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Communication Portfolio



Issue #1.

1.1. Problem statement

1.2. Underlying factors. 

1.3. Consequences.

1.4. Solution.

Issue #2.

2.1. Problem statement

2.2. Underlying factor

2.3. Consequences.

2.4. Solution.

Issue #3.

3.1. Problem statement

3.2. Underlying factor

3.3. Consequence.

3.4. Solution.

Issue #4.

4.1. Problem statement

4.2. Underlying factor

4.3. Consequence.

4.4. Solution.



Introduction to ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. Analysis

The ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a public hospital which provide health and care facility to their patients. The performance review of this organisation identified many communication related concerns, broadly categorised into two areas; internal (communication issues within the organization) and external (communication issues with clients/patients). The improvement is require in verbal and non-verbal communication, including communication within staff and teams, communication with patient/clients and communication with general public. This report investigate about some of these communication related issues and come up with solutions that can be implemented to remove them.

For the development of any organisation, communication plays a vital role. Communication which are two-ways is effective and leads to better job satisfaction and contentment in an organisation. Strong and prevalent communication channel facilitates managers to effectively assign responsibilities to employees and form strategies for development and overall growth of organisation. To establish a smooth communication channel, managers and leader plays an important role as they dedicate most of their in listening and communicating, which enhance office culture and improves attitude. An observation suggested that employees those who are well informed and involved in decision making process relish higher job satisfaction, feel valued at workplace and have greater self-esteem (Proctor, 2014). Feedback, suggestions and recommendation from patient/client and staff should be valued and given necessary importance.

The aim of this report is to investigate about the communication issues, find the underlying factors that gave rise to these issues, evaluate the consequences and suggest the most appropriate solutions to remove these communication problems.

Communication Portfolio - Issue 1

1.1. Problem statement

The ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. is facing some issues regarding communication gap and poor information transmission between the staff and employees. During staff meetings, some of the staff member demonstrate negative attitude which in turn give rise to conflicts in team. Less experienced staff are not confident enough to raise their voices in meetings in concern about safety risks that they had identified for patients. During Covid-19 pandemic, most of meetings held are in the form of video conferencing. The employees complain about poor video quality in teleconferencing meetings and some of the staff are not well engaged during video conferencing meetings.

1.2. Underlying factors

A study reveals that employees having technical qualification demonstrate poor attitude and communication skill in comparison with a non-technical employee (Dash et al, 2018). Most of the staff of ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. have medical qualification. Although, medical training involves training of work ethics and code of conduct. One of the underlying factor that gave rise to this issue is negligence of staff towards their responsibilities. The staff’s negative attitude reflect their irresponsible behaviour. This negative attitude has influenced less experienced staff. They are not raising their voices as they want to avoid any further conflicts within the team.

1.3. Consequences

This issue is creating communication gap within the organisation. If this problem is continued, then very soon the organisation may lose the reputation of an effective health care provider. The employees will be directly affected. This may cause job dissatisfaction among staff, improper treatment execution, client dissatisfaction and severe conflicts among teammates. Due to inattentive behaviour of some staff in staff meeting, some of the major points discussed will be missed by those employees. This may cause great trouble for them in future.

1.4. Solution

This issue needs to get resolved as soon as possible. To avoid negative attitude of staff, training session could be conducted which provide a detailed information about code of conducts and ethics in workplace. If the negative attitude is still causing trouble for other staff members, then a penalty must be imposed on the trouble maker after evaluating the case thoroughly. To give confident to less experienced staff members to speak in meetings, they must be interacted with in the meeting by the hosts. The issue raised by them should be listened attentively and appropriate action must be taken. They must be appreciated for bringing up those issues. If they are still not confident enough, then they must be counselled and motivated individually by concerned authority. For the negligence attitude shown by some staff during teleconference meeting, they could be interacted with in the meeting. They could also be asked to make minutes of meeting as this will force them in noting down the agendas discussed in the meeting. Penalty could also be imposed on those who are not paying attention in the meeting.

Communication Portfolio - Issue 2

2.1. Problem statement

Many clients with diverse cultural and linguistic background complain about the service. They said that their culture was not respected and they were not understood by the staff member, which create dissatisfaction with the service.

2.2. Underlying factor

Studies shows that in spite of globalisation and obscuring of boundary between nations’ market, the phenomenon of strengthening of cultural and linguistic difference between countries, ethnic groups and regions is still prevalent which is causing problems in globalised communication (Gut et al, 2017). The staff of ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. may not be well familiar with the diverse culture and linguistic backgrounds, therefore they might fail to respect them. The other reason could be deliberately disrespecting of other’s culture which is outcome of negative attitude. Some of the employees are not following the code of conduct for medical personnel. The linguistic barrier such as misunderstanding, erroneous attribution of motive and stereotypes (Thuesen, 2016) are also creating hindrance in proper understanding of client’s requirement.

