International Business Management

Identify a company with products or services that you would like to market in this country. Identify the specific rationale that makes your idea a viable business opportunity (use the VRIO framework). You may want to consider even outsourcing some of the processes to a foreign country.

BHP is also known as the BHP Billiton, and it is one of the trading entities and also described BHP Group Limited along with the BHP Group plc. known as the Anglo-Australian multinational (Mayes 2019)

BHP Billiton was ethnically formed in 2001 and the company is known to be a merger with the Australian named company by the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (BHP) along with the Anglo-Dutch Billiton plc., that has also initiated with the dual-listed company (Kunz, 2016). The company is known to be registered Limited that has marked an alarming stock exchange. In 2015, the company has reinvented itself as the BHP Billiton with the division of the business as the BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton Plc. etc...


  • It has the value of the high mining industry and is known to be a rich place that has provided a valuable culture, that could be related to the external opportunities and it would give rise. It is important to combat over the. External threats (Mayes, 2019).
  • It is also one of the local food products that have a fair distinguishing selling in the resource and can be regarded as highly differentiated. It even makes and supports the values to the customers high. To create a rich differentiation for the competition by customers and the overall differentiation in these products.
  • It is known to be a valuable resource for the firm. It is also one of the significant processes that could work for the workforce to be more trained and it can be defined with the more productive output that can be resulted in the growth (Kunz, 2016)
  • It is one of the valuable resources that could link to the firms who can sell the products and creating a highly competitive influence. It would be based on licenses that could formulate the patents for other manufacturers


  • The company has strong financial resources and it is based on the common factors.
  • As per the local food products, it is not rare that could be identified as an easy provider for the competitors (Jilcha, 2017). The company is known to be of the local food products that could have a competitive parity and can be a source of value.
  • The employees of the company would be over the rare and they would be highly trained and skilled, which would ensure the safety and security factors.
  • The patents of the company have been of the rare resource and through the interference from the competition.


  • The company has a rich financial organization and it is based on the similar profits that could be given to the new entrants and for the long-accumulated costs (Ghebrihiwet, 2019)
  • The local food products are not that costly to imitate as identified by the VRIO Analysis of BHP Billiton Limited. For this, the acquired competitors can be related to the significant time required for the research and development and it would be based on the local food products that could provide support to the temporary competitive advantage and aim for the long run...
  • The company does not have an expensive structure and does not have the costly output for improved skills, and to attain a competitive advantage.


  • The company is known to control its threats and work for it progressively.
  • The company also uses its patents rights and work for the long term competitive advantage and better care and advantage (Robinson, 2016).

Identify the distinctive features of doing business in two target countries specifically for your selected company (e.g., demographics, economic conditions, competition, political/legal forces, cultural forces, etc.) and conduct a Risk Assessment that describes the various risk factors associated with doing business in that country (e.g., political risk, currency risk, economic risk, property rights risk, etc.).

Entry Strategy





Demographics is huge and has a high land, the majority of the high population which stays.

The country is known for its rich culture and high orientation.

It has a mixed combination of the Europeans (Italians, Portuguese, Spanish people ND Germans) and the Asian people.

Economic Conditions

Has a stable economy, with plenty of supply in the alumina, bauxite, beryllium, gold, iron ore, manganese, nickel, niobium, phosphates, platinum, and tantalum.

The country is volatile, which is still expanding with decisions and choices (Ghebrihiwet, 2019)

The Brazil country is stable and expanding, it is providing a long term more opportunities.


The company has also a mixed industry that profile competition

The country is unstable and still exploring the various strategies to come.

The country is competitive and has shown an expanding scale of the economies.

Cultural Forces

The cultural force is Spanish people that have the rich (Ghebrihiwet 2019)

The cultural forces have been a mix of the Angolans and they have the adversity

The Brazil economy is a mix of the people from the Italians, Portuguese and even from the Spaniards, and Germans) and other Asian people.

Political/legal forces

Spain is known to have a stable democratic political culture, but legally it can be challenging with a couple of scandals and the frauds...

The country experiences rich corruption and bureaucracy that has devastated the economy. The economy has faced the $95 billion and to have the financial debt that has experienced (Ghebrihiwet 2019).

The political environment of Brazil is full of corruption and it is based on scandals and frauds.


Entry Strategy




Political Risk

The country has a stable environment, but a high country experience of the unstable political environment.

Argentina's economy is more unstable and relatively volatile.

The political environment is stable, but it is more corrupt and scandalized.

Currency Risk

The currency is volatile and needs to be market stabilized

The currency is not stable and is depreciating

The inflation and the currency is more stable and shows positive trends

Economic Risk

The Spain economy is volatile and is still growing, having a rich agricultural and the other types of industries.

It is economically unstable with the GDP turning to negative sometimes.

The economy is robust but it is volatile.

Property Rights Risk

High risks in Spain (Ghebrihiwet 2019)

High risks in Argentina, due to the low supportive legislative

Moderate risk don better legislation.

Develop a Target Country Entry Strategy to enter the country of choice (e.g., exporting, piggybacking, countertrade, foreign production, etc.) considering the risks identified.

Entry Strategy





The country is known to be high on exports but has stabilized polices

The country has the rich and the supporting economy but it does not produce much to export (Ghebrihiwet 2019).

They are the dynamic economy, which is expanding and growing at a rapid state.

Piggy Banking

The country has good sovereignty and the credit risks

Has a corrupt and destabilized piggy banking.

The economy is known to be a piggy banking that supports funds and the developing


The country has good neighboring competitors

Has fair competitors that are the counter trading,

It has the stabilized countertrade

Foreign Production

The rich fore infrastructure is more stable and has wide production.

Has more of the unsterilized foreign production.

More into the foreign production and more into the supporting licensing and the enriching polices (Ghebrihiwet 2019).

Develop a brief Target Country Entry Plan (what will you do in the first 2 years of operation?) that considers the risks and opportunities previously identified.

Culture and capabilities which would be based on the execution commanded by the business strategy

Highly attractive commodities and to have the high economic potential to match with the capabilities

World-class assets that could relate with the cycle, that can allow growth and with the capabilities Pizarro, 2017).

Since 2020, to strengthen over the below

To have the strong balance sheet with the US$17 billion elimination in the net debt;

Reinvested US$27 billion for the further development options;

To return over the US$29 billion to shareholders.

Excellence Operational

To have the world class functions, that could be designed with the bureaucracy;

To have the centres of excellence for the change;

To have the value chain automation, and how to operate.


To improve operational stability;

to have the quantum shift that could work for the safety, performance and value;

to attain an increase in the productivity;

To establish opportunities ways of capture opportunities

Conclusion on BHP Billiton Industry Analysis

It is concluded that the company is known as one of the leading mining, metals, and petroleum and the company has so far been listed as the public company that has ever encountered the area of Melbourne and across the Victoria, Australia. The company is known to be of the global largest mining company, that could acquire the market capitalization, and it is also known to be Melbourne’s one of the largest company by share and revenue

References for BHP Billiton Industry Analysis

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