Introduction to Sociology - Answer 1

We can get a significant clue by the word individual which means self or concerned about self to understand the meaning of the word Individualization. Individualization is termed as the process through which an individual person becomes distinct, independent and an overall separate identity in the society. It concerns about genuine self-freedom.

Although we can say that Individualization is both terrifying and exhilarating and therefore it may be considered as a contradictory phenomenon. In the aforesaid context we can take the example of women in the present scenario who highly adopt the individualization concept in their lives. The positive side of this adaptation is that they got their liberty from the patriarchal control and are happily enjoying their lives with their own norms without any boundation. However, we do not find any well-defined excuse for any such women when things go horribly wrong in the society.

Individualization plays a vital role in family formation. Both the genders now a day have the liberty to choose their partners. The society has also accepted the homo-sexual relationships and adoption rates are fostering day by day due to the impact of individualization in the society. Homo-sexual marriage has increased over Hetero-sexual marriage in past few years after getting legalization 2017 (Gauthier & Viry, 2017). The concept of single family and blended family is growing day by day as people have become more self-centered and only give priority to satisfy them irrespective of any other concern. The culture of live-in relationship before marriage has drastically increased in last decade. High rate of divorce cases and then remarriages had escalated the ratio of blended family and patchwork family culture. Hence we can conclude that there is a strong impact of individualization in family formation as marriage rates is directly proportional to the current social conditions.

Individualization greatly emphasize on Agency. Agency is a social phenomenon that is concerned with expressing individual power through their personal actions and thoughts. People when follow these concepts become extremely confined and think only about achieving their desires and shape their life trajectories. Much importance is given to make personal choices either in influencing or limiting personal decisions of an individual. 

Giddens coined the term “plastic sexuality” for accompanying to his concept of “pure relationship.”He defines the concept as an pre-existing form of gender-power. It is an emotional and sexual quality of human-beings for making sexual relationship when people are intimately close to each other. Due to individualization the concept has been changed and the sex performance in present scenario has become more inclined towards gaining individual pleasure and self-expression. It has completely lost its bond with children (child-birth) and henceforth, enhancing the ratios of homosexuality. Due to the impact of individualization men and women have their give major preference to satisfy their own desire. The high usage of post-contraception has made the increased rate of pure-relationships as it helps to avoid unwanted child and also resulted in abortion control. Post-contraception has helped the generation to immensely satisfy both the genders.

Hence we can conclude that due to increased rate of individualization in the society people are becoming inwardly focused to a great extend and they are only concerned about utilizing their networks and society for their instant gratification.

Introduction to Sociology - Answer 2

Whenever we think of the word organic the first thing that comes in our mind is nature or something that grows naturally. So, relating with the afore said context we can well define an organic relationship as an naturally occurring relationship between two human-beings irrespective of social parameters like age (a younger boy can fall in love with an older woman).Organic relationships are mostly found to be healthy and simple as it occurred naturally from either sides without any external force but exception remains common in all cases and henceforth evidences have been also found for unhealthy organic relationships. It naturally occurs and creates a strong bond between two individuals.

The couple who share the organic relationship complete each other in all respect. They share a strong bond and a captivating connection. The pair sense a strong sense of magnetic vibes that comes with each other’s thought. It’s an extremely intimidating sensation like a moth gets attracted to the flame (Harrison, 2016). The relationship has the strength to get addictive of each other and by sharing the deep intensity the fire and passion of love remains burning in both the partners. Once the purpose of organic relations is served the couple looses the flame gradually over time but to depart from each-other remains hard for them till death.

It is actually difficult to say that forming relationship is consistent via a dating app or were more likely in the pre-internet era because both the eras have their own pros and corns. During the pre-internet era people used internet mostly for their academic purposes. Letters, telephones and meetings were the sources to know each other. People were not so much open as they are now. Interaction was limited and generally occurred within the range of individual societies where mostly people used to share common friends. The cases of divorce and homosexuality was quite lesser and ratio of committed relationships were much higher but this really does not mean that the all the couple who seemed happy were actually happy in their relationship and are sharing organic relationships among them.

In the present scenario we are having social media in our hand and we do have too many choices in our hand. We do not bother for working on a relationship as we know that we would get many more options. The present generation is only focused on sex relations rather than an honest commitment towards their partner. They only find the way to get intimidate and satisfy themselves. They do not even believe in the long-term relationships. Understanding each other, spending quality time to nurture the relationship, communicating for resolving matters do not matter for people in the present generation (Hobbs et al., 2017). They show forged identities on the internet to impress others. They do not have any core values, emotions, respect and feelings. Only using the technology to satisfy their present desire. Lack of authenticity, moral values and commitment has significantly decreased the ratio of organic relationships in 20s. Rudeness, cheating, disrespecting and lying are the undesirable behavioral traits that are found common in the present generation that is encouraged by the digital technology. Long-distance relationships and hiding actual personality leads to clashes when couple starts living together.

Hence we can conclude that pre- internet era was more better in terms of forming authentic and organic relationships.

Introduction to Sociology - Answer 3

Human relations include all kinds of interactions among the people that include discussion, conflicts, group relationships and interactions. When it comes to sexual conduct the human relations are concerned with the social interactions of individuals with their family, peers and school/college, teachers and in some cases with their parents and siblings regarding sex. Influence of peers, family and other human relations play a vital role in experiencing sex in individual’s life.

For example: The interaction with peer regarding the sex issues have found supportive. In most of the cases it has been seen that the teens who have never experienced sex remain in a confusing state to perform it or not even if they are engaged with their soul mates. Generally people prefer to speak with their peer to know their experience and if get assured that its likely to be safe their desire to perform sex triggers up as they gain confidence. Although the peer group generally does not have much knowledge but if one has a better experience they prefer repeating and suggest others also to taste the flavor (Lim et al., 2016). Although the sex education provided in schools and colleges help a lot to perform sex in a safer way. The in-depth knowledge even helps in using condoms and post contraceptive to avoid unfavorable conditions.

In case of the “non-human” relations when it is related to sex the includes the sexual experience after excessive alcohol consumption, interaction with people and falling for them in parties and social gatherings, the impact of pornography and media on individuals sex life, impact of youth paraphernalia generally used in the adolescence period when their sex drive is in the peak, knowledge of contraceptives, sex education in schools and colleges, attitudes, perception and beliefs concerned with the sexual conduct.

For Example: The social media (Tinder), porn scenes in the television and pornography triggers and enhances the sexual desire in individuals. They feel highly excited and their sex desires highs up to peak and hence with their partner or even without their partner they seek sexual gratification. The contradiction between the social embarrassments and sexual excitement may happen when the non-human means to drive the sexual desire are used or watched in groups. The excitation level of every individual is different and the sexual drive triggers differently in different human beings when using sex-driving tools so in groups individuals may face embarrassment at certain points. So mostly it has been found that individuals prefer their personal space while getting excited and performing sex either alone or with their desired partner to experience immense sexual gratification.

Hence we can conclude that both the human and non-human relations have great impact on individual’s sex life especially when they experience it for the first time. Everyone have an unique experience of sexual life.

References for Introduction to Sociology

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