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The Breast Cancer Society of Canada


Selected cause and alternative nonprofit organizations.

Organisational Background.

Summary of mission-based program..

Marketing and fundraising tactics.

Allocation of resources.

Proposal summary.


Selected Cause and Alternative Nonprofit Organizations

It has been identified that breast cancer is the most ordinary cancer in Canadian women with the exemption of non-Melanoma skin cancer. It can also be found in men and but the occurrence is very rare. Also, numerous interventions have been launched for women who are at higher risk for breast cancer counting genetic therapy and testing for women who have a strong family record of cancer (Zha et al., 2016). However, the strategies are indistinct in numerous areas, particularly in screening. The organization is working to provide the necessary care and intervention to improve the overall conditions of women in Canada. Furthermore, there is inadequate contact with molecular information in the background of the action. The patient has less chance to enrol in progressive experimental tests and the progress of novel targeted therapies is delayed. With the help of Operational research and effective intervention, the organization can diagnose cancer and provide effective care to patients.

The main reason for choosing this organization is that it focuses on innovative research which fills the gap to allow new ideas and concepts to be explored. Furthermore, patients will benefit earlier as more research is accomplished and more lives can be saved. The organization has developed a five-year research plan to give patients access to superior molecular testing so that they will have a chance to register in an experimental which test targeted therapeutics agent based on a particular hereditary mutation. Normalization is making data accessible to researchers across the nation that will lead to a novel way of thought and will add to building the information necessary to recognize the treatment for breast cancer. Furthermore, large numbers of organizations are working towards similar causes (Poirier et al., 2020). Canadian breast cancer research alliance and NBFC are some of the big nonprofit organizations working to provide necessary care to breast cancer patients.

Organisational Background

The breast cancer Society of Canada was created in 1991 by Lawrence and Greenaway in the remembrance of their daughter Pam who passed away from breast cancer at 38 years old (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). Also, they positively transform their deep loss into a mission to raise backing for the research to cure this dangerous disease. The breast cancer society of Canada has been funding breast cancer research and spreading awareness for breast cancer in Canada. The main aim of this organization is to improve the intervention, detection, and handling of breast cancer. The nonprofit organization highlighted that one in every woman is expected to diagnose with breast cancer. Furthermore every day 14 Canadian women will die of this disease. The organization supports early stages search to help scientists collect data and apply for Federal funding. Also, it funds translation research projects that turn laboratory research into new diagnostics and treatment. Furthermore, the organization does not receive any funding from the government and all their research is financed through the generosity of their donors. It has been identified that this cause requires urgent attention and funding.

It is estimated that around 26300 women will be detected with breast cancer deaths represent the 25 per cent off all new cancer cases in women. Also, 5000 women will pass away from cancer and this symbolizes that 13percent of all cancer found in women. On average, 72 Canadian women will be detected with breast cancer every day. Furthermore, the opportunities to improve breast cancer diagnosis and handling are superior to ever before (Liede et al., 2016). However, the organizations require support and funding to enhance their research. Also, the organization integrates personal expertise to reduce duplication and accelerate innovation as well as the delivery of novel therapies that have an effective and direct impact on the patient suffering from breast cancer.

The main objective of this organization is to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of women living with cancer.


  • Integrity

The volunteers and staff are honest and ethical which ensures the credibility and leadership

  • Caring

The caregivers are passionate, empathetic, and considerate towards colleagues and those individuals and families affected by cancer. The encouraging and supportive environment allows the

  • Courage

The organization requires an exclusive power of nature- an intrinsic quality found in the heart and minds of people

  • Progressive

Organization value the learning as it endeavour for incessant development and progress of the society

Summary of Mission-Based Program

The organization has also conducted various events and programs to support the cost and provide more awareness to the people. Since 1998 individuals, schools, organizations and companies from all across Canada have participated in “dress for the cause” posting local individual fundraising events in October in honour of international breast cancer awareness month (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). This year more and more people are working from home and students learning online so the organization has created some fun and innovative ways to help everyone get involved in the fundraising and the treatment and prevention programs. It has also introduced pam Memorial Golf tournament 2020. The organisation has invited various people to play have fun and raise funds to benefit life-saving breast cancer research. In the past 30 years, thousands of people have joined the organization on an annual Mother's Day walk. The nomination has invited a large number of people to register at mother's day to attain the objective of 1 billion. It has been identified that these programs and events are highly effective in collecting and using funds for the cancer survivors and providing effective treatment to them (Carriere, Sanmartin & Murison, 2018). Also, the organisation has proudly funds high calibre research teams that are situated near the patient's treatment clinics. The breast cancer Society of Canada and its mission to save millions of lives through the research is so imperative. Researchers played a huge role in providing necessary guidance and support to the organization. The organization has put significant emphasis on providing necessary care and support to a large number of patients. Innovations and research has played an immense role in identifying new technologies that are essential for improving the lives of cancer patients (Vahabi, Lofters, Kumar & Glazier, 2016). Also, the fundraising events are effective in offering the necessary support to the organization. The one billion step challenge has been successful in engaging a large number of people and other organizations who want to work for a noble cause.

