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What is Pomology? Some of us have a pretty straightforward answer to this question — Pomology is the study of fruit. With a focused interest in the science of growing fruit, as well as nuts, others may add. But you wish it was this simple. Pomology, for the first time, was founded in the United States with the addition of a pomology branch in the United States Department of Agriculture in the year 1886. And it was considered a much-needed step from both the scientific and the industrial community. It is because growing a fruit tree is not remotely all that goes into actually growing a fruit crop. Though even that required decades of devising of specific procedures like thinning, pruning, irrigation, propagation; probing into the climatic and soil conditions and its overarching role in horticulture, or botany; nutritional need; and a ton of research before the seeds could grow into fruit-bearing trees. Did you get here looking for Pomology assignment help? Then expect us to be a bit bookish, forward — Pomology is majorly concentrated on the growth, improvement, cultivation, and physiology of fruit trees. The objects of studying fruit trees encompass improvement of the fruit quality, modulation of the periods of production, while also curbing the cost. The next probable question would be — what does a Pomologist do? Well, the most obvious answer is to develop new cultivars through selective breeding of the fruit trees.


One of the often-heard home-made proverbs that everyone in some stage of their growing up would have heard, that the fruits are the most nutritious, and to keep oneself healthy they must have it daily. Now guess who makes that possible? Pomologists, right! 'New' and enhanced fruits and nuts are incessantly being designed and produced to better cater to the needs of the people by completing their daily nutritional intake, and shoo-ing diseases away. Pomologists also research fertilization and the methods of pruning, to determine the ones that are efficacious at maintaining the trees healthy and full of fruits! And of course, like all other agricultural studies, Pomologists also analyze pests, plant and tree diseases, various infections, and unfavorable, or infertile weather conditions that have everything to do with the yields.

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An undergraduate or higher studies course in Pomology subsume the major class of fruit crops, comprising both, deciduous e.g. stone fruits, pome fruits; and evergreen e.g. citrus, olive fruit trees that are usually grown in the temperate climate zones. In collaboration, nut trees, and other small fruit crop species in the tropical and subtropical regions are also investigated. The origin, proliferation, botanical categorization, commercial significance, utilization, special requirements for cultivation, fertilization, pollination, growth, harvesting, selection, and monitoring physiology, etc., are all included in the subject. The on-the-ground study also is an essential part of studying pomology, which is why numerous trips to the field come included in the package.

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Therefore, no mistakes should be made in thinking of pomology and pomologists as the driver of the yield to the market. Pomologists are crucial in finding out the ways of harvesting, and transporting the fruit and nuts, often producing special kinds of containers to make the transit, minus any damages. Pomologists also contemplate and account shelf-life, and decide the conditions for storage of the fruits. In other words, they ascertain the methods that can prolong the freshness of the produce after harvest. Why leave out the little details, that they also are the reason for proper watering of the fruit crops, and transplanting. Meanwhile, pomologists and the students of pomology also look forward to ameliorating the growing of the fruit trees to be more environmentally friendly, and less depleting. Lastly, to say the very least, without the study in Pomology, there would not have been a diverse and large variety of fruit crops, leaving the fact absolutely alone that the exponential yields of fruits and nuts that we see today are because of the advancements in the academic spheres of Pomology.

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