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Existing Apps in Similar Domain Analysis

Introduction to Book and Board Domain Analysis Report

As the case depicts the business environment of the high street travel agency, called as Book & Board (B&B), concerning its business model and plan to prosper growth, it also gives a clear idea about the importance of market research and domain analysis to ensure effectiveness. The agency's plan of building a website and transiting from the traditional business model to online requires strategic decisions to prevent any obstacles or arousal of challenges that would negatively impact B&B's plan. It is crucial to note that there are end numbers of business running with a similar business model and has an online presence widely. Thus, it will be beneficial for the agency to initiate or execute market research and domain analysis before the transition to online. 

By looking at the market, the rivals or competitors in the same domain, are creating and coming up with efficient applications and websites that are effective in luring customers to gain benefits. The list is extensive and growing rapidly as the travel and tourism industry has the potentiality to inflate swiftly.

Co-operative Travel Holidays – Within the UK, this travel agency is been recognized as the largest travel agency which operates independently (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). The agency offers a wide range of options for travellers and tourists in terms of holiday packages, short breaks, hotels and accommodations (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). The interesting and unique selling point of the agency is that they offer their services at the lowest prices which they guarantee as well (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). In addition, the sun and ski holiday are the critical success factor of Co-operative Travel Holidays (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). This brings customers attention at large which helps them fetch a new customer base in a cluster. All of their services are online starting from searching for handling queries and bookings (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). The travels deals are flashed on their websites and through marketing campaigns, the agency successfully reaches customers to insist on buying their travel and tourism products and services (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020). All the stored customer details are then contacted to enquire about further assistance or seek feedback from clients to improve the business processes. The website looks simple with easy accessible tabs and options to choose along with the strategic approach of placing the credits received from such as awards and prizes within the welcome page of the website shall let customers feel appealing (Cooptravel.co.uk, 2020).

Barrhead Travel – It is another high street travel agency in the UK operates across the region since 45 years by providing holidays tours, travel plans, cruise holidays, flights, on-demand travel expert for travel-related assistance (Barrhead Travel Worldwide, 2020). The special factor which makes is distinguished from other travel agencies across the UK is that is the ATOL protected; a governmental scheme of UK in providing financial protection towards every traveller who purchases their services (Barrhead Travel Worldwide, 2020). Every customer who would buy their travel plans or flights will supply an ATOL scheme certificate signifying financial protection by the UK government (Barrhead Travel Worldwide, 2020). Similar to co-operative travel Holidays, their website equally has an interface of searching hotels, flights, the option of selecting departure and destination as per customer preference and need. Besides, an option of finding a travel expert is also available on the website of Barrhead Travel agency which indicates they are highly competitive and flowing with the trending needs and requirements of business and customers as well (Barrhead Travel Worldwide, 2020).

Dawson and Sanderson Limited – An effective and local holiday expert that deals with all kind of holiday and travel need people to seek across the UK. Established in the year 1962 and has a record of serving more than 5 million customers satisfying their needs and preferences effectively (Dawson & Sanderson Holidays, 2020). In addition, the agency claims that it offers quality discount holidays within the regions of Newcastle, Humberside, Manchester, Doncaster and to other provinces across the UK for more than 50 years in service (Dawson & Sanderson Holidays, 2020). Among the two other travel agencies, this travel agent is inclined towards taking up social responsibility and giving a new perspective towards integrating corporate social responsibility among the travel agencies as well (Dawson & Sanderson Holidays, 2020). Interesting fact, it is also aligned with ATOL schemes, but additionally, it differentiates itself by being a member of the ABTA; a leading association between various travel agents and tour operators in joining together to support and resolves issues and improves efficiency with mutual effort and contribution (Dawson & Sanderson Holidays, 2020).

SWOT Analysis of Co-Operative Travel Holidays


· Sun and ski holiday options

· User-friendly interface

· Comprise of a wide range of products and services

· Cost-effective approach

· ATOL compliance

· Member of ABTA

· A special facility is available for travellers willing to travel with infants under the age of two years.


· Lack of an option of seeking a travel expert as compared to other competitors on the market.

· Lack of showcasing creditability of serving customers since inception, for example, awards and recognitions.


· Grab the market by differentiating with others in terms of facilitating travels to travel with children and infants.

· Contributing towards society can help gain positive image within the society it serves.


· A massive drop of returning and the new customer as competitors will attract them through various creditability certificates, awards, and recognition as people gets assurance and reliability from such factors.

SWOT Analysis of Barrhead Travel


· The option of finding a travel expert to consult about the holiday and tour plans.

· Display of top-selling travel packages and destination centric plans for clients.

· Wide range of travel services and solution through online mode.

· User-friendly website.

· Financially protected travel and holiday plan for clients.

· Store locating option available


· No advertisements or banners present to promote other companies to fetch passive revenue.

· Absence of customer account creating option


· The agency has the potentiality to promote their business through different marketing strategies.

