Assignments for Technical graduate and postgraduate study programs need expert help. Modules such as Petroleum engineering is a popular course with international students but the complex concepts of the course pose quite a few hurdles in clearing this program with HD grades. Again, we can't say it enough times; but you need expert guidance preferably PhD academics in the field to assist you with petroleum engineering assignment help that you in writing your assignments.

When seeking Petroleum Engineering do my assignment services, some FAQs that we have resolved since our ten years of existence as best engineering assignment help in Australia:

Is a Petroleum Engineering Assignment Helper Reliable?

The first question that comes to the mind of a student looking for online guidance with their assignment is whether the service is reliable or not? The question is justifiable seeing that most of the students work part-time and balance their academic and personal life through a lot of hardships. Amidst that, they do not want to get mislead or add worries owing to the poor quality of the assignment.

We offer you valuable insights with the profound academic knowledge of our petroleum engineering assignment experts to erase your doubts and put you on track for scholastic success.

Know Petroleum Industry Inside Out Before You Attempt the Assignments

It is no secret that people are often charged with more responsibility than what they signed up for in an organisation. At such a time, one cannot argue over the fact that they did not sign up for this. Consequently, universities prepare the students to work with a greater knowledge of Petroleum Engineering. For that, the assignments are targeted in a way that makes students go beyond the classroom knowledge.

The problem that students face at such a moment is taking the wider perspective of the petroleum industry. It requires thorough research, dedicated time, and work. In such a situation, taking petroleum engineering assignment help is a wise choice to get the assignments done under a professional's eye and save time.

So you ask, How will a Petroleum Engineering Academic Expert solve the assignments?

Now that we have let you know about the petroleum industry, in brief, it is time that our experts take you around an assignment in this field. We got this question recently from a student. Our panel of professional petroleum assignment writers gets a variety of questions for which we provide high-quality solutions.

Let us see how we completed writing this one.

Petroleum Engineering Assignment

As you can see, this is the petroleum engineering assignment questionthat we will now discuss. The task is to design a poster on the sustainable decommissioning process in 1000-words. For this, our petroleum engineering assignment help experts first go through the background provided as shown below:

Petroleum Engineering Assignment Solution Background

To prepare the poster, our experts conduct thorough research on the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) and then study the two tables given below:

Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning

The first table depicts two case studies that are based on the total energy impact (GJ) and atmospheric pollution parameters. On the other hand, table 2 accounts for the total mass of steel material that needs to be recovered from the Brent field.

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Petroleum Engineering Assignment Solution Drafted By Us

After we understand the requirements thoroughly, our petroleum engineering assignment help experts begin with the task. We design a 1000-words poster for the reference purpose of students that address the following:

  1. With the help of the guidelines that have been provided by the Institute of Petroleum on the use of energy and gaseous emissions during the decommissioning of offshore structures, our panel of professional writers calculates the sustainability parameters (a-d) that are missing in table 1.
  2. After this, we also estimate the total mass of the materials that equally contributed to the decommissioning project.
  3. In the end, our petroleum engineering assignment help experts analyse the sustainability potentials as presented in both the case studies. This is done by converting the total energy impacts into daily use within the existing system of energy.

Based on this poster, the next task that we draft is a report for the reference purpose of students. Let us quickly show you how our experts drafted the report.

How To Draft a Petroleum Engineering Report Writing Assessment?

We now have all the required information for the report, thus, it will become easier to go on with the report writing task. There are certain guidelines that we follow for drafting these reports, which are:

  1. We include all the maps, figures, and tables within the 2500-word count as mentioned in the marking rubric.
  2. We use several Geological and Geographical terms in the report like chronostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy etc and explain them in detail. We also make it a point to use capitals, wherever needed like Santos Basin, Urucutuca Formation, etc.
  3. We use the scientific paper format for writing the reports
  4. Usually, our petroleum engineering assignment help experts follow a fixed format for writing these reports. First, we include a summary in which we discuss the setting and the goal of the research. Then, we highlight the fundamental observations and interpretations that help users reach the conclusion.
  5. At last, we reference it as per the guidelines that are provided to us.

