Assessment 1.


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Surveillance and Disaster Planning - Assessment 1

It would be great to reflect upon the drill carried out by the paramedical students of the university. The enactment of the entire scene was appreciable and applaudable. Dealing with the COVID-19 situation is equally difficult for everybody and over and above topped it with a disaster would be terrible (Gupta et al, 2016). Therefore, it is very essential to know how to deal with a disaster and track down such situations efficiently. Disaster management is very crucial in today’s era and for everybody. The disaster certainly looked like an explosion in the laboratory. Accordingly, it seemed to be man-made and not natural. The outer area of the university was calm and at peace during the disaster and thus, it can be inferred that the disaster occurred in the laboratory. There was no natural instinct that could cause damage to the laboratory. As per the sources, it seemed to have occurred due to a mistake caused by a student in the laboratory during the experimental process. In between the experiment, the student might have made a mistake leading to an explosion and hurting at least 30 pupils and other staff members. And this is why it is said that the laboratories have their own set of rules that have to be followed sincerely to eliminate any mishappening. Unfortunately, things got bad and injured a lot of students and helper.

Luckily, the casualties were handled beautifully by the paramedical team for their first aid and taking them to the hospital for their treatment. Whosoever required immediate treatment, were taken care of by the paramedical individuals and the rest who could make it to the hospital were transferred to the stretchers and conveyed to the ambulances for further treatment by a physician. It was a state of emergency where the people elsewhere were frightened and scared with horror but also concerned about the victims. The causalities were scared and bruised, while some were critically injured due to the explosion. There was excessive bleeding seen and a lot of cry after the violent situation. It was a heart-wrenching moment where people could feel the fear and see their deaths so near. Although, nobody was dead and everybody survived through the disaster but there were some with critical condition. Some lost their legs while others lost a considerable amount of blood and strength.

The paramedical team did a great job. The patients and victims were carefully taken away from the site of the disaster. They were given the required treatment with the utmost care and proficiency. However, it could be inferred that the paramedical team was not as fast and efficient as it could be or it should be. The emergency situations need more fast and quick responses from the concerned people. They must be at their toes while performing any such action. It is a matter of life and death and thus, it signifies how important it is for them to clear up the victims from the disaster spot. The paramedical team is trained for such kind of activities and in the pandemic, it becomes more important for them to handle such a crisis with care and more attention. It could have been a difficult phase while transferring the victims in the ambulances while managing the causalities on the way. As per the disaster management program, it is crucial to managing both the victims equally well in a systematic and organised manner (Ritchie et al, 2019).

A lot of infrastructure damage could be seen on the school premises. The laboratory and the nearby corridor were burned into a dark ash room. Not only the structural portion but the entire laboratory apparatus and the essential materials were all turned down by the explosion. The disaster was compensatory in terms of infrastructure damage but the lives of such young minds have been affected forever. It has left a mark on them and their future lives for an unlimited time. The pandemic has already caused a lot of misery to the lives of the ordinary people and has brought out the worst times of everybody’s lives. Therefore, it becomes very important to avoid such incidents and stay careful. It becomes essential to reduce and eliminate any further such disaster and thus, proper risk management classes must be held for addressing the students and the university staff for future response planning.

Surveillance and Disaster Planning - Assessment 2

A disaster is a sudden and unexpected moment. It could arise at any time of the day or night. Managing a disaster needs experience and training. Although, anybody who has to survive and pass the disaster must try to cope up with the situation the trained people know their way out of the disaster better than anyone. The specialists like the disaster managers and health officers could do a perfect job in case of such emergencies and foreseen situations. According to a health officer, it is the foremost priority to save the individual’s life without risking their health to false and ill patterns. The victims cannot be left because of the critical situation and the harsh condition. This is the times the training has to show its implementation. Catastrophe the board structures must keep on being compelling for cataclysmic events, for example, twisters, bushfires, waves, framework or mechanical disappointment, and warmth waves. These structures additionally need to guarantee that proper components are set up to react to developing ailments, for example, avian flu, SARS, and the danger of pandemic flu. The changing scene in a debacle the board implies that new perils must be distinguished and ensured against notwithstanding existing dangers, requiring broad surveys of calamity the executive’s structures (Kim et al., 2018).

Notwithstanding the vital part of ecological wellbeing in a debacle the board, the particular function of natural wellbeing experts in catastrophe the executives was once in a while examined until after the psychological oppressor assaults of September 11, 2001. From that point forward, a generous measure of writing has developed; nonetheless, this has comprised basically of unmistakable records, assessment pieces, for example, publications and meetings, and reports. The vast majority of this writing centres around the parts of natural wellbeing experts with regards to psychological oppression or bioterrorism; notwithstanding, the developing topics can be applied to some huge scope catastrophe circumstances (Salamati, et al., 2017).

Reduction of Risks should be possible in two different ways:

  1. Readiness: Preparedness incorporates every one of those measures taken before a debacle function which are pointed toward limiting death toll, disturbance of basic administrations and different harms when the catastrophe happens. Hence, readiness is a defensive cycle which empowers governments, networks and people to react quickly to fiasco circumstance and adapt to them adequately. Readiness incorporates the improvement of crisis reaction plans, viable admonition frameworks, upkeep of inventories, preparing of labour and so forth (Nwokedi et al., 2017).
  2. Alleviation: Mitigation envelops all estimates required to lessen both the impact of risks itself and the weak conditions so as to decrease the misfortunes in a future catastrophe. Instances of moderation measures incorporate, making tremor safe structures, water the executives in dry season inclined regions, the board of streams to forestall floods and so forth.

As a Health Officer, the following steps should have been followed while managing a disaster.

1) First Aid Parties

Objective: The elements of the First Aid Party is to deliver medical aid to setbacks at the spot of the episode, what's more, transport the setbacks on cots to close by emergency treatment post. Notwithstanding the pre-emergency clinic medical aid parties accessible from the wellbeing office fortifications can be overseen by benefiting the administrations of other clinical consideration suppliers, for example, the Armed Forces, Railways, Red Cross, NGOs and other private partners. The systems administration for this ought to be a piece of pre-calamity arranging.

2) First Aid Posts

Objective: Primarily medical aid posts are intended for treating the gently injured setbacks those not requiring hospitalization, subsequently calming clog at the clinics. They are likewise answerable for screening setbacks sent by First Aid Parties to figure out the individuals who need quick hospitalization. Cases requesting pressing clinical consideration ought to be sent legitimately to the arranged medical clinic with no delay (Adini et al., 2016).

Medical aid post might be static or versatile. A portable emergency treatment present is implied on surge clinical guide to the site of the episode for the treatment of losses on the spot.

Area: First guide posts might be housed in existing government, neighbourhood body, magnanimous or private dispensary relying on their circumstance and requirements of the network. The area of these posts ought to be arranged ahead of time and should discover a notice in the mass setback the executive’s plan of the area. At every possible opportunity, these posts might be set up in closeness to an emergency clinic as cases can be viably screened and admitted to the clinic immediately.

Design and Spacing- The post ought to in a perfect world comprise of three regions specifically Reception, Treatment and

Holding up regions- They ought to be situated in such a way that nearby posts ought not to be more than three kilometres separated so no loss needs to head out the significant distance to get medical aid.

Other helping Staff: The medical aid post ought to be monitored nonstop during a desperate crisis. An ostensible job of specialists and medical attendants electing to man the emergency treatment posts might be kept up in each post alongside their addresses and phone numbers, assuming any (Oloruntoba et al., 2018).

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