Business Communication

Table of Content


Communication Technology and its Uses.

Advantages of Communication Technology.

Disadvantage of Communication Technology.

Factors Required for Communication Technology Implementation.




Introduction to Business Communication

This report aims to analyze the sources of assessment 2A and explain the communication technology and its uses. The organization chosen in the assessment 2A was Cyren which is a restaurant in Darling Harbour. Communication Technology has allowed people to keep in touch no matter how much the distance is. The report will identify the advantages and disadvantage of communication technology. It will identify factors that are required to implement the communication technology within the organization. It will also provide recommendation on communication technology.

Communication Technology and its Uses

Communication plays an important role within the organization and use of communication technology has made it easier for people to communicate no matter where they are and how much the distance is between them. In case of restaurant, communication is the only way to carry out the operations. Efficient communication within the restaurant demonstrates employee relationship and coordination between them (Bush, 2020). Digital communication has a vital role as employees are able to communicate with each other in easier and faster way. Communication has changed from a traditional time-dependent activity to an instantaneous thing. This has greatly influenced people’s choices, with technology becoming more reliable as time passes. The flexibility in communication has also enhanced communication (Akhmetshin, Kulibanova, Ilyina & Teor, 2020).

Communication gadgets have been reduced to convenient sizes and this has influenced many people, who now use them in place of traditional methods. The availability and easy access to the internet has also influenced the use of communication gadgets. Communication technology has brought flexibility in communication. The operations with the organization had become more smooth and effective due to communication technology. People do not have to physical go and communicate to each other, in spite of they can use communication technology for the same purpose. In past, people had faced lots of problems due to lack of communication when they were some distance apart. Restaurants had to order lots of stuffs from outskirts of the area where it is situated. Due to unavailability of communication technology, organizations have to suffer a lot as result of problem related to misunderstanding (Bui, 2020). Communication technology that the organization can use for effective employee coordination is social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and direct massaging. Effective communication also leads to better employee relationship and motivation resulting in healthy and friendly working environment.

Advantages of Communication Technology

  • Better communication between employees within the organization resulting in smooth operation and management.
  • Data can be stored like massage and conversation for longer time in order to keep record.
  • Digital communication helps in large distance communication through internet.
  • Cheaper way to communicate (Bui, 2020).
  • For communication, single person can communicate the massage to all groups or number of people. No requirement of short meetings for communicating small things.
  • Enhanced coordination and relationship between employees within the organization (Bush, 2020).
  • No time constraint for communication. People can communicate 24 hours without moving physically communication (Akhmetshin, Kulibanova, Ilyina & Teor, 2020).
  • Semantic barriers are removed as written data can be destroyed or manipulated.
  • Facilities like video calling are available which save time and money.

Disadvantage of Communication Technology

  • It is unreliable as message can be generated through software and can be hacked if not secured properly.
  • Digital communication is quick and through one click a message can be sent. This quickness is harmful if the person is sending message in impulsion and aggression without thinking over it. Sometimes wrong massages are also sent in hurry (Yang, 2017).
  • Due to increase in digital communication the human interaction are ignored. People prefer to use communication technology where there is a required of vocal or face to face interaction. Personal touch cannot be established due to the use of communication technology (Grant & Meadows, 2020).
  • Electronic waste is an example of degradation of environment cause by use of digital communication. The electronic single transmitted through cell phones and telephones are so strong that they harm and kill small birds. Due to strong vibration in the air caused by mobile tower has resulting in vanishing of much kind of birds.
  • This availability of communication for 24 hours in a day had made the whole world as an office. People are carrying their work to different places even at the time of holidays and festivals. They are doing their work at the time when are supposed to relax. Even people are not free when they are needed to be. Moreover, use of internet and cellphone for communication has also resulted in affecting the people’s health (Grant & Meadows, 2020).
  • Digital communication can be used for harming society through sending hoax massages. People also do blackmailing and they threat other people by changing their identity on internet.

Factors Required for Communication Technology Implementation

The factors that are required to implement communication technology within the organization are as follows:

Self-Motivation: For adoption of communication technology in the organization, it is required that employees are self-motived to use this technology. The individual decision always matters whether to accept or reject the application. The motivation factor is categorized in two group’s namely personal or individual characteristics and user’s attribute (Bui, 2020).

Training and technical support group: This is an important factor to consider as it will help in supporting and adopting the communication technology. If new platform is used or a portal is designed specifically for communication within the organization, training will be essential factor. Whereas technical support will provide help if any issues are recognized communication (Akhmetshin, Kulibanova, Ilyina & Teor, 2020).

Technological Characteristic: It will define what technology is required to use for communication. This element influences the information and communication technology adoption. It will help in innovations and compatibility resulting positive influence in the organization (Grant & Meadows, 2020).

A supportive environment workplace: It is very important to consider factors like personal anxiety and frustration, open discussion, and commitment for implementing communication technology. It will improve productivity of employee and will help in better understanding of difficulties and problems occurring in implementation of communication technology (Yang, 2017).

Sharing and learning environment: Communication technology will be only useful when the employees in working environment share their experience or work and learn from others. Diffusion of innovation factors can only be possible through sharing and learning.

Recommendation on Business Communication

In this competitive world with full of technology, communication technology is a basic need for an organization to get successful. Most of IT companies are working with the use of these communication technologies only. Implementation of digital communication will improve the operation and management within the Cyren restaurant. Time will be saved as ordering the food will be easier with the use of communication technology (Yang, 2017). Communication between the staff members will be quick and faster. Service will be one click away from the customers and better managerial skills will be demonstrated with the use of digital communication (Bush, 2020).

Conclusion on Business Communication

It can be concluded that the report has discussed the use of communication technology and its importance. It has identified the advantages and disadvantage of communication technology along with factors that are required to implement the communication technology within the organization. It has also provided recommendation on communication technology. Digital communication has a vital role as through this employees are able to communicate with each other in easier and faster way. Communication has changed from a traditional time-dependent activity to an instantaneous thing.

References for Business Communication

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