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People Management Practices and The Challenge of Growth

1) Apigee DNA

 In the company Apigee, which belongs to the silicon valley based company has been acquired by the Google and currently been operated by the Raj Singh and Ravi Chandra who are the Founders since July 2004 within the Santa Clara California USA (Reilly, 2016).

Strength of Apigee’s culture

The company strengths lies in the-:

  • The company has extensive operations Management and it is known to be a managerial activity, that the company can be show concerned with. the company has the liberty and the freedom type of work culture (Ritter, 2020). Designing and manufacturing that could be part of the production process. It is important to achieve the delivery-focused and to also attain a key success for the maximum efficiency that can be part of the business and improves productivity.
  • The company has soft leadership skills, as the company believes in giving freedom and even placing the best essential services to the employees. Such, as not only they provide the freedom of opinion to think and relate, but also they provide the fair thoughts, leadership styles that could experience better volatility. Such as the senior manager believes in listening and providing the best framework of the services (Xing, 2017).
  • The company strength also lies in companies like the Fujitsu believe in it, which is due to the company brand reputation. The company has technology which can expose the data and even have better staff who are equipped with the skills (Sheehan, 2016). The company Apigee’s also has strong backend operations and there has been a shift in the trend that has led to both operation of the SOR and SOE. the company has shown a good sense of creating, and even providing the essential needs of the implementing, analyzing etc. The company has strong leadership and are the people-focused, with the rich culture and the high viability. and it is important to have fair out actions. The same is reflected through the company's leadership styles, key learning’s and even in the training, hiring and having the respect. The company strength has shown a passion or skilled people and promotes equality.
  • The company also shows a strong monitoring tool and they are the most powerful sourcing and even the best framework that shows how it ha seen well made (Patel, 2019).

Weaknesses of Apigee’s culture

  • The company has shown a high tremendous growth and the profit opportunities, that has been a cause due to the profit with the 30% clip (Naznin, 2016). It is difficult for the customers and for the important stakeholders who would be unable to understand everything about the company. It is the major cause of the problem between the company and the API.
  • The company primary weakness also lies in the Apgee's initiation, and due to the Kapoor and Gandhi evidence that has shown how the company can plan and provide the support. The best strategy would be how to understand the company key planning and even had overwhelming support, that could be a potential cause to the up management practices which can empower the employees.
  • The weakness is also the lack of leadership quality in managing team, as the company thinks to have the self-managed team. The company has also the freedom to achieve the objectives, but there is limited guidance as to how to achieve the goals and what would be the successful path. The company due to the rich culture and the democratic style eldership, has led to a lot of the people exercising their own opinions and trying to find out the means to achieve the objective. It can lead to over lapses of the resources and the underutilization of the resources.
  • The next point that has been seen is the very unclear documentation. The pricing is high and there is also the lack of transparency as to achieve the backend operation styles and the workings. It is important to streamline the access and provide an adequate source of working, through training, and also guiding the teams. Due to the high pricing, it has been a determining impact and has caused the transparency issue in the rightful framework of the issues. Expensive controlling of pricing can create a niche, but there can be a problem and the challenge in the

HR Management Activities Core Values of Passion, a Bias for Action, and Respect

The Company should have an approach of the people-centric and it should not be of the process-centric approach. The company should think and relate with the working environment and be providing the free right environment, that could purely not be the basis of the people to accomplish the goals. The company culture should be based on the key strengths, that could be based on the learning, having a flexibility role and even be able to attain the openness, respect and fairness (Kosheleva, 2018). The company should aim for the free work-life balance and it is important to have a set of duties and the responsibilities (Hagen, 2017). The company also has the culture weakness and it is necessary to be the focus on the key description that could be based on the employee's activities as the new mandates. The company also shows the strict implementation that could make the employees be part of the corporate culture and to do flexible jobs.

Strategic hiring –The company should be able to hire the tragically, such as by focusing on the people management strategy and even being able to provide the key respect by holding on the values and even to attain the set corporate culture. The company should aim for the process of the new hire and meet on the additional ideas, that could flow the company values. The quality of the skilled workers and the employees can help to create the impacts. The company HR should focus on the core level values and bring in the better command (Gorbatov, 2018).

Diverse workforce– As the company is expanding, the company should focus on the diverse workforce and also aim to provide the key assistance that can make it align with the power of respect and to attain a better workforce. For example, the HR culture has promoted the rich transparent culture, where the employees can co-exist with their skills, diverse nature and provide a better environment. The employees should learn to respect and give respect to others. It can be done through training, mentoring and educating the peers of the importance.

