• Subject Name : Nursing

Adolescent Pregnancy and Depression

Research Statement

The purpose of this research is to quantify the incidence of antenatal and post-natal depression in the immigrant women in the Local Government Area of ______Please fill name of your LGA_where this research was conducted___.

Justification of Items in Research

The focus of research is to identify the incidence and magnitude of antenatal and post-natal depression in the immigrant women living in ___LGA__, Australia. The focus of this research has been associated with depression and mental health. The research was conducted through remote surveying facilitated through a questionnaire (Apuke, 2017). The results were articulated through quantitative analysis and focus on the degree of incidence of antenatal and post-natal depression in immigrant women. The immigrant women have increased incidence of antenatal and post-natal depression worldwide (Kamalak et al., 2016). This study will help in the development of a conclusive analysis of the incidence of antenatal and post-natal depression in the ___LGA__ through quantitative and comparative analysis. Questionnaires are the suitable mode of data collection in quantitative studies as they help in the identification and recording of a range of information through a directed approach (Ikart, 2018). Questionnaires possess a specific nature of data collection. The study was conducted through close-ended questions in the survey that was applied to the target population through remote methods (Email). Purposive sampling was done for the selection of the participants. The participants should be immigrant women residing in ___LGA__ with a child or under pregnancy. There is no bar of age for participation. The anonymity of the participants was protected by keeping the details of the participants anonymous. The validity of the questionnaire was tested through pretest (appendix 1). The results collected from the data was assessed using statistical analysis and quantified correlation derivation for comparative analysis . The pretesting questions were also developed for the assessment of questions and minor modifications were made in the final questionnaire with the analysis of the feedback that was received.

Pretesting Procedure and Outcomes

Pretesting of questions is a critical step in survey research as it helps in the elimination of errors that may affect the quality of survey research (Hilton, 2017). Pretesting is also beneficial as it helps in the improvement of quality of data collected for research. Pretesting in this research was being done on a small number of participants where the data about the survey. It is a debriefing session after the data collection for the primary research (Ikart, 2018). For this research, pretesting was conducted by asking the participants a set of questions about the survey to gain insights about their experiences and make suggestions for further improvements. These sessions are helpful as they assist in the detection of problems regarding questionnaire designs and ambiguity in the words chosen in the study (Ikart, 2019). It also helps in limiting the misinterpretations of words and questions and helps in the degree of perception of questions by the participants. Inability to answer the questions and sensitivity is also determined through pretesting (Apuke, 2017). 

The procedure followed for pretesting (Ikart, 2018):

  • Individuals selected for pretesting through a random sample of research
  • Consent was taken for pretesting participation through mail
  • Pretesting questionnaire and questions mailed
  • Responses collected and analyzed.

The feedback obtained from pretesting results was as follows:

“The questionnaire was elaborate and made me critically think to choose answers. I feel, there is a need for improvement in terms of language and sensitivity of questions used”

“The questionnaire was elaborate but took too long to be concluded”

“The survey had a lot of crucial questions and made me think about mental health. I think however that it takes too long to complete this survey”

“The survey only has omitted options to answer. The choice of open-ended questions could have helped me elaborate more on certain questions”

“I liked participation in this survey”

“Little to no difficulty experience in completion of the survey”

“Some questions were difficult to understand but it was a good questionnaire”

“I feel, I was little confused about some questions but in the end, I sailed through the questions”

“ The survey and questions were only yes or no or like that, detailed answers could have been collected for some questions in my opinion”

References for Antenatal and Postnatal Depression in Migrant Women

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Kamalak, Z., Kosus, N., Kosus, A., Hizli, D., Akcal, B., Kafali, H., & Isaoglu, U. (2016). Adolescent pregnancy and depression: is there an association. Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics & Gynecology, 43(3), 427-30. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Esra_Cinar_Tanriverdi/publication/304047567_Cardiac_arrest_An_unexpected_complication_during_laparoscopic_bilateral_tubal_ligation_-_A_rare_case_report/links/5a9d2a84aca2721e3f326fde/Cardiac-arrest-An-unexpected-complication-during-laparoscopic-bilateral-tubal-ligation-A-rare-case-report.pdf#page=115

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