Leadership for Beginning Practice: Mary Seacole



Attributes and Values.

Contributions and Achievements.

Two significant contributions of Mary Seacole.

Treat cholera epidemic in central America.

Nursing in Crimea.




Mary Seacole was a Jamaican nurse who provided nourishment and care for British soldiers at the battlefront during the Crimean war. Seacole was in London in 1854 when the reports of lack of necessity, breakdown of nursing care for soldiers and Crimean in war begin. In 1854 the reports of the lack of necessity and collapse of treatment, care for armed forces in the Crimean war affected the life many soldiers (Pinto 2019). The leader offered to serve up as a military nurse but her offer was declined and she recognized the refusal of cultural injustice. In 1855 with the assist of a relative of her husband she went to Crimean and set up a British lodge to provide provisions, food, and medication to the Troops. The leader cured the injured at the military hospital and became a common figure at the transfer points of wounded from the front. The leader was born in 1805 in Kingston Jamaica and her main occupation was linked with a nurse and a businesswoman. She is best known for her work in helping the wounded soldiers, particularly during the Crimean war. The leader was also known as mother Seacole. At a very young age, she had an interest in medicine and learning. She also helped her mother at a boarding house in Kingston where many of the guests were sick or injured soldiers. She has gained good knowledge about the traditional Jamaica treatments and remedies and also learned a lot from the army doctor staying at the boarding house. However, a lot of nurses did valuable work, looking after the soldiers in the Crimean war but the leader stuff was incredibly brave and cured several patients selflessly. It has been identified that the leader was so caring and she became known amongst the soldiers at mother Seacole. 

Attributes and Values

Nursing is a self-motivated and difficult profession requiring an appealing and motivating role model and privileged. In today's changing and demanding healthcare settings face difficulties in developing a great leader who possesses the necessary skills and attributes. Leadership values are the core beliefs and principles that guide individual, personal and professional lives. Furthermore, these values are directly linked with personal, core principles and the principles of the business (Lee 2019). The values are highly effective because they help to determine how you want to attain your ambition what kind of leader you want to be. Also, the leadership values help the leader to grow and develop both personally and professionally. However, there are various types of leadership values including influence, honesty, integrity, dedication, personal development, adaptability many more. Dedication is the leadership value possessed by Mary Seacole (Kilbane et al. 2017). Dedication is one of the important leadership values as it is linked with a strong commitment to a specific task, principle, and goals. Also, strong leaders have a high level of devotion to their work and they show this by the following pledge and approaching through difficulties to attain their objective. Also, the high level of commitment and spirited others to show the same level of promise to their work. The evidence specified that Mary Seacole engrossed herself in work and declined many offers of marriage. She later became recognized to the European armed visitors to Jamaica who habitually resides at Blundell hall. The leader treated and numerous patients during the Cholera plague of 1850 which killed some 32000 people (Mckenzie 2017). The extreme dedication of the leader shows that she is highly responsible and dedicated to the work. Also, dedication is a prime factor behind successful leaders as it signifies the commitment to the attainment of goals and objectives. It implies total devotion, hard work, the right attitude, and the ability to focus on the goals and objectives. 

An effective leader exhibits different attributes like communication skills, integrity, and professionalism. Mary Seacole possesses various leadership attributes. One of the prominent attributes of the leader in decision-making capabilities. The evidence specified that the leader has the aptitude to take the correct choice at the right time (Coghill 2016). Also, the decisions taken by the leader can have an intense impact on the masses. Also, Mary Seacole was considered as a Pioneer nursing leader in Public Health Care. Also, the sources show rather than she was a businesswoman who assisted in the Crimean war mainly to officers. Her help was refused twice by the British government but she cared for a wounded soldier and was awarded by the Jamaican government in 1991. This shows her determination to succeed in any situation. Empathy is one of the dominant leadership skills displayed by Mary Seacole. The leader showed the treatment of infectious illness. She possesses the ability to absorb and react rapidly to patients who had in the necessity of nursing care. The leader revealed that one should be able to understand the elevation of pain and homesickness. Also, the leader is aware of the physical, expressive, and religious leaders of the time. Mary Seacole was meticulous and possesses great intelligence. She demonstrated leadership skills by taking command to treat the Cholera epidemic in Central America.

Contributions and Achievements

Treat Cholera Epidemic in Central America

 Seacole treated may patients in Panama who were suffering from cholera. The leader made a significant contribution to treating a serious disease (Connor 2017). Furthermore Counterproductive remedies were used by Mary Seacole. New cholera may have inspired Seacole to travel to England to volunteer with a nursing contingent leaving for Crimea due to her extensive experience with the disease in Jamaica and Panama.

Nursing in Crimea

Mary Seacole bests recognized as the nurse who set up a British lodge all by herself through the Crimean war to care for the unwell and injured Soldiers. The leaders gave food, medication, and other provisions to the injured and recuperative servicemen and cured them unselfishly. The major contribution of the leader is related to her admired use of Creole herbal remedy to relieve the indicators of communicable illness such as cholera in Jamaica and Panama. The need for treatment, attitude, and the technique by which she treated her patients all across the globe not just in the Crimean war was currently explained using an example from biography and autonomous written sources. Also, the overwhelming importance of ventilation, warmth, and hydration arrangement, caring, cleanliness is all specified in Seacole's collection of nursing patients. Furthermore, the leader’s story is a great instance of how it is probable to conquer obstruction of age, race, and class to attain objective in the nursing profession (Sofer 2016). The story of the leader revealed that it is still feasible to care for patients with admiration and kindness even in a filthy and hazardous environment. She had specified that sufficient nourishment and hydration are as significant for treatment today as documented in the Victorian era. The leader also enhanced the importance of cleanliness in the hospital as well as home. 

Reflection on Improving Leadership Skills and Health Outcomes

The overall analysis revealed that high-quality care requires effective leadership and management in the nursing profession. When I learned about Mary Seacole I felt encouraged, empowered, inspired. I understand that the leader epitomizes nurses who are resilient in the face of opposition, discrimination, and challenges in the workplace. After several centuries leaders excavated from obscurity and brought to prominence that there is still hope for BME in nurses. I understand that the leader was a symbol of unity and the present overseas nurses who came to England to help in the nursing profession. I believe that that leader is a positive role model for the current generation of nurse’s health professionals and speaks to the diversity of a local population of patients and the staff who work. Furthermore, the leader is a role model for nurses because she never took no for an answer. Also, her services were refused in the place but she did not lose hope. The leader demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills and set up Hotel to treat dying soldiers. I believe that a great leader had a clear vision, mission, and plan, and nothing and no one was able to stop her from achieving the objectives. As a student, I can learn about different leadership skills, attributes, and values from Mary Seacole. For me, the leader was a great example of how to treat the patient selflessly and provide the utmost care in the challenging environment

Reference for Improving Leadership Skills and Health Outcomes

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