Youth Justice



What is youth homelessness?.

Connection among crime and homelessness.

Homeless youth as victims.

Case Study: Youth accommodation association.

Accommodation programme.

Other programs.

Philosophy of Youth accommodation association.

Youth accommodation association minimising homelessness in the form of crime prevention.

Strengths and limitations of Youth accommodation association.



Introduction to Family Process and Delinquency in An Ecological Context

The study describes a development approach. This approach is very helpful in preventing the crime amongst youth that focuses on addressing various issues that youth has to face, such as social issues which includes concerns regrading relationship, parental concerns, employment and job concern, isolation concern, there is no attachment to the society concern, education constraints, boredom, no use of public space. These are some issues and challenges that youth has to face. To address these social problems and these challenges of the youth, there are lots of services available that guide students in every step. These services have to aim to address all the issues and challenges that comes in the ways of students. These services offer various support to all the students and these kinds of services offer youth positive and recreational facilities and also offer public spaces to overcome with these social issues. YAA is one such service that help youth in addressing and overcoming all the challenges and social issues. YAA is Youth accommodation association. It is an accommodation NGO for the youth. This service provides training, education to the youth so that they face every situation in the life. YAA is mainly for youth homelessness. There is a great association among youth homelessness and the crime. Its major concern in the Australia. In attempt to prevent youth from different kinds of crime, an array of service come forward to support youth and these services offer provide a lot of support to youth in every major concern in the youth (Barnes, 2015).

This assignment provides a case study about YAA on the Australia youth service, evaluating how the service concentrates on minimizing the homelessness and other social issues and improving welfare of youth that ultimately contributes if the prevention of crime among youth. In this literature review, the relationship among crime, victimization and youth will be described. Lastly, the strengths and weaknesses of the work executed by the service will also be considered.

What is Youth Homelessness?

There are various conceptual meaning of homelessness and these meanings are distinguished by distinct degrees of severity. The first and most important meaning of homelessness is, where people are living below their standard of living and that too below standard of living. The secondary definition of homelessness is momentary and insecure accommodation. It is also known as couch surfing. It is considered the most severe form of homelessness. The first type of homelessness is also referred as street homelessness.

Even though the recent studies and statistics shows that there is a decline in the rate of homelessness across Australia, the homelessness among youth is the biggest concern across the Australia, the youth homelessness constantly to be a major problem and other social issues. It can be observed with the help of statistics that Australian Bureau of investigation 2011 revealed that more than 200,000 people that includes men, women, and children were without homes in Australia. A major portion out of all the people in Australia who is homeless was youth aged from 12 to 24 (Dishion, 2013).

Connection Among Crime and Homelessness

Even though, not getting the accommodation or not having any home to live is not a crime in the Australia, the risks of crimes involvement are increased because of various factors or wide range of factors and all these factors have a connection with homelessness. So, homelessness is directly proportional to the crime increasing. The more youth become homeless, the more the youth get involved in the crime. The other factors that are associated with homelessness are poverty, social isolation, unemployment, marginalization, substance use and mental health. Homeless people are mot able to pay for accommodation, public transport, food, and clothing and the necessity of these things make the people involve in the illegal activities to get the necessities for the livelihood and for the survival. The theory of Martin suggests that the homeless people who are young that engaged in the behaviour which is illegal to acquire all the necessities of life and so that people of community can accept these homeless people and can accept these homeless people as per their standard through traditional means.

Various research indicates homeless young people experience various kinds of mental health issues and abuse at a very high rate. Intoxication also increases the risk of homeless because young people involved and gets associated in the majority of crimes because crime is the necessity of homeless young people. The people become homeless and the majority role is played by the environment of home. Sometimes people don’t able to take the abusive environment of home so young people leave their homes and become homeless. To reduce the number of homeless people, it is necessary to have a good ambience and environment of home. So, this is the main reason that people become homeless and they start committing crimes (Stern, 2015).

Homeless Youth as Victims

Various studies show that homeless people commit the crimes but it is not true, the homeless people are more victims rather than committing the crimes and become criminals (Gittens, 2014). Homeless people search livelihood for the solves and want to fulfil the need and demand and get involved in unnecessary activities and at the last they become victim or get involved in illegal activities. There are various studies that shows that homeless people get involved in illegal activities and they become victim at some point of time. It is shown that homeless young people are at the edge and risk if becoming victim in almost all the cases. The most common type of victimization for the homeless young people is assault. Mostly homeless young people get assaulted if they try to find and fulfil the necessities of their life. It is the theory of routine activities that is adopted to describe all victimization that involved in the criminal cases. As per the theory, various opportunities arise because of the presence of the “motivated offender and a suitable target”, moreover if there is absence of capable guardians. Engaging in risky work or activities and staying at public space make the young homeless people more vulnerable to become victim of almost all the crimes. Marginalization and because of extreme condition of social isolation make the homeless young people more vulnerable to get attacked (Healey, 2014).

