluate the website it is important to check the content attractiveness functionality and many other factors. There are various aspects through which team can implement e-commerce business

Section 2 – Planning

  1. Scope of the plan

In order to implement the e-Commerce business for the organisation it is important to analyse the working of the organisation right now and then implement the e-Commerce strategies in the firm. Apart from this the key objective of e business solution implementation is to provide the best services to the customers and deliver best quality of products to the customers. The organisation is working in a retail business and delivers a large range of food products and different kinds of products with customers that the quality is very important and in terms of e-commerce business there are some challenges which can be faced by the organisation. The scope of this business is very high because due to modernization the as well as the organisations are enhancing their services and provide best services that contain fewer efforts to the customers. E-Commerce is one of the best way through which organisation can deliver the products to the customers without discomfiting them and without any struggle faced by the customers. Therefore the demand of businesses is increasing day by day and their most of the organisation are using E-Commerce to expand their businesses and target last number of audience.

  1. Target market and value chain

The target market for e business model comprises of all categories of audience including the middle class or upper class or even lower class. In the era of globalisation organisations are making their business different turn and strategies that can enhance their online presence and delivering online services. Audience of the organisation are the people who are available and can access the online platforms and can you see the organisation products and able to purchase them. Therefore, it becomes easy for the organisation to target all range of customers and deliver the products to the customers. The organisation is also dealing with different countries therefore the e-Commerce is very important for the organisation to deliver by services to the customers.

  1. Technical needs

The technical needs that are required to implement e-business solution are to take help from the IT department of the organisation and manage all the processes and their instruction. The IT Department of the organisation must involve the techniques and strategies that not only enhance the solution but also improve the quality of product. There are various other experts who can be undertaken by the organisation of firm out of the organisation which can help the firm to properly adopt the strategies and manage the working of e-commerce business.

  1. Cultural change issues

The cultural change issues that can be arises in the organisation is the management of the form and the communication level among the members. And that process will be automated therefore the members need to highly focused on the automation process which may lead to reduce the interaction level among the members. The first issue that can be identified is the lack of knowledge about the automation process. The organisation new employees will easily adapt these techniques but it is very difficult for the old employees to manage their working with a culture difference in the organisation.

  1. Implementation support

In order to implement the procedure and guidelines that can support the customer are the customer services policy of the organisation. Customer service policies and mention all the guidelines and the procedure that consumer needs to follow in order to place order for the products. In order to provide the products with high quality and ensure that the quality is best the firm will also take feedback from the customers and then implement the strategies that eradicate the issues faced by the customers. There are different policies that organisation needs to adhere and changed as per the demand of the customers. All the members of the organisation need to understand the importance of feedback given from the clients and the most important point it is to enhance the return policy which do not discomfit the customers in terms of returning the product that are not appropriate.

  1. Monitoring

Monitoring is one of the most important process in the organisation and all the organisation needs to add the mentoring process and follow all the rules and regulation. The monitoring process is a process which monitors all the operations and management of the organisation and analyse the gap that are exists in the organisation. The monitoring is conducted by the authority of the organisation and a proper team is made in order to manage monitoring process. Monitoring process not only helps the organisation to check the working but also help them to enhance their services that fulfill the needs of the customers. Organisation goal is to deliver the best services to the customers and to be the best service provider in retail Industry. It is very important for the organisation to monitor the process that helps the organisation and employees to complete the define goals of the firm. In terms of monitoring the organisation operations and management the organisation also needs to monitor the trends and implementation of approaches that different organisation is attaining to enhance their services. Managing information from the outer stakeholders is also important for organisation and monitoring those strategies will help the organisation to create new strategies that can compete within the market.

  1. Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important process in your organisation because feedback are the only way through which organisation can find the gaps and fulfil the needs and demand of customer by eradicating them. It is very important for the organisation to manage the working through to the feedback that given by the customer as well as the stakeholders. The aim of the organisation is to deliver the best services therefore all the challenges and issues should be eradicated within the time so that the services will be good and customer will be satisfied. Therefore it is very important for the organisation to manage the working and manage the feedback and work on the feedback. Feedbacks devil from the customer will all not only enhance the services but also identify the new opportunities for the organisation.

Section 3 – Case Study

Consider the following scenario:

You have now implemented your e-business model/solution and the following occurs:

  • The implementation is presenting some technical problems
  • The target customers are not as responsive as you planned to the e-business solution
  • Some of the staff in the organisation is resisting the change

Based on your plan in section 2, address all the following points:

  • Describe how the technical issues will be resolved, what will your action plan be?
  • Describe how you would improve the responsiveness of your target customers and what adjustments to policies and procedures you would implement to support your action
  • Describe how you would address the resistance to change in the organisation based on your plan
  • Describe how you would implement future e-business strategies based on the scenario that has occurred

After implementing the e-business in the organisation there are various issues that occur in the firm and that are the technical issues. The organisation members are not able to technically handle the automation process and the e-business so that proper training will be provided to all the members of the organisation so that they can perform better and benefit from the automation process. However the target customers were are not responsive as planned in the plan. In order to eradicate these issues all the feedback from the customer will be address if there is some feedback. In order to engage the customer various loyalty programs are organised by your organisation in order to attract and retain the customers. The organisation will start promoting and advertising about the organisation e commerce model and start attaining the customer side. Apart from these all the members of organisation are equally responsible in order to manage the working of the firm. The organisation will also make some changes in policies and procedures that do not retain customers. Apart from this organisation will also take advice from the experience persons as well as the other members of the organisation in order to eradicate the issues and also to adopt strategies that indicate the issues.

There are various members in the organisation that are not at all adjusting in the new model so that the department of the organisation will try to manage the meeting with the members and listen there challenges and issues faced during the working. Make them aware about the benefits that the organisation the employees will get after this model adaptation. The organisation will set up the training session for the employees in order to manage the working of the form and also to manage the issues faced by the employees. If the experience member of the organisation and not able to adapt this model then certain changes will be made that can help the parent members to manage their working. If it is possible for the organisation to manage one section of work force to the old model and the other section of the organisation to work on the new business model then it will be implemented if fiseble.

The members will divided among the team so that the team which is not able to perform the new model then the expenses staff will be shifted on lighting and the stock which is easily adapt the new model will be shifted on that team. In order to implement the future e business strategies the organisation will provide training to the staff that will be new and also provide proper resources to implement is model in the organisation. The organisation will make proper changes as per the needs and demand of the customers in this model. In order to attain this it is very important for the organisation to manage the working of the entire workforce and to the issues that are faced by the employees so that they will be productive and Organisation will accomplish the define goals.

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