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Resource Identification Table.

Environmental Monitoring Table.

Purchasing Strategies.

Regulations Table.



Introduction to Australian Post Cooperation Analysis

Australian Post, also known as Australian Post Cooperation is a government company offering postal services in Australia. It was founded in 1975 and has its headquarters based in Melbourne. Australia Post works in three centre business sectors: letters and related administrations; organization administrations and retail products; and bundles and coordinations that length both homegrown and global business sectors. Australia Post also offers the parcel lockers service over 330 locations near post offices. Moreover, Australia Post is also offering several digital services except for their main mail/parcel/logistics domain. The company in 2003 went into a joint venture to acquire the StarTrack company and had a contract with BlackBay for tracking services and a contract with Telstar for an effective telecommunications strategy.

The mission statement of the Australia Post is to deliver an important social and economic dividend for all Australians. The objective of the company is to balance its commercial objectives with community service commitments. According to Australia Post (2020), their business strategy was designed in a way to deliver both great senders and recipients experiences to delight their customers. Australia Post’s primary objective is to provide a national postal service within Australia and between Australia and places outside Australia, providing high-quality, efficient services to the community. Australia Post operates in a manner consistent with sound commercial practice and also generate dividends and increase shareholder value.

The report aims to determine the purchasing strategies for the company and how they help the company in having a sustainable competitive environment. This report also discusses the principles that drive a company’s decision of selecting the supplier for the firm. The report also depicts the purchasing strategy used by the company. The report discusses the regulation followed by the company, environmental monitoring database, and resource identification of the company. The report also discusses the waste caused by the uneven use of the resource and how this impacts the environment.

Resource Identification Table


Waste Caused

Environmental Impact


The company uses a lot of stationery items like papers in their day to day operations. After margining and in the case of human errors a lot of paper gets wasted daily by the company employees.

The major use of the wood resource is done for the production of papers. This wastage of paper leads to more cutting of trees unnecessarily

Staple Pins

Due to wrong adjustments of paper or after the usage of collected papers, staple pins cause a lot of waste as they can be used again for the work.

A scaled disposition of staple pins contributes over million kgs of CO2 equivalent to global warming pollution.

Board Pins

Board Pins are also used in the organization to pin the important papers on the board. Once they got moulded on their own, they came of no use.

Board Pins contributes to the rise in the carbon footprint of the environment.


Glue is used by the organization to keep papers together or to attach stamp posts to the letters. Daily lot of glue used paper gets disposed of in the organization due to human errors.

Waste from the dissolvable glue isn't effectively biodegradable. In the assembling business, it tends to be killed alongside abundance ooze by biodegradable treatment plants. If solvents defile water, nonetheless, it can prompt the demolition of natural life and conceivable tainting of drinking water.


Australia Post employees also use pens for paperwork and other stuff. Plenty of half-used pens disposed of daily adding to the waste of the organization.

All the dispensable pens and tops off, whose metal focuses contain harmful materials like lead, end up in landfills, streams, and different spots with the poisonous substance to the dirt and the groundwater table.

Environmental Monitoring Table















Staple Pins







Board Pins





















*Glue shows the data of number of boxes used in a day.

Purchasing Strategies

Describe the overall approach to purchasing at your organization. What main principles drive the selection of suppliers?

Several resources are purchased by the company for their day to day activities. Australia Post shops for various stationery items, stamps, gifts, and tracking systems and software for business operations. While purchasing the products on a huge scale for the company, Australia Post needed to negotiate a lot to make them in a profitable position. For example, the tracking system used by the Australia Post company is provided by the BlackBay technology providers. Blackbay conveys real-time versatility arrangements empowering administration and profitability upgrades to Supply Chain and Field Service tasks. The organization has critical involvement with the venture versatility market conveying portable information. Its centre action is versatile programming application progress, offering associations a critical degree of profitability dependent on diminished costs, expanded deals, and improved efficiency and administration levels. Moreover, according to IT News (2013), Australia Post spends $71m on a new tracking service deal with Telstra communications.

From always, the purchasing approach adopted by the Australia Post Company is the collaborative buying approach. The Collaborative Buying Approach refers to the buying strategy in which the buyer looks for the strategic suppliers that can either provide innovation or take over the core supplying function of the business. Therefore, this purchasing strategy is opted by the Australia Post company to ensure that the service tracking systems and network issues will be the responsibility of BlackBay and Telstra. This also shows that money isn’t a matter for the company, the focus of the company is to provide the best comfortable postal services. There are some other factors too that cost the company like delivery services, stationery costs, and many more.