Case Study: Youth Accommodation Association

Youth accommodation association is situated in Australia and the main responsibilities of YAA is to offer support to workers youth and provide training, about different aspects and provide home to homeless people. They provide welfare to the people aged from 12 to 24 and provide training so that these people don’t get involved in crime and become victims in any crime. YYA is mainly promoting the health, housing, employment, safety, parenting and skills to homeless people so that these people get involved in some activities such as theft, stealing property, and various other properties. The main aim of YYA is to offer accommodation to the homeless people and improve the health and homeless young people’s well-being. There are various programs offered by YYA in order to prevent the crime that occurred because homeless young people across the Australia (YAA youth services, 2016).

Accommodation Programme

The Youth accommodation association offers accommodation programme for the homeless young people who aged between 12 to 24. The association offers different kinds of programmes to the people so that people can enhance their productivity so that these people cam work somewhere and they can earn their livelihood and don’t get involved in any kind of illegal activities.

Other Programs

There are various other programs that help the young people in earning the livelihood and the people who are associated with the association go out across the Australia and contact young homeless people so that these homeless young people can make their life good. This is the program that help the homeless people to access the service and the volunteers of association come forward and hold the hands of the homeless young people.

Philosophy of Youth Accommodation Association

The main target of the Youth Accommodation Association is based on the principle that it wants to make the life of homeless young people good. The association wants to empower people by providing various offers and various programs to the homeless young people. The association make the people realise that they indnetufy the inner skills and on the basis of these inner skill, the association provide various opportunities to the homeless young people so that they get engaged in some productive work by enhancing the skills and talents with the help of Youth accommodation association. The association believes that if they provide training to the young people who are homeless then it helps them in making their life better and they can get employment and jobs with the help of this provided training. This training provides positive outcome in the life of young homeless people. The training is the effective practice if working with the vulnerable and people who are at risk of involving and engaging on some criminal activities. The building relationship and accepts the homeless young people is another thing that helps in healing the wounds of homeless young people. There are some values of the organisation on which the association works are, respectful relationships and trusting relationships, teamwork with all kinds of safety, social justice. In addition to these principles, the association believes in equality (YAA youth services, 2016).

Youth Accommodation Association Minimising Homelessness in The Form of Crime Prevention

Minimising the young homeless people and improve youth welfare with the help of various programs that are offered by the association. The programs and various works and activities provided by the Youth Accommodation association may inadvertently contribute in the minimising the crime. As, there is a strong connection among, victimization, homelessness and crime. All are interconnected with each other. If the association successfully help in reducing the number of young homeless people then automatically the crime will be reduced that are generated through the young homeless people and the crime can be controlled and prevented (Stern, 2015).

Strengths and Limitations of Youth Accommodation Association

the primary strength of the organisation is to get to know the diversity of the people and perform the activities according to the culture of the people and work on the young homeless people according to their personality and unique requirements. The place where the association situation is the public area and the volunteers of the association can track more young homeless people who need help. It is situated in that area where the crime is more, the degree of street is more, homeless people found more in that area and drug cases are much common in that area. The main strength is accessibility. The youth accommodation association is easily available and people can come to the association very easily as it is situated a very well-known place. The major limitation of the association is that it has a limitation on the programs offered to help homeless people. The association cannot do anything beyond the offered programs in order to get the homeless young people. The opening hours of the association is limited so people have to wait for next day if the opening hour is closed today then only the homeless young people can take help. It is a big constraint in reducing the crime, and victimization (YAA youth services, 2016).

Conclusion on Family Process and Delinquency in An Ecological Context

The summary of this study is that, youth homeless is the complicated issues and it generates various other social factors that increase the risk of victimization and crime. To address the issues of youth homelessness is not an easy task and that too across the Australia. It requires a great approach to address all the demands and requirements of the young homeless people. The main focus of the association is to improve the health and welfare and reduce the number of homeless people across the Australia as it generates more crime and other social crimes in the society. So various organisations such as youth accommodation association come forward to help the young homeless people that help in reducing the number and crime.

References for Family Process and Delinquency in An Ecological Context

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