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Social Determinants of Health

Introduction to Australian Health Promotion Program

The main purpose of the assignment is to select an Australian health promotion program and take active initiatives that are available from the active research databases. The selected program is of the "The National Youth Policy Framework”, which indicates Australian government policies and programs are taking adequate steps to improve the lives of young Australians. As per the Social Determinants of health, the vital conditions are the economic and social conditions that can influence and bring a better overall individual and group differences that can define the health status. Subsequently, through the active health-promoting factors that have been found in the one's living along with the predefined working conditions (like noting the distribution of income, wealth and also influence, and power), that could adequately be working inline to the individual risk factors (for example behavioral risk factors or genetics) and consequently to have the predefined risk for a disease along with attaining the vulnerability to disease or injury (Gold, 2018).

Population group to the Social Determinants of Health

The targeted group are the Young Australians and the distributions of social determinants have been shaped with the help of the higher public policies which can bring a better perspective (Palmer, 2019). As per the WHO guidelines through the unequal distribution of health-damaging experiences, it is important to bring a sense of 'natural' phenomenon and it is necessary to bring a toxic combination towards adequate poor social policies, unfair economic arrangements [that can work already well-off and healthy and also attain a higher richer and the poor towards the ill that could attain the poorer and bad politics. This Strategy to secure a better safety for the young people, it is important to provide a unique adequate perspective for the Government's broader agenda and also to build the stronger, fairer, and also a healthier Australia. The policies which would be bringing a better command for the young people and the main focus is on the aged group from 12 to 24 make up a fifth of our population and to attain a better perspective from the society. It is equally valuable how to bring in the better influences and towards now and the way they develop that can influence as a result of the adults they will become (Donkin, 2018). The targeted population groups are the “Young People” who would bring in the better interests and our responsibility and how to bring in more support to the young people and transiently with every opportunity to succeed. Youth Strategy can help the youths to lead and embark on a better life at every stage for human development. Subsequently, through the wide age range, with young people that could enter the through adolescence and also transitioning into becoming independent adults. Youngsters also have to bring adequate development for the better physically, psychologically, emotionally along the transition to improve it socially. Another way is to bring in the enormous change and for the young people that could improve globally and how to bring in better identity, values, interests, and relationships (Magnan, 2017).

The young people with better policies can command with the adequate Social determinants of health like-:

Availability of resources which meet it on the daily needs (such as safe housing along with the local food markets)

To provide a better access through the synchronized better educational, economic and also for better job opportunities.

It is important to have health care services.

Adequate quality of education and job training.

Health Promotion Initiative

The Health promotion Initiatives would be as follows-:

  1. It is important to improve health and wellbeing for young people.
  2. Equipping young Australians that can translate and also bring in a better shape to have better education.
  3. To support young Australians who have been part of the families (Palmer, 2019).
  4. To translate and empower young Australians that can take it part and be active with the communities.
  5. Equipping young Australians having adequate skills and it is necessary to have better personal networks that can be acquired with the need to gain and to attain a successful in, employment.
  6. Ensure steps to bring in young Australians that can participate confidently and safely online.
  7. Strengthening through the early intervention and attaining the young Australians which can command over to get a worse young people to get a better life.
  8. It is better to have a clear command with the adequate legal consequences for behaviors and also ensuring safety for the others.

Characteristics of the Target Population

The Characteristics of the target population are as follows

The young people are within the age group of 12 to 24 which accounts for 20 percent of the Australian population along with acquiring 28 percent of all households that include the young person (Cantor, 2018). As observed, 66 percent of 12 to 19-year-olds would be living in the home having two parents and there is 20 percent living with one parent. Among this, there are 1 in 5 Australian young people that have been born major overseas and there have been young people that have adequate forms of education (such as 43% of belonging to the secondary school, 20 percent belonging from the tertiary education, and subsequently to the 6 percent in vocational education and training). The Young people are within the range of $50 billion to the gross national income, who fall within the age group from 15 to 19-year-olds that have exceeded above 40 hours a week in productive activities and also have an approach of 20 to 24-year-olds to exceed 50 hours a week.

