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What is Palynology?

Palynology is the branch of paleobotany which deals with the study of plant pollens, spores, and certain microscopic plankton organisms (known as palynomorphs) in living and fossil forms. Pollens are produced by the male seed-bearing plants; by the anthers in the stamens of the flowers. These pollens are carried by the wind, water, insects, etc. to the female plants. These mass of microspores helps in the fertilisation process.

Most pollen has three distinctive parts:

  1. Central Cytoplasm- Source of fertilization

  2. The Intine- inner layer

  3. The Exine- outer layer, resistant to disintegration

Due to its high resistance to disintegration and decay, the pollens get deposited into the geologic sediments. The widespread dispersal of these seeds by winds or various other means and the production by plants in abundance helps in the process. So, it plays a crucial part in investigating ancient climates during glacial and interglacial stages.

Geologists use pollens and spores to study the past environment, (gradual changes in the environment over time) geology, palaeontology, stratigraphy, etc. For instance, Geologists can study various changes in our diets through pollens found in the intestinal tracts of early humans and those of artefacts. (tools, other cultural objects, etc.) The pollen and spores found in the faeces of mummies living thousands of years ago, allowed geologists to describe the food culture through several generations of northern Chile.

Palynology is an important stratigraphic tool because its application is widely used in the study of human allergies, production and dispersal of atmospheric pollen and spores through various means, animal diet, and archaeological excavation of shipwrecks.


The study of pollens and spores and other microfossils has been proceeding with the advent of naturalism in the 17th Century. ‘Nehemiah Grew’ practically invented the science of plant physiology. He was the first scientist to theorise the importance of pollens in sexual reproduction in plants. Moreover, it was in the 17th Century that microscopes were invented. This invention led to an easier study of fossilised pollen and spores. In simple terms, the study of microscopic life became much easier.

The oil industry first included the study within the geological stratigraphic layer, because of the importance of the wider study of organic inclusion. The subject came to the fore in the 1900s when ‘Lennart Von Post’, a Swedish scientist calculated the percentage of survival of some pollens in peat bogs. Before this, the method was more qualitative than quantitative. This move made it more conducive to understanding the various reasons to understand the science of Ice age, and how vegetation level and its quantity are affected by the change in the climate.

The word ‘palynology’ was only discovered at the end of World War II when the study of numerous tiny organisms was given its name. The word was adapted from a Greek verb ‘paluno’, meaning to strew or sprinkle. Thus making Palynology a study of small strews or sprinkled things.

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As mentioned above, it is the oil industry credited to be the first to notice the benefits of this study. Palynology is a commercial application to identify new oil pockets. Certain microfossils survive better in sediments, and certain types of rocks, making it a great indicator to find oil pockets.

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To understand climate change, it is necessary to dig up the past. This answers many questions, like- how did the changes in the past affect the plants and animals? Extinctions, Invasive species, and many more such happenings. This helps in further understanding how we might be affecting our environment. The production of Greenhouse gases and numerous toxic gases which are affecting the pace of climate change drastically.


It deals with the actions of human activities affecting the topography. Palynology is an essential tool in tracking the spread of the Neolithic revolution, for example- breading of wheat, and other grains.

Human Diet:

With the study of pollens and spores found in the faeces of mummies found in the graves of people living a thousand years ago, the diet can be easily studied.

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