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Introduction to Market Orientation in Higher Education

The sector dealing in product development has closely focused on the quality, designs, and few basic features that are following the trend viewing towards a higher range of specifications, and minimalist styles. It can be seen that there is a greater level of purchases related to replacement that eventually leads to product up-gradation and value-added opportunities. The increase in demand for digital showers has shown a valuable uprise as one of the smart technologies in UK homes. In this report, it is vividly described the various problems that are upcoming with the market and that the UK Shower market is plagued with various types of problems. In May 2001 Aqualisa Quartz first launched the Quartz shower, the first significant product innovation in the U.K. shower market. With a faded overview of the initial inception, the report discusses the various complexities and recommendations to brand improvement and awareness.

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 1

The 17th number of an edition of the ‘Shower Market Report – UK 2019-2023’ displays an informed, and a detailed view of the shower market segment, thoroughly analyzing the current trends in the requirement to the market. 

At an initial point, Aqualisa Quartz needs to bring out the product form the niche market to the happening retailing outlets to gain its visibility. Once all the plumbers in association with the fitting industry get familiar and accustomed to the product features, the product will eventually start to gain popularity henceforth leading to an impressive increment to its sales. To target the selected plumbers Aqualisa Quartz must demonstrate its installation process to the plumbers (Chung, 2018). 

The focused value proposition would concern: 

  1. Easy process of installment- "Push-fit-connect" hence done
  2. Profitable in terms of features
  3. Reliable water pressure, efficiency in the installation, and working and temperature control
  4. Single touch control with indicator present offering no wastage
  5. For DIY sectors it is much easy to install

The value proposition to the plumbers is that they can easily shorten the length of the installation time. The installation is easier that it can be easily doable by the plumber's apprentices with much expertise. When it comes to the consumers the Aqualisa Quartz shower offers an efficient and reliable temperature and water pressure that can ease the work for the consumers as well (Haider et al., 2017).

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 2

In the United Kingdom, there is a presence of mainly 3 types of customer and pricing segment. They are Premium, Standard, and Value (Gargano et al., 2019). There is another kind of large segment present there that is DIY or Do It Yourself. The people who like to buy the premium quality product have low to moderate knowledge about the product and purchase this kind of product form showrooms. The Standard and Value segments customers don't know about the product but for their needs, they just buy this kind of product from Trade Shops. DIY is the segment where the buyers have a good amount of knowledge about that product and they usually buy it from DIY Sheds.

If the organization targets the Standard and Value segment and adds some extra features in their product and if they increase the price of the product at that time it will surely give benefits to the organization.

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 3

Product Type & Segmentation




Electric Showers








Mixer Showers








Power Showers








Economic Value of Product




The process of calculation of Economic Value First has to find out the different prices of the competitive product or the similar kind of product then have to find out the all expenses related to the main product and the other product or the substitute product (Power, 2020). The organization has to consider the customer preference, how much the customers give the response to the product, and finally summing up all the cost we get the Economic value.

The main benefit of using the Economic value that is bounded up the pricing factors (Anderson, 2019). At the time of calculation of New product prices, our economic value should be less than the usual price range. Economic Value helps the organization in the B2B market where products are linked with the cost factor. Economic Value also helps the organization in the B2C market to reduce uncertainty.

Economic value always gives a chance to the company to thing the product as per the customer's end which gives better results in the market.

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 4

The real value propositions of the Aqualisa Quartz to the household consumers were reliability in terms of water pressure or temperature checks. The amazing feature made it easier for all age groups to use it with much ease. Quartz had also the value proposition for the customers who preferred DIY that is Do it Yourself because of its crip and easy installation process. It also has a greater value proposition to the plumbers because of its easiness in installation. Therefore based on the case study of Aqualisa, the renowned shower manufacturers in the UK offering Aqualisa Quartz, known to be amongst the top in the market, where it can have a longer lifetime value for the plumbers of Quartz if the plumbers are chosen on a target scale. Targeting the consumers in the household structure necessarily requires more amount of resources as compared to the plumbers while they might only purchase one or a very minimum amount of showers in their entire lifetime. However, the installation of showers is considered to be one of the designated jobs of the plumbers, henceforth they would be in requirement of many showers as counted to be in an amount of thirty to forty on a yearly scale. This makes the lifetime value of the plumbers more profitable and longer depending on their scaleability to work in the installation fields.

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 5

Perceiving from an audience point of view or a consumer point of view it can be said that the reasons behind the minimum sales of the Aqualisa Quartz might contain these following reasons:

  1. The reluctancy of the plumbers to switch, which is mostly due to the stigma of different innovations options that might have failed or been in requirement of repairs or modification that is affecting the consumers. 
  2. The next reason can be the overpriced structure that is most of the time affecting the consumers in the competitive market where there are available products with same features and offers similar working conditions

Other reasons for these questions can be that the company sales force spends only a fraction of their efforts in attracting or developing a new customer loyalty base and only rely on their previously established long term plumber base. 

Aqualisa Quartz being differentiated from the common ones have their features and displays that ignites its sales, but due to these common errors, it is facing a lack of sales.

Market Orientation in Higher Education - Question 6

Aqualisa Quartz's current market strategy is the company conducted specific market research that spent an amount of EU 5.8 million in the entire plan development, thereby investing in a state-of-art facility, and acquired patents grew a strong team of engineers and developed product pipeline. The company has 90 percent of its efforts on the maintenance of the existing customer base and a very small amount inviting new customers (Berman and Thelen, 2018). To boost the sales of the AQ market strength and gain its ultimate product popularity the best plan to choose is market positioning that involves a few major analyses that the brand can perform to survive any market changes or organizational changes. The ability to influence the perception of the consumers would help AQ to sustain the market changes by following the market trends of a few traditional market analysis techniques (Azizi, 2020).

Selecting the positioning strategy would require certain measures such as targeting the customers directly where a good chance of customer revitalization persists and eventually an increase in the sales, once the consumers become aware of the particular product and its features. Insisting the plumbers to use the Aqua Quartz and significant advertisement would help in stealing the show (Tsai et al., 2017). 

The positioning would help in targeting the developers that will automatically enforce the plumbers to install The Aqualisa quartz showers and gain confidence on the same, forgetting its complexities. Targeting the DIY or Do it Yourselves propagating the features of quartz and its easy installation. 

Conclusion on Market Orientation in Higher Education

The Aqualisa's Quartz Case study provides us a broad view on the United Kingdome's Shower market, a customer of the product, market segmentation report, the financial condition of the company, and all details about the expenses incurred by the company (Fu et al., 2019). As per the Case study, the company is in the middle level of the business. It has the customer base and the growth rate of the customer per year is good but the company can not earn expected return for the business because the expenses for the distribution channel are huge. Out of the four types of product segments, standers, and value segments cost more. The company has an opportunity to increase the price of the product. If the utilize it organization can earn their desire profit.

References for Market Orientation in Higher Education

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