The young people would attain an existing finding and further to re-examines large and also transitioning to national data and important to bring in the young people between 12 and 24 years old (Adler, 2016). The young people would have the focus groups to attain the young people's perspective and it is necessary to have a better command with the younger lives. Young people have to see the whole and it is necessary to bring a better government that can traditionally work in terms of areas like health, education, and justice and it can lead to attaining a better life and for the better perspective of overall life. Wellbeing is also attaining a better perspective in life and also how there can be education that could be transparent. It is necessary to have a whole-person-whole-life perspective and there would attain a better perspective (Alderwick, 2019).

Program in The Relation in The Needs of The Population Group


The aim of the ‘The National Youth Policy Framework' is the policy for the youngsters and to bring the young clads with a better framework. The aim is to bring in overall betterment policies that could give young people and it is important to have a voice in policies that affect them. As per the program, it is described within the Australian Government’s high-level commitment for the better young people, to bring in a better outline current youth policies along with the programs and also necessary to bring in the youth policies, which can recover at any circumstances.


The objective young policies, that can exchange the empower young people to which can be actively involved with issues to affect them, to identify the better gaps in services, and to focus on the programs groups.

Three or More SDH that can Influence the Health of That Population Group

The SDH can bring in influence for the health within the Young population group.

To adequate have transportation options

Attaining a public safety

Through social support, it is important to have the social norms and attitudes such as discrimination, racism, along with the distrust of government

To improve the overall socioeconomic conditions (like concentrated poverty and to note higher stressful conditions that accompany it)

The Social determinants of health can influence the health for the youngsters that can attain a better perspective for homes, schools, workplaces, and necessary for the communities. The social determinants are how there can be adequate care of ourselves by eating well and also to stay active, involved in the smoking and has been attaining the recommended immunizations and it is necessary to bring in the screening tests, and it is important for the doctor to check base over the sick all influence our health (Alderwick, 2019). The Social health can help to bring in the that can attain access to society along with the economic opportunities; it is necessary to have the better resources and supports that can result in the homes, neighborhoods and to acquire the communities; and also to attain the schooling. The youngsters also have to attain a better perspective for the safety of our workplaces; and it is necessary to attain cleanliness of our water, food, and air; and to bring ina better command overall social interactions and relationships.

Three or More SDH on the Planning and Implementation of The Program

Planning and the implementation of the above program would help to attain a better insight and also the overall ways to attain a higher social and physical environment. It is also important for the overall good health for all and necessary for every equal opportunity and the higher choices can consequent of good health. The planning and implementation can bring in advances for better health care for the youngsters and have the determinants for education, childcare, housing, business, and for the better perspective agriculture (Gold, et al, 2019).

It is necessary to bring in the programs, practices, and policies that can attain better planning for individuals, families, and communities. Necessary to bring in ongoing constructive relationships existing in the health sector and these areas. Maximize opportunities and also overall Federal-, state-, and local-level partners for the social determinants of health (Castrucci, 2019).

Social Determinants of Health with the Outcomes

The social determinants of health and outcomes with the chosen initiatives can help to achieve a better overall outcome-:

Attaining a social and community context-: To achieve better civic participation, having a discrimination and a better social Cohesion

Health and Health Care to bring access for health care, to attain health literacy, and to bring in the neighborhood and building a better environment.

The social determinants must achieve better health, through the rightful command over foods that can support healthy eating patterns, for the better environmental conditions and by providing the better quality of Housing

Through the use of Health Impact Assessments can be reviewed with needed, proposed, and existing social policies that are would be likely to be impacted for better health. The other is the application of the policies would be attaining a strategy that can introduce improved health for all and it is necessary fort he better goals that can be shared in all the governments (Marmot, 2018).

Conclusion on Australian Health Promotion Program

To conclude, the Social Determinants of health, the vital conditions are the economic and social conditions that can influence and bring a better overall individual and group differences that can define the health status. Subsequently, through the active health-promoting factors that have been found in the one's living along with the predefined working conditions (like noting the distribution of income, wealth and also influence, and power), that could adequately be working inline to the individual risk factors (for example behavioral risk factors or genetics) and consequently to have the predefined risk for a disease along with attaining the vulnerability to disease or injury.

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