Managing Human Resources



Identification of HR Sustainability Practices at Amazon.

Authenticity of the Identified HR Sustainability Practices.

Contribution of Practices in enhancing Positive Social & Human Outcomes in the Amazon’s Human Resources.



Introduction to Environmental Strategies and Organizational Competitiveness

Sustainability is very important for a business to survive in the 21st century. The concept of sustainability in HRM now has been revealed (Enhert 2009; Enhert 2012). The importance of sustainability within the organization is increasing in and supported by the institutions, stakeholders, and employees. Sustainability is an important subject from decades in the corporate business world in context to human resources (Enhert et al. 2016). This factor is important for the success of the organization (Fraj et al. 2015; Mahmoud, et al. 2016). By applying sustainability within the organization, one can achieve all the goals in terms of financial, ecological, and social goals for the future. Human resource plays an important role in sustainability strategy and planning for the future of their organization. These strategies have a good impact on the values, business process, and the reputation of the company. The aim and the objective of this report is to know how valuable sustainability is for the company in context to human resources. It gives shows what impact sustainability have on the employees and the customers.

Identification of HR Sustainability Practices at Amazon

Amazon is the biggest retailer in the United States which focussed on HR sustainability. According to the New York Times article, it is said that Amazon focuses on giving a sustainable environment to the employees within the organization (Mahmoud, et al. 2016). The practices include encouraging the employees to discuss the ideas with the management for the future success of the company. Regular group meetings and feedbacks can help them to figure it out how well it is working within the organization (Dimov 2016). It is a fact that the employees working in Amazon also face a lot of physical stress while working in long hours which can end in the night or midnight as well. It is just because they give their customers value and on-time service for which they need to work day and night. The more innovative and creative you want your product and services to be they more complexity and less risk of rivals there will be (Emami and Dimov 2016). All the employees know how important reputation is for the company. Partners, stakeholders, and even customers judge the company and its services with the reputation of the company. If the company is reputed, customers think that the product and services provided by the company will also be trustable and genuine so they buy the product without any further details. Companies often face challenges while maintaining the reputation of the company as there are many risks associated.

Authenticity of the Identified HR Sustainability Practices

Authenticity always plays an important role within the organization for its future success as it allows the company to form strong and deeper connections with the manufacturers and the stakeholders. The authenticity of the company should be taken seriously (Kreber, Klampfleitner, McCune, Bayne and Knottenbelt 2007). Amazon must invest in his decision making because it can be a key shift for the company. Amazon has developed sustainable relations with its manufacturers, to invest genuine into his employees. According to the case study, the investment in employees is always useful and also impact the performance of the company in positive terms. It works with the help of human resource management and training for its suppliers and consultants to transform the business in a better way. Amazon employees are known to be work in fix shift and even in extra shifts according to human resource manager as a result many of the recruiters hesitate to hire the employees from Amazon. The employees are very dedicated to the company and their shift timings. Different pieces of training and practices have been given to the employees working in the organization so that they can be multitasking. Many researchers have shown that Human resource flexibility is very important within the organization (Akingbola 2013; Chang et al. 2013; Bal and De Lang 2015). Human resource flexibility and authenticity can be segmented into three major and the main parts that are skills of the employees, behaviour of the employees, and the practices of human resource management. The number of quality options for which the employee skills can be applied (Bal and De Lang 2015). This flexibility can help the employee to work better and to remain motivated within the organization. Amazon is very specific about hiring the employees and screened them by signing a contract of a year for them as a part of their expenses. Amazon has very less female employees working for the organization as a gap in the elimination.

Contribution of Practices in Enhancing Positive Social & Human Outcomes in The Amazon’s Human Resources

According to Hart & Milstein (2003), the company who is focussed on the sustainable development is beneficial in several ways like economic, social and environment which are the most common three pillar of the sustainable development. According to the case study, it is said that sustainability has a good impact on human resource management within the company. Amazon is also engaged in surveys and reviews to find out the accurate ratings and reputation hold by the company and also for creating a comfortable environment for the people working as employees within the organization. It has shown many benefits in terms of employee engagement and performance (Sparrow 2012). The practice can also encourage the employees to achieve good profits for the company, to achieve incentives for themselves every month, to achieve performance and to create a positive and comfortable working environment. As a result of maintaining the reputation and sustainability within the organization, Amazon turnover rate was almost high, with a lot of achievements and awards. The only problem was the employee’s period with the company. Most of the employees leave the company within some time. Amazon always cares for its customers and maintained strict rules and regulations while providing the products and services to them. They are very specific to provide quality services on time. It is also a fact that Amazon also faced debts and losses in the past time and started cost-cutting to recover the things. Working hard is the main motto to be in Amazon, although there were incentives as a part of the hard work working hard was the principal motive so that they could provide beneficial and good services to the employees. It is said that employees are very similar and also the stakeholder and a part of corporate responsibility (Gonzalez Perez and McDonough 2005). Better training and experiences can result in receiving better outcomes to achieve performance for self and the organization as well.

Conclusion on Environmental Strategies and Organizational Competitiveness

Amazon has a sustainable environment to maintain the reputation of the company and its employees. It also has some drawbacks like they have to invest more cost in training as the employees generally leave within a small period. It is also important to hire female staff for the organization as very less female staff is working within the organization especially on the senior positions. Amazon takes care of its employees with strict rules which is also essential for future perspective. Sustainable environment within the organization promotes growth and also encourage the employees to achieve better results. Although, Amazon has faced a tough time with debts but now the company is stable within the corporate world and holds a better reputation within all companies.

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