As per our reliability theory assignment help professionals reliability-theory-assignment-help, traditionally, it is believed that the reliability theory existed so that students could explain why military devices failed. However, with time the theory has evolved to be a general theory itself. It is now based on mathematics and is also known as probability theory.

Therefore, this overlapping and multidisciplinary nature of the theory is what draws students to our reliability theory homework help professionals.

Worry not, as My Assignment Services is known to be the pioneer among all other online reliability theory assignment services. We not only provide comprehensive reference assignment solutions to students but also deliver exclusive academic consultation services as well. Thus, we ensure that all the fundamental concepts of reliability theory such as system, reliability, hazard rate function, mean time to system failure(MTSF), static system configuration, etc are well understood by them.

What Is Reliability Theory?

The first and foremost step towards drafting an error-less reliability theory assignment is to have a clear understanding of reliability theory. For this, our reliability theory assignment expert team makes sincere efforts to put forth this complex terminology in the simplest way in front of students.

This is how our reliability theory assignment help team explains this theory:

It is one of the most efficient probabilistic methods that enable students to estimate all the safety measures in any design, which are based on reliability. In other words, it can also be stated as the ability of any item to perform a function as directed, under various provided conditions.

There are 5 main types of approaches concerned with this theory. These are:

    1. Physical approach
    2. Actuarial approach
    3. Software reliability
    4. Hardware reliability
    5. Human reliability

What Are The Basic Concepts Covered By Our Reliability Theory Assignment Help Professionals?

Before we guide students on completing tedious reliability theory assignments, we first explain concepts in reliability theory that prove to be crucial for such assignments. When a student has gained command over these concepts, drafting impeccable assignments becomes a lot easier.

Following are the basic concepts in reliability theory where students require our guidance:

  1. Faults (Transient, intermittent, permanent)
  2. Tolerance (information redundancy, time redundancy, physical redundancy)
  3. Replication
  4. Reliability
  5. Failure rate
  6. Continuation
  7. Meantime between failures(MTBF)
  8. Maintainability
  9. Availability
  10. Series and parallel systems
  11. Parallel to series network and vice versa
  12. M out of N systems

In addition to these concepts, there are a lot of other concepts as well where our reliability theory assignment help team can prove to be beneficial for you. So, to get your personalised academic assistance from us, get in touch with us.

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What Are The Reliability Theory Assignment Topics That We Cover For Students?

Considering the domains where reliability theory finds its application such as engineering, mathematics, etc, it is regardless to explain the vast scope of this subject. Naturally, there come a plethora of technical topics that students encounter on a day-to-day basis. Realising this, our panel of online assignment help experts are trained rigorously in such a way that we have become fully proficient in tackling all these topics for them. Within a short span of just 10 years, our online reliability theory assignment services have thus, won the trust of students.

So, these are the topics that are considered to be the core reliability theory topics.

Basic concepts of lifetime distributions

Approximations systems reliability

Types of censoring

Duration concepts

Inference procedures for exponential

Markov process models

Weibull and extreme value distributions

Fault free approaches reliability evaluation

Kernel density estimation

Reliability network modelling

Accelerated life testing


In addition to these topics, our reliability theory assignment help team has also catered to a lot of other topics as well. These include non-parametric estimation of survival function, event space, frequency, component reliability and more.

What Are The Types Of Systems In Reliability Theory?

Primarily, reliability theory centres itself around the reliability of systems and all the components that are included in those systems. Thus, it becomes an important step to ensure that the system is sensible. For this, our reliability theory assignment expert team emphasis on explaining students different types of system structures.

These are the following types of structures:

Series system

In this type of system, it is mandatory for all the components to be in working condition for getting the desired output.

This can be made clear with the following diagram:

reliability theory assignment help

Note: As per our reliability theory assignment help professionals, a series system can also be called an n-out-of-n system. This is because all the components in this are in working condition.

Parallel system

In this type of system, every component doesn't need to be in working condition. Even if at least one component is functioning, it can be termed as a parallel system.

