"No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides." ~ Spinoza, Baruch.

For centuries, philosophers were acquainted with a similar bipolar outlook of the world. It consisted of the physical world, and the world of the mind with a tint of spiritualism. The human body was deemed as the attribute of the physical world, while 'consciousness' was assigned to be its counterpart in the mental world. This went on, along with the discoveries of different kinds of misinterpreted perceptions in humans, which eventually made philosophers converge on the fact that the rules and laws governing the physical world are very different in the dimensions of the mind. However, they intertwine. And in order to get psychophysics assignment help, we would be needing to simply explore the How's, and Whys of it, which, fortunately, have already been cogitated and explained by the great philosophers like Baruch Spinoza, René Descartes, Gottfried Leibnitz, George Berkeley, and a few others. Only because of the contributions they made, we were able to walk the path quite far, just up to where Gustav Fechner was awaiting to unveil the possibility of measuring the Sensations while pioneering experimental psychology, and eventually, founding the Psychophysics. As an immediate result to which, psychology made significant advances in accurately measuring the "what's going on inside." Many new studies also sprung out of psychophysics, which succeeded in determining the effects of various substances (such as a drug, alcohol, or a pleasant perfume) on human psychology. We all know how extensively they are in use today.

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According to Fechner, the Sensations were as much a portion of the physical world, as they were a part of the mental universe, concerning simulation. He coined the name psychophysics, to the study of the connection between the psychological and the physical realm. And so were the methods used in deciphering the relationship between the two, called the psychophysical methods.

Much has changed since Fechner, for instance, Sensations are now recognized as a speculative construct. Today, Psychophysicists assess stimuli and several behaviors that ensue post the stimulus' dispensation to an individual. To explicate the uniformity of diverse behaviors, scientists have hypothesized the idea of Sensation to an occurring that executes inside an individual. The sensation is a speculative, or hypothetical formation. It is no more a component of the conscious experience, which it was historically. This is partly why the term "sensation" is rather recognized as a reserved technical term by the present-day psychophysicists and practitioners in the associated fields including medicine. It is no longer up for use by the general populace for nontechnical purposes.

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Fechner's Disclosure - Psychophysics Assignment Help

The reason we are stressing on the shifted semantics of the word Sensation is because of its essential role in understanding, and operation of the subject. In a psychophysical assessment, we discuss the validity of the assessment; about its possible extent; the accuracy of the measurement in relation to what it claims, etc. From there, also comes the idea of validity. Getting down to a more clear distinction, according to Fechner, Sensation is strictly not a stimulation. In fact, he claimed them both to be separate phenomena, known for as long as centuries. This is why he further claimed that the measurement of stimulation, or for that matter, stimulus, does not measure an individual's psychological responses to a stimulus, which by the way is the Sensation.

The Great Hot and Cold Water Experiment

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One of the most celebrated experiments that outlined the nature of human's perception, is the cold-water/hot-water experiment — in which the hot and cold temperatures of the water pose to create a confusion in an individual, resulting in an even bigger question of whether human perception is at all objective, or reliable. Find the instructions for the experiment, below.

For this, one has to put their right hand in a container of hot water, and their left hand in a container of cold water. After 15 seconds, they should put both of their hands into a container of warm water. If done exactly the way instructed here, the individual's left hand would be perceiving the warm water as hot, while their right hand would make them feel as if the water is cold.

Similarly, colours can also be seen adopting distortion, or change, or disappearance, upon changing the intensity of light in the room.

The Challenge

The early philosophers concerned with the subject of psychology, mind, and human perception had to come up with some ideas as to why they do not have a scientific way of measuring the sensation, if not the vice versa. So they did. They simply found the reason why they could not measure sensation then.

  1. The issue with measuring, problem no. 1 — 2+2+2 makes 6, correct? Going back to the chapters of Substitution, if we suppose these 2s to be nothing but 2 litres of milk, meaning if we add — 2 litres of milk + 2 litres of milk + 2 litres of milk, they would make 6 litres of milk. And, we would know as a fact from our mathematics class, that the combined quantity of the milk would not only be greater than 2 litres of milk but would exactly be equivalent to three 2-litres of milk. Now, the question is, how can one measure something that does not occupy space, or weigh at all?

  2. The issue with measuring, problem no. 2 — Can 4 slices of lemon substitute for a slice of orange? It would not make any sense.

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