Executive Summary

The particular report focuses on analyzing ethical issues of the organization named as Caltex. It has identified that ethical issues highly impacted the reputation and goodwill of the organization. The overall analysis specified that ethical issues highly damage the business and its profitability. The report specified that managers and leaders must follow the ethical paths to regain the trust of customers as well as stakeholders. In addition, the utilitarian approach can be used to understand the right way of conducting business. The analysis also suggested that stakeholder theory can be used to manage the business in the most effective manner.


The particular report will focus on analyzing the ethical challenges that arose during the research process. Within this report, I will provide my personal experiences about ethical challenges and unethical practices that affected my organization. I will investigate my viewpoint on ethics and how fundamental a role they play in my decision-making process. Overall, I wish to display how ethics has been a factor during my career. Finally, the conclusion will summarize the overall analysis.

Ethical Issue in Caltex

I have recently completed a research presentation based on water pollution and ethics in Caltex. I am working in a company known as Caltex; the company is a transport fuel supplier and a convenience retailer. I have witnessed different ethical issues the company that affects the overall reputation and goodwill (Arnold et al. 2019). According to my knowledge, water pollution incidents were happening repeatedly. I have also observed that the officers are using their power in an unethical manner. I think that these entire incidents were unethical and management must take a major step to stop these issues. I believe that firms with no moral leadership would not survive in a dynamic environment. According to me, the lack of professional business ethics has affected the company at a larger level.

Personal Ethical Challenges

In order to undertake the task, we determined to divide it into smaller tasks according to the target audience involved. I believe that hat there is always an experience you acquire when working as a team o group. Teamwork needs dealing or functioning with persons of diverse characters, individuality, approach, and various backgrounds. According to my opinion, good communication and understanding are required to develop an effective research project. One major challenge is that we could not meet due to the current situation (Grant et al. 2017).

I believe that face to face meetings are more effective in enhancing the discussion and providing clarity to each group member. While, we figured out the effort and were trying to choose everyone’s role in the group, the group work got a bit postponed and some work got delayed. In addition, we are facing difficulties to interact with one another as we are using zoom video conferencing. I strongly believe that group works best when everybody has an opportunity to understand and manage group processes and to the discussions at meetings. However, our situation was different as we cannot meet each other so we have prepared everything on call or via videoconferencing which was a bit complex for me.

From my standpoint, business ethics is defined as the company’s morals and values that direct its internal process and associations with outside parties, such as clientele, dealers, government, society, and the public. I look to other values such as faith and honesty (Niemiec and Howard 2016). In my opinion, my ethics would be base on my actions, how I handle circumstances, can I trust, am I dependable and accountable. As I recognize the reality that doing fine is far superior to doing something terrible, moral thinking permits me to make a choice that will be accurate.

Role and Influence of Personal Ethics

I believe Ethics has developed as people have imitated on the target and penalty of their acts. We all have a personal code of ethics that we follow. This code of conduct is formed in our experiences and relationships as we have matured into adults. For me, my code of ethics is based on my Christian upbringing and personal life experiences. As Christians, we cannot conceal our trust (Jones et al 2017). If we truly believe in Christ and wish to follow Him, then our confidence must impact each facet of our existence, including the personal code of ethics that we turn to every day of our lives. I have demonstrated my interpersonal and communication ability at a variety of stages of doing Research and get ready for and making the presentation. I confess that the procedure of starting, stopping, and reconfiguring the study query was exasperating, but I also came to understand the significance of that procedure. I can now converse from the knowledge and with enthusiasm – through my association to the research question – as well as interpret and examine the research resources with a more serious and cautious eye as of that first-hand understanding (Halinen and Jokela 2016).

Role of Ethics Theory and Philosophy

According to my viewpoint, ethical theories and philosophy help me to understand the difference between right or wrong. With the help of ethical theory, I was able to make the right decisions and think about the cases that affected the overall reputation of the origination. Among these moral models, individually, I support utilitarianism a lot. The most significant cause is that utilitarianism cares about the cost brought by the procedures on everybody in society (Balasubramaniam 2019). Sometimes it is tricky to make a result, particularly when we face a moral dilemma. A utilitarian will focus on examining the circumstances and other things before they make a choice.

As a utilitarian, I can make superior decisions that will profit both me and the complete society, creating a win-win situation. I have shaped the ethical code based on the utilitarian and consequence-based moral frameworks to be used to direct my performance in life and industry. Ethical decision making becomes intricate in some circumstances and needs a lucid approach with trade-off among action-based and consequence-based ethics. Usually, I do think there are some behaviors that all can agree upon as being moral or immoral. Though, it is rigid, at times, to have related moral prospects of others as one does of themselves because of this dissimilarity in the understanding of ethics (Widerker 2017).

My ethics comprise principles like admiration, sincerity, and justice. When I formulate a choice, I try to consider these four principles mainly, in combination with how my choice may improve the business. For me, the objective is to constantly help in building an organization or someone else superior. These four principles are inclined to help me make sure that my choices are well-formed and moral. I have already alluded to the position value plays in my choice making. I think how I may converse a judgment, or I reflect on other features of an individual’s lives and how this choice might influence them. I try to guarantee that all of my choices are reverent to others. I also aspire to always be truthful in my choice making. When I require help, I ask for it (Floridi 2016). I try to be as translucent as probable about any choice I have made and why. I am always eager to share my analysis and am ready to take advice from others. I try to believe the desires and situations of others.


After the completion of research and presentation, what matters mainly is what we have erudite from our teamwork practice. During the tenure of functioning jointly, condition cropped up and tested us on the scales of making the choice and managing the stress and exception. Teamwork was one of the most imperative facets of research. I think my team would have been incapable to achieve anything if we had not worked together. The overall analysis revealed that ethical theory and philosophy are the guiding principles and provides the correct direction to managers.

I think that each ethics plays the main role in decision making. Personal honesty and ethical alternative can pressure a flourishing life and job. Furthermore, Events that happen from a moral matter can construct or obliterate a person’s status or job. Within the model of ethics, there are unique traits and ethics one must have in their professional life. Integrity is the outstanding qualities of personality that are important to an individual’s whole life, public and confidential. As an effect our manage to attain a strong result thus enhancing our information, competencies, and sanction group as a whole.

I believe that the managers and leaders must do their responsibility with the uppermost sense of truthfulness in order to maintain and broaden confidence. I know if you focus on being an individual of honesty, your nature will be strengthened, your relations at home and work will be improved, and your life will be strengthened. Having an elevated level of honesty is one of the most significant uniqueness a person can have. It is a core value, an option, and something individuals can look after.


Ethics is not just about principles; it is a multifaceted element of individual and business life that can lead to superior performance by both company and culture.

  • According to my viewpoint, leadership does have an ethical aspect and as a leader, comes accountability that he or she uses their power to progress the common good. Managers have an ethical compulsion to look out for the wellbeing of workers. It is not a question only of reasonable pay and superior working situation, there must be a genuine and continuing worry for the happiness of people. This philosophy explained that the corporation must be faithful to personnel as well as shareholders/proprietor/themselves.

  • I support Freeman’s stakeholder Theory which appears as a smart and superior approach to managing a company. The theory said that associations have to generate value for clientele, dealers, workers, society, and investors". If one group is abandoned they will lose inspiration and focus, thus distressing the business as a whole: a team cannot function correctly if one of its affiliates is disconnected.


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