SLA(Service Level Agreement) – The company should focus on providing the key evaluation to the minimum response and even aim to include the practices for all clients. The company SLA should be a policy that can be rich based on the policy and over the individual based (Geimer 2017).

2. The theoretical framework of the company has to adopt the people management practices at the Apigee such as the Path-Goal theory and the below HR strategies.

Path-Goal Theory model.-: As per the model, it is more about how the leaders can influence, can motivate, engage and even provide a better platform that could encourage the followers. The company should provide the goal-oriented approach and their leaders can provide the key influences, motivation paths and even the set of goals, accomplishments and the desired paths (Geimer, 2017). As per the path-goal theory, it is important to have the set of command and even attain the theory of the leadership styles, that could provide a clear path to follow them. The company with the path-goal theory can design and provide a consistent clear path for the future to be followed (Hagen, 2017). As observed, the HR through the brief, path-goal theory can even explain, how the leaders with the set followers can provide the better framework of the goals and the paths, that could be based on the selecting the specific behaviours. It is also essential to choose the free environment, a that could fulfil the needs and the styles, to increase the follower's expectations. The company can aim to provide key success and satisfaction. It is important that the leaders can analyse the aspects of the company, can provide the nature, requirements and even success and satisfaction”. The company HR can focus on the provision of the leaders having the set values, attributes, knowing the company requirements and even aim for the kind of behaviour that can be most suitable and even more motivation to the followers. Each of the company has the leader behaviour and here, the company is affected with the followers’ characteristics, having distinguished task characteristics and even providing the key distinctive features, that can command the defined, instructed and strong policies, and for the followers to increase. It is important to have a supportive leader. And each of the tasks would be as per the ambiguous and unclear. It is important for the followers’ characteristics to be negatively being placed and be in command for the leaders that can walk through the process (Hagen, 2017).

Human resources within the Apigee Company can work for the organization and the company workforce can focus on the various key factors and the key strategizing ways. It is also important for the company HR to focus on the organization workforce such as planning, hiring, recruiting and even placing with the company key tactics. It is also important for the company who are working with the organization to provide key support for the workforce for the organization (Hagen, 2017). It is important to be futuristic and be in command for the HR needs, recruitments and even for the placements, training, and compensation and the overall evaluation, motivation etc. Through the human resource function that company also ensures, that they are placing the rightful fit candidate within the system and even have the value creation activities that could be based on the recent activist. The other new responsibilities would be aimed at the HR managers and would include the key establishing and administering along with holding the employee stock ownership plans. The company HR can even introduce the effective childcare policy and even aim to provide the leadership for managers along with the employees that could even balance work and family.

Ineffective In the case, some of the HR ineffective approaches would be the policies that can be linked to the firm and to provide a strategic overview of the perspective with the cost point of view. It is also important for the HR function to operate well, through the ineffective approaches, the company can experience the fall in the employee productivity rises would lead to a higher loss in customer satisfaction (Naznin, 2016). For the HR to use the appropriate HR skills like motivation, key ideas and even the engrossed tactics can keep the employees engaged and within the organization requirements. It is also the bias and the respect of the actions that could help the HR to follow the core values of passion.

Strategies for the Apigee HR

  1. Ethics-The role of the HR management team is to aim and provide for the ethical principle and to work for related situations. The HR needs to identify the ways through it can increase the overall productivity and even aim for customer loyalty, that could lead to gaining competitive advantage etc.
  2. Competitive atmosphere-HR Manager Company should aim to provide the key needs and the employees need to be aware and provide the key competitive strengths (Reilly, 2016). The company HR can aim to include skilled workers and makes the environment more profitability.
  3. Purposeful direction-The company HR manager aims to provide the key right direction for its employees. And it is important for the company to bring in the transparency for the better-owned objectives and to work following the needed actions that could overcome the doubts within the employees.
  4. Diversified Workforce- the Company should aim for better work culture and provide the key steps to motivate and keep the diverse workforce more engaged. Workforce diversity has been notably been seen as a growing issue.

Employee competence

  1. Recruitment and selection-The company workforce should be selected based on competencies (Reilly, 2016). Will more competent if a firm can successfully identify, attract, and select the most competent applicants.
  2. Training-the Company should provide key training and transparency.

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