Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 1

I possess a wide range of skills and knowledge as I am a good physiotherapist and it helped me for performing the cultural liaison role in NSW Physiotherapy Health Service. In my studies I have developed my level of understanding to deal with different type of patients according to various type of culture. I have a specific desire for gaining knowledge on the norms and values of different social diversity and community culture (Allan, 2013). With time I am continuously improving and developing my ability to implement and engage the APA Code of Conduct for enhancing my performance into the practice. My outstanding skill of communication that includes listening and open mindedness helps me to connect the different communities with NSW Physiotherapy health service. It also helps me to ensure that the requirement of the community is fulfilled and the work of other professionals related to health is performing their duty according to the Holistic approach in the field of Healthcare.

Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 2

A framework is provided by human rights that help to achieve the social determinant that is found to be optimal. Both human rights and social determinants help in contributing to the different health outcomes (Allan, 2011). It is observed that cultural competency is found to be important to overcome the obstacles while addressing the human rights and social determinant of a specific client. When I was performing the duty of physiotherapist assistant in the hospital of Westmead I have followed that patients do not have access to the medical notes. According to my opinion I suggested them that the medical notes should be properly accessible to the different patience and in case if needed should be converted into native language that will be easily understandable by them. The authority of the hospital has adjusted their system of document filing and has also improved their practice of cultural competency according to the organizational level.

This has helped in aligning the human right according to their freedom of expression and opinion that includes the information access. Due to the access to information it helps the patient in comprehending their medical document boosting their condition to understand the progress of their health. Similarly the progress help in improving the health literacy achieved by the patients those who were found to be educated according to their condition and it also affected the social health determinants. The documents were also provided to them with proper encouragement to comply and to continue with their treatment and improving their outcome of health. The specific case study has demonstrated Thoreau relationship and relevance of understanding between human rights, social determinants, health outcome and cultural competence.

Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 3

For increasing the cultural competency I will strive to implement the five basic principles regarding the cultural competence in practice as provided in the represented table. As per NHRMC 2005, cultural competency should be particularly address in all systematic, dimensional, organizational, individual and at professional level.

Cultural awareness demonstrates can be represented by a person. I have become culturally ever during my course as I have came to know about different belief of an individual’s ideas and values and has also explode different others according to my opinion. By the process of self reflection I realized that I made different type of assumptions regarding individuals on the basis of their culture. Due to media and societal influence I strongly assume that different type of transgender individuals had reassigned surgery of their gender. After having an unconscious and biased strong discussion with my fellow mates I came to know that it is not always the similar case that takes place (Crane, & Delany, 2013). According to this aspect I came to respect and acknowledge each person not with assumption. Continuous self reflection allowed me for expanding the cultural awareness within me.

The cultural knowledge development is found to be initiated at organizational and systematic level. Legislation helps in ensuring regarding sufficient resources to educate the workers of Health Care. This helps in facilitating the diversity management process within the institutions as they have access two different training resources (Bialocerkowski et al 2013). Training regarding cross culture involves learning regarding different belief world view and health framework along with responsibility and roles of education to provide the cultural competence care. In my previous role of a physiotherapist assistant I under two different training regarding cross culture particularly according to the dominant culture of an Indian in the hospital of Westmead. According to the training I understood the belief and cultural expectation in the Indian culture that includes importance of treatment in family.

Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 4

The encouragement by the APA Code of Conduct represents care regarding individuals by emphasizing the individual’s importance and their requirement. When I was working in the position of a student at Black town hospital I discussed acupressure with different group of Hindu individuals those who are found to be old (Haeny, 2014). Due to limited vocabulary in English I struggled for explaining the particular concept. As a result I asked to address the adult children to the old people for translating few keywords from English to Hindu. This helped into better adherence that led to the improvement of health outcome along with the satisfaction of the patient.

Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 5

Barriers to competent and culturally safe professional practice for a specific physiotherapist include implementation of difficulty e regarding the programs of cultural competence in to different situations. It can be e difficult for developing the skills and cultural knowledge as CALD individuals MI not show any interest in Physiotherapist education or it can be difficult to locate. The main barriers for different health consumers maybe e bad experience in the past with any health professional that makes them hesitant to collaborate or to interact openly with the team of treatment.

The philosophy of a physiotherapist helps in endorsing holistic view regarding Healthcare that is considered as whole individual in the treatment. It is observed that encouragement is provided to the physiotherapist for considering the impact of emotional and psychosocial factors that includes the social determinants on the overall health of a patient and their experience regarding treatment. I have also observed that during treatment of aboriginal women in case of knee pain I noticed the reluctance for answering my questions (Weir, 2016). Due to my training regarding cross cultural activities I have identify that she was not open minded to share the experience to the health professional as she was ignored in the past. I will overcome by helping him to take participation for sharing her experience and I will be the active listener according to my training. I will consider her opinion and the reason of pain that will help to establish a trust within the relationship. Due to this response she will feel comfortable hopefully for sharing different type of information that she feels will be empowered to demonstrate relationship between the guidelines of cultural safety and physiotherapy.

Culture, Diversity And Health - Reply to Question 6

I have high confidence that I am suited according to the responsibility and role of cultural liaison for my desire to stand as culturally competent. Due to work experience and studies I have high expertise level physiotherapist. I have understanding regarding human rights and social determinants relationship and their link with health outcome. I have learnt to operate according to the APA Code of Conduct 2008 that has helped me to learn regarding the activities of key accountabilities that are described in my job description (Hadjistavropoulos, 2011). By supporting the cultural competence principle in practice it helps me in promoting self determination Independence and choice in my clients. My ability for self evaluation and cultural awareness help me to provide appropriate client care in spite of having diverse background. Demonstration of awareness health in promoting trust along with my skills of communication that helps in facilitating the establishment of positive relationship in therapy with my clients.

Reference for Culture, Diversity And Health

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