· It has a huge scope of expanding to international domains to improve business and growth consequently.


· With emerging competitors and improving technology, it will be challenging for Barrhead Travels to execute its business plan and actions accordingly.

· Local business and international brands might outrun the existing high street travel agency business drastically.

SWOT Analysis of Dawson and Sanderson Limited


· The agency has various set of travel and holiday plans and packages from which the customers can choose as per their preference.

· Display of customer experience feedback on their web application.

· It is compliance with ATOL financial protection towards every holiday and travel plans provided to their customers.

· A provided section of ‘about us’ within the agency website to make introduce about the company in brief to its visitors.


· No presence of payment gateways or channels to incorporate the online payment process.

· Complex user interface and no proper suitability to guide visitors of the website.

· Lack of top-selling and most visited destinations and holiday packages within their web application to attract customers.


· With the existing prospect of business and web application design, it is expected that the agency will be able to gain new visitors.

· By supporting local causes and contributing towards society will help the agency to establish positive esteem within consequently which shall lead to prosper growth and profitability.


· The absence of online payment options and partnering with payments channels will create a negative impact on the successful progression of the agency and in gaining new customers.

· Other leading high street travel agencies might take over the trending online tourism e-commerce market remarkably.

MoSCoW Analysis

According to a research study by Serral, Sernani, Dragoni and Dalpiaz, (2017), which discusses the importance of prioritization and requirements of a system to help understand the need as per the stakeholders and customers in smart home applications (Serral, Sernani, Dragoni and Dalpiaz, 2017). In addition, the authors have also indicated regarding the process of MoSCoW analysis in prioritizing requirements which are essential and needed to make the application more effective and efficient at the same time (Serral, Sernani, Dragoni and Dalpiaz, 2017). It can be defined as an effectual prioritizing technique in managing requirements and needs precisely in terms of which are the factors to must-have, should have, could have, and will not have (Serral, Sernani, Dragoni and Dalpiaz, 2017).

Now, concerning the MoSCoW analysis of Co-operative Travel Holidays, it indicates the following:

Must have

Should have

Could have

Won’t have

· An easy and appealing user interface to help website visitors to navigate easily from one webpage to the other.

· An effectual completion of a user interfaces within the website.

· Options of browsing best selling tours, travels, and flights. Besides that, options for searching various and available flights, hotels, travel plans, and tour packages to choose from.

· An option for creating a user account within the web application to classify each user or customer’s database to use them for future business purposes.

· Online payment option through effective and leading payment channels like PayPal, SecurePay, Authorize.net, BluePay, etc.

· Chat option floating over the website in every page to assist customer, greet, handles queries to meet customer requirements and needs effectively.

· Social media communication platforms to connect with new and existing customers to generate new leads and progress towards improving customer satisfaction.

MoSCoW Analysis of Barrhead Travels

Must have

Should have

Could have

Won’t have

· An option for creating new users account for website visitors or those who willing to seek travel and holiday solutions.

· Onboard automatic chat support to handle customer or visitors queries in navigating or related to orders, payments, and others.

· ‘About us’ section to create awareness about the agency’s mission vision, and past performance.

· An easy user interface to navigate options from one webpage to the other smoothly and effectively.

· Customer’s reviews section and appealing graphical representation of the overall webpage.

MoSCoW Analysis of Dawson and Sanderson Limited

Must have

Should have

Could have

Won’t have

· Online payment gateways or options so that customers or users on the web application will be able to make their purchase and payments through online mode.

· Online support team to assist users and visitors with managing and sorting out their queries related to travel plans, holidays, flights, and so on.

· Graphical representation of bestselling and top-selling travel plans, holiday packages, and flights.

· Well and attractive web designs that would help visitors spend more time on the website visiting WebPages to search about various options available based on their preferences and choice they make.

· Display of customer reviews and past performance awareness towards the website visitors which would have lead to generate new sales and create a positive perception towards the brand and its travel solutions.

Conclusion on Book and Board Domain Analysis Report

By looking at the SWOT and MoSCoW analysis of the three leading and effective high street travel agents within the UK provinces indicate significant understanding. First, all the web applications of the three travel agencies or companies are closely similar and having equal features and design. However, there are few factors which differentiate from each other in terms of their effectiveness. Second, out of the three travel agencies, only Dawson and Sanderson Limited have account login feature, but it is only for existing or after served customers to login into their account to manage their necessities. Third, the user interfaces are not that appealing as it is required in term of luring and attractive to customers’ eyes. Besides, the graphical representation was not up to the mark as compared to international and trending travel agencies which are popular across the globe. Thus, this indicates that the market completion among the travel agencies concerning web application and the online business process seems to be high and extensive. It is important to look into the loopholes that are found within the two analysis shall help to build the website for B&B more effective and efficient towards users and within the competitive market.

Reference List for Book and Board Domain Analysis Report

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