There are 6 basic principles and criteria that drive a company towards the selection of the most suitable suppliers. There are various steps that a company takes before deciding on supplier selection decisions. The first step is to identify the suppliers available based on their pricing and compatibility with the organization. The key criteria company looks for while deciding the suppliers for their firm are supplier’s customer service, delivery commitments, reliability and responsiveness, and cost-saving on resources. The next step the company goes for is to measure the supply performance by the suppliers especially in the crisis of risk and urgent delivery. Moreover, though the company has no issues with the cost spent on technology just like other typical organizations, Australian Post also negotiates a bit on the cost of operations with the suppliers. Therefore, the needs, compatibility, and the situation of the company drive the selection of the suppliers.

Describe the procedures for identifying and selecting suppliers in your organization.

There are various strategic steps and procedures that Australia Post and normally every organization uses to identify and select suitable suppliers for the organization. There are several criteria that a supplier needs to fulfil to take an order or contract. Firstly, the need is to identify the supplier. Before selecting the suppliers, Australia post comprehends the opinions of the equity holders and define the criteria for the selection of suppliers for the firm. The stakeholder group involves one member each from the department that touches the need of suppliers like marketing, production purchasing, and many more. To select a suitable supplier for the company, Australia Post looks into various characteristics of the supplier’s firm like the supplier’s customer service, delivery commitments, reliability, and their strategy of cost-saving on resources.

Then Australia Post company also measures the supply performance of the supply contract holders to determine their frequency at the time of both risk and urgent delivery. According to Australia Post (2020), suppliers of their company must have the risk management framework and the business continuity plan. These frameworks will help the company to minimize the business impact due to major disruptions. This includes the emergency or Plan B response to minimize harm to the employees, company, and community. Through these criteria, Australia makes the best fitting decision on the selection of suppliers.

According to the Suppliers Code of Conduct by the Australia Post (2020), the company looks into the various factors that its suppliers must either possess or have the policy to abolish that factor. For instance, the suppliers must possess the risk management framework, must abolish child labour and discrimination, and must possess preventive measures for environmental protection. Australia Post takes care in choosing providers of merchandise and ventures and anticipates them to work in consistence with the perceived nearby public as well as worldwide laws, guidelines, principles, and proper codes of training. According to Australia Post, suppliers of the Australia Post should demonstrate the commitment towards human rights and fair employment practices. Moreover, the suppliers must have a safe and hygenic working environment for the employees that should comply with the local law and regulations.

These are some of the codes of conduct policies created by the Australia Post for their suppliers. Therefore, the suppliers eligible for this code of conduct are selected by the Australia Post company for their supplying operations.

Do purchasing procedures and strategies include methods of achieving sustainability in the organization? Could procedures be added/improved to increase resource efficiency or sustainability?

Yes, the purchasing strategies and procedures help a lot in achieving sustainability in the organization. As the company follows the collaborative buying approach, this will help the organization to stay updated with the technological advancements. Moreover, as per the supplier’s selection criteria, suppliers take over the responsibility of sustaining in the market. The company has almost used every strategy to increase resource efficiency and sustainability.

The purchasing strategy of the company not only helped the company to stay connected with the advancement of technology but also contributed in achieving the sustainable goals of the company. According to Australia Post (2020), as a part of their commitment towards the environment, they are trying to reduce the overall level of the greenhouse gas emissions, removing plastics from the product range. In 2018, the company released a 5-year environmental policy Action Plan that focussed on emission of reduction, reuse and recycling concepts. The company is also trying hard to achieve the targets of a 20% reduction in operational waste and 70% rise in operational waste recycling rate.

The purchasing strategy and the suppliers’ selection decision helped the company in achieving both internal sustainability of the company and external sustainable goals.

Regulations Table

Name of Regulation

Type of Environmental Regulation

Workplace Relevance

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conversation Act, 1999

Federal Legislations

This regulation helped the company is maintaining both environmental and economical balance. This helped the company to launch new sustainability targets for the company for the next 5 years. This helps in maintaining a healthy and hygenic environment for the employees.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Act, 2011

Waste Legislation

This will help the company and the employees to contribute to the waste management activities and in making efficient use of the resources

The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act, 2007

Greenhouse Legislation

This helped the company to make advancement in the delivery services by using electronic vehicles.

Australian Consumer Law, 2010

Consumer Protection Legislation

This helps the workplace employees and volunteers to stay committed to the sustainability and to deliver the best environmental outcomes

Fuel Quality Standards Act, 2000

Fuel Legislation

This helped the company in reducing the fuel cost of the company by launching the electronic delivery vehicles.

Conclusion on Australian Post Cooperation Analysis

This can be concluded from this report that there are various purchasing strategies that a company can opt for, in this scenario, Australia Post opted for collaborative purchasing strategy. This strategy helped the company to have more impressive and innovative developments. Moreover, this can also be concluded from the report that what principles drive the decision of supplier selection in the company. This report also stated various environmental legislations followed by the Australia Post company. The report also stated various resources used by the company with their resources usage database.

References for Australian Post Cooperation Analysis

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