If you want us to guide you with your report writing assignment, then you can simply let us know the requirements and our petroleum engineering assignment help experts get back to you with a complete reference report.

Not just this, we also possess a strong command over the latest emerging trends in this industry which is why we easily guide students and help them reach a step closer to their dream grades. Let us know a few of them now.

To do your assignments for you and to do it well, you should always stay updated with the developments in the petroleum industry and the emerging trends in the same. Our professional petroleum engineering assignment helper considers these areas as the primary ones that, if included, will improve the assignment quality by tenfold.


Times have changed from conventional processes to more modern processes. The use of robots is continuously rising as it saves time, manual resources, and increases the productivity of the process. The petroleum industry is no different that wants to handle repetitive complex tasks efficiently.

If you have to suggest ways for connecting pipes, drill oil wells, dispose of wastewater, etc., then robots are a good input there.

4D Seismic Technology

Seismic technology is used in the oil and gas industry as a way to map and interpret reserves that contain hydrocarbons. The existing preferred technology is a 3D seismic where the space coordinates are used to locate the reserves.

But adding the 4th dimension, i.e., time, to the seismic technology is the reason why students look for help with petroleum engineering assignment. When the change of the reservoir over time has to be addressed, the assignment becomes much more complex than what it already is.


The demand for oil and gas is increasing every single day. The companies are not able to regulate the supply of the same to meet the global demand. Thus, considering the mobility parameters (movement of crude oil effectively) will place your assignment answer at a higher place than a general one.

With great power comes great responsibility. To address the issue of mobility successfully is not something that you can reap the benefits off easily. The task of optimum utilisation of resources and the financial data is the key obstacle for petroleum mobility and hence assignments.

You can give your do my petroleum engineering assignment queries to the subject professionals at My Assignment Services at they will take care of your tasks.

Cloud Computing

The oil and gas companies need real-time information immediately. This is particularly needed from oil fields and drilling platforms. While writing these assignments, you should analyse the data given to make an informed decision that will help in quick-production.

Solve the security concern while proposing cloud computing solutions in the assignments. Highlight how cloud computing will help save cost and computing by offering on-demand data. Connect productivity increase and revenue. If it comes as any challenge, you can always opt to take an expert's help with the petroleum engineering assignment.

Use Integrated Reservoir Management in Assignments to Connect with Modern Outlook

The Oil and Gas companies back in the old days used Field Development Planning Management. Under this, the project was handed off to different experts one after other to develop the asset.

The experts involved in this process are


They are in charge of finding those portions of the subsurface that are not obeying the physical laws of rock layer deposition. They do that using methods like seismic survey, magnetic survey, gravity survey, and more. They see the reservoir as a meandering amplitude anomaly on the horizon slice of the seismic data cube.


They are responsible for the mapping of the surface and subsurface that is full of uncertainties. The reservoir is seen as a fluvial channel in a series of continuous or discontinuous fluvial channels.

Petroleum Engineer

The result of the analysis by the geophysicist and geologist is picked up by Petroleum Engineer. They scrape out the information about the area of investigation and okays the drilling of oil well till a specific depth. Petroleum Engineer sees the reservoir as a series of closely spaced regions with variable porosity and permeability.

Integrated Reservoir Management

This is the thing of today as the activities under this are carried out by a multidisciplinary team. Use of 3D and 4D seismic analysis, geo-statistics, reservoir simulation, horizontal drilling, and more. This modern-day technology comes with some complexity as well and thus students look for a petroleum engineering assignment help for the same.

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The quintessential role of My Assignment Services' Expert

We house a team of engineering assignment experts who are capable of resolving the problems and topics discussed above and beyond them. We can guide you towards the assignment solutions that are worthy of recognition in our petroleum engineering assignment help. Send us the details on or fill the web form on this page to connect with our client relation experts.

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