This can be understood better with the following diagram:

reliability theory assignment

Note: Since it is mandatory for at least 1 component to function in this, it can also be referred to as a 1-out-of-n system.

K-out-of-n system

This is the system where students face a lot of challenges, due to which they seek reliability theory homework help services from us. This is because here at least k components out of the total n components have been in working condition. Both variables can have different values. However, k has to be less than n always.

If you find difficulties in understanding this system, then refer to the diagram below: here k=2 and n=3

reliability theory assignment provider

What Reliability Tools Are Used By Our Reliability Theory Assignment Help Professionals?

Reliability testing is a process, wherein students ensure whether the software used is reliable and fulfils the purpose for which it has been designed or not. For this, a lot of reliability tools can prove to be handy for them.

Having the best reliability theory assignment expert panel in the world already makes us the favourite firm for students, whenever they think of seeking guidance on these tools from experts.

Although, there is an exhaustive list of reliability tools that are available in the world today, our professional team of reliability theory assignment help experts make use of only those tools that enable them to get accurate outputs, thereby enhancing the function of various software.

These are:

Accelerated life testing(ALT)

Monte Carlo

Reliability growth

Bathtub curves

Life cycle cost

Block diagram models

Pareto distribution

FRACAS systems

Decision trees

Weibayes estimates

Fault tree analysis


Total productive maintenance

Exponential failure

Configuration control

Life units


Critical items list

Quality function deployment(QFD)

Reliability engineering

So, if you require us to assist you with any of these reliability tools, then you can easily contact us and we would ensure to clarify all your doubts regarding that particular tool.

Which Reliability Theory Assignment Problems Have You Covered?

A lot of students come to us to know the range of problems under the reliability theory that we have covered for students. Well, we all are aware of the vastness of this topic, which gives rise to a lot of types of problems in reliability theory.

Our highly-qualified and well-experienced pool of writers has catered to every type of problem and has furnished students with solutions to every problem. However, we have observed that some specific problems have come to us recurrently from students. Be it an assignment or an examination, these problems form a major section in both.

Realising this, our diligent panel of professional reliability theory assignment help team would now talk about those reliability theory assignment questions for which we have drafted most of our reference assignment solutions for students.

These are:

Problem set 1

reliability theory assignment expert

In the first reliability probability assignment, students seek our online reliability theory assignment services because they face challenges in designing the fault tree. This is because many aspects need to be considered in this while some aspects need to be omitted.

For the second part, our experts used all terminologies and then obtained the expression in terms of A, B, and C.

In the third part, here the expression is represented in the form of a Venn diagram and from that, our professionals find our common-cause failures.

Problem set 2

reliability theory assignment

Based on the data given, our reliability theory assignment help professionals found out the probability of Jim among other students. After this, the structure-function of the top event is found out so that the system's success can be decided.

Problem set 3

reliability theory assignments

Problem set 4

reliability theory assignment help expert

If you require the complete solution of the problem set 1, 2 or the solutions of the remaining 3 and 4 questions, then our reliability theory homework help would be happy to furnish you with the complete solutions for the same.

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How To Get the Reliability Theory Assignment Help Professional Team?

There is a basic procedure that our professionals follow when students place an order with us. To maintain the quality of our work, a rigorous process is followed by us, which is as follows:

Step 1: Order placement

First, when the student places an order with us, our dedicated panel of client relations team get back to the student, to get hold of the requirements of the assignments. After they have fully understood the requirements, they forward it to our quality assurance reliability theory assignment expert team.

Step 2: Expert is chosen

Based on the requirements that match the specialisation of the expert, a desirable expert is chosen who now works upon the assignment. After completion, they send it further for the quality check process.

Step 3: The assignment reaches the student

Only when all the requirements have been met and the assignment passes through multiple levels of quality check, our reliability theory assignment help professionals hand over the assignment to the student . Else, it is sent back for making the changes.

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