Marketing and Fundraising Tactics

The nonprofit organization is bringing underrepresented audiences into its fundraising efforts. Furthermore of breast cancer society of Canada is reaching out to a more diverse range of communities to drum up interest in its “annual Mother's Day walk’’ (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). The organization has tapped multicultural agency to improve communications to partner with Toronto agency ad guys to create promotional campaigns. Effective communication with multi-cultural audiences requires cultural insights and the sensitivity to the personal issues faced by patients and survivors of breast cancer. It has been identified that cancer affects everyone so the campaign traditionally focused on Caucasian women. Campaigns will focus on reaching out to the communities that are traditionally not marketed in fundraising campaigns. The Campaign will put major emphasis on specifying that the organization raises funds for Cancer Research and not for patient support, advocates and for other types of charitable outreach. The particular slogan will be highlighted through hashtag “research matters’’. To spread awareness, the organization has developed to measure campaigns known as the Mother's Day walk. The campaign is designed to educate people at a young age to understand the threat of breast cancer and to create a culture of philanthropy (Chan et al., 2020). Also, the organisation encourages “dress for the cause event’’ or just fundraisers to wear pink to show their support during October’s breast cancer awareness month. The organization has promoted its campaigns through online social media, radio, print TV, and over Toronto transit. The Organisation is building fundraising programs and campaigns to deliver measurable results whether they are National, local, big or small they are actively helping all small causes. The advertising and promotional strategy of the organisation is based on cause-related marketing. The organisation has engaged the staff and customers by using event marketing as it is one of the most effective sources of funding for organizations. Furthermore, it also helps to funds and engages a large number of people. Also, the corporate teams and challenges have been designed to set up local teams and raise most of the money.

Allocation of Resources

Breast cancer Society of Canada is a small Charity as it receive donation in special event revenue of 1.9 million dollars in 2015. Furthermore, the administrative costs are eight per cent of total revenues, and fundraising costs are 30percent of the overall donations. Also, the total overhead costs come to 39percent (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). It has been identified that the breast cancer Society of Canada has funding reserves of 1.2 million dollars that can cover a program cost for 1.1 years only. The programs of the organization represented 50 per cent of the spending in 2020. It has been identified that the management is accountable for the research of monetary statements. In preparation, the monetary statements show that management is accountable for assessing the organization’s ability to disclose the matters related to the issues. The organization publishes annual reports to show the expenses and gains every year. Organisation did not endorse or promote individual projects or services. Also, the financial support for research projects is provided by fundraisers. This may take the form of an unrestricted grant of project funding and the respective policies applied to each form of support. The organisation has also acknowledged the efforts for sponsors in different events and Publications. Also, there is a strong reason to believe that the funding and sponsorship will result in a benefit to the charity and to the patient and caregivers it serves. Also, the company always signed a written agreement with all the fundraisers and individuals which outlines the contribution and responsibilities

Proposal Summary

The Breast cancer Society of Canada is working towards funding different and innovative research projects (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). The evidence specified that Breast Cancer Research find effective ways to prevent, identify, and care for breast cancer and to improve the quality of life of both patient and their families. With the help of sufficient funding, the researchers are aggressively studying what causes breast cancer. The organization supports early-stage research to help scientists collect data and apply for federal funding. It also funds major research projects. The organization has not only funding cancer research however the focus is unique. Rather than looking for particular projects and researchers the organization seeks out high calibre research teams that are located in cancer treatment cancer. Every team has the same dream of working together to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. The team helps to foster creativity and collaboration between institutions and medical experts. As these teams are located in the cancer treatment centre there is a close connection to the needs of patients, researchers, and clinicians. If this research did not support the patient then the organization will use alternative and innovative ways. Also, the breast cancer society of Canada has been doing this type of research since 1993 (Breast Cancer Society of Canada, 2020). The overall approaches and methods of the organization highlighted that it is highly suitable for further funding. Also, innovative projects require additional funding to improve the effectiveness of further research and development. The events and awareness programs run by the organization are effective and can help to design an effective treatment program for cancer patients in Canada.

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