2.3. Consequences

The disrespect of language and culture may reduce the client population from diverse cultural and linguistic background. Many times due to miscommunication or misinterpretation of information, the health and safety of the patient can be at risk. Lack of cultural and linguistic understanding among staff promotes racism, hatred and ignorance towards other culture and conflicts.

2.4. Solution

The staff must be trained about different cultures and languages. Cultural diversity leads to innovation, creativity, better work performance, reduce conflicts between employees and client, lower retention rate and higher client satisfaction (Kamales & Knorr, 2019). The employees will be happier to work in a culturally diverse environment with better understanding of every culture or difference. The role of leader is very crucial in making a culturally diverse and adaptive work environment. Leadership skill is very important to manage and resolve conflicts.

Communication Portfolio - Issue 3

3.1. Problem statement

Many client complain about the information about ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. on its official social media handles. They said that those information are out of date, misleading, difficulty to navigate, and don’t provide adequate information about the professionals involved in the organization, and services offered.

3.2. Underlying factor

The social media plays a crucial role in promoting service and goods offered by an organisation. The content and information shared on social media platform usually try to grab attention of the potential customer (Nobar et al, 2020) by providing insight about the services and products offered by the organisation. For the purpose, a dedicated team works to update and create content for social media platform. In ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd., there is no such team formed who is responsible for updating social media. Other factor behind this issue is carelessness of the staff about the social media handle of the organisation. No one paid attention to update the social media handle.

3.3. Consequence

Social media is a very powerful tool in promoting and creating customer base for any organisation. It must be taken lightly. A poor and misleading social media handle will create negative impact on the potential customer. The social media content which is viewed by potential customers, encourages readers to share it among social media. If the content is not attractive and informative, readers would not promote it anymore. The customer can also provide ratings and review on social media which can be view and read by anyone. If the ratings and review is bad, then potential customer will be hesitated in choosing service offered by ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. This will directly impact the client population, reputation and success of the organisation.

3.4. Solution

The ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. must appoint a dedicated team to handle social media platforms. All the content that provide out of date and misleading information must be removed and replaced by easy to navigate and informative contents. The contents, before sharing it on social media platforms, must be verified and cross-checked with the available service and facility provided by the hospital.

Communication Portfolio - Issue 4

4.1. Problem statement

Due to poor communication between health professionals and patients/clients, three allegations were made which were associated with serious adverse outcomes.

4.2. Underlying factor

According to a study, the patients sometimes feel that inadequate information were given to them which makes it difficult to make appropriate clinical decisions about their health (Mira et al, 2014). This is because of less consultation time with physician as well as less resources that assist patients in making sound clinical decisions. Physician refrained from sharing all possible complications caused by the treatment or medicine. This make the patient feel that they are not adequately involved or informed about their own clinical safety. For health care outcome, communication is fundamental, which consist of patient satisfaction and safety (Burgener, 2020).

4.3. Consequence

There allegation were made associated with serious adverse outcomes by the patient due to poor communication. If this problem continuous to prevail, then many more allegation would be made by the patient. In case of severe loss, patient and client may also complain to the government authorities and file legal case against the organisation. This will demotivate other clients to avail service from the ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd., high retention rate, client dissatisfaction, and patient’s health and safety at risk.

4.4. Solution

To confront this issue, the communication between patient and medical professional must be improved. The physicians must give clear and complete details about the patient’s health condition and other related information. In case of any doubt or query by the patient or client, they must facilitate to resolve it as soon as possible. The staff must be easily approachable by the patients and clients. All the information and data provided to the patient must be recorded digitally so that it can be accessed by authentic user at any time. The staff could be trained and counselled for better communication skills. After all, communication between staff and patient is the main element in defining the success of the organisation. If this communication channel is well established, then the functionality and efficiency is improved and risk to health and safety is reduced. A feedback system should be formed which allows patients or clients to provide feedback, suggestion or complaint regarding the facility they were provided.

Conclusion on ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. Analysis

This report investigated about the communication related issues within the staff and team and between staff and patient of ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. Four issues were identified among which one is internal (communication issues within the organization) and three are external (communication issues with clients/patients). All the issues were examined in detail, the underlying factors behind their occurrence, the possible consequences and most suitable solution to remove them were discussed. For the success of an organisation, client and staff satisfaction and positive effect on general public, it is important to have well organised communication channel.

References for ABC Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. Analysis

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