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What is Paleobotany?

For working on academic tasks based on different aspects of the subject, our experts have given a brief definition of paleobotany is the paragraphs given below.

Palaeobotany defined as the discipline of the science which deals with the study of plant life of geological past. It is the study of fossil plant. Fossils were derived from Latin word fossils which mean to 'Dig-up or getting something by digging'. It is defined as preserved or the traces of plants and animals that have died long back. Fossil may be hundred to millions of years old. These fossils are found in the layer of earth and the layers of rocks. Palaeobotany is a combination of two Greek words Palaeon means old/ancient, and botany termed as the study of plants. It is the branch of palaeology that focuses on the recovery and identification of the plant remains from geological contexts. It also focuses on the use for the biological construction of the plant environment, i.e., palaeography and the evolutionary history of plants with a bearing upon the evolution of life in general. Palaeobotany is the study of plants before Pleistocene epoch.

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Importance of Paleobotany

Not only in academics but throughout their career paleobotanists work on various essential projects that can bring a change in our lives. During academics, our paleobotany assignment help experts guide learners in understanding more and more about the subject. They make sure that scholars do in-depth research and create a scoring assessment file under their mentorship. Paleobotany research helps in solving the problems connected with the formation of the earth and gradual development relationship among plant.

An aspect of paleobotany that makes it unusual and interesting, is that it can be approached from inherently interdisciplinary either a biological or a more geological perspective or both together.

Reconstructing the Plants

  • As we know that majority of fossil plants are generally preserved in rock or earth layer as disarticulated plant parts.

  • The prime aim of palaeobotany is to reconstruct the whole plant, i.e. to put the pieces of the puzzle back together and analyze it.

  • Determining the group of living plants, if any, to which the fossil is most closely related.

  • Study on how did these plant reproduce, and how and what types of propagates were disseminated.

Evolution of plant groups

  • Paleobotanists are interested in knowing the origin and subsequent evolution of various groups of plants. They also focus on understanding their interrelationships.

  • With the help of this, they can identify when did plants first inhabit the earth? And how did they look like? When did the first representatives of different groups of plants first arise?

  • Several paleobotanists studies are not only based on the plants but also the interactions of the plants with other organisms in the environment, especially the symbiotic interrelationships between plants and other organisms.

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Biostratigraphy and correlation

  • It has also played a key role in many areas of geology, especially in biostratigraphy-placing rock units in stratigraphic order based on the fossils within them.

  • Pollen grains and spores have been extensively used as index fossils in biostratigraphy, and the correlation of rock units, as have various forms of algal cells and cysts.


  • It is the study of past environments; it is a rapidly changing field that involves the integration and synthesis of both botanical and geological information.

  • This is very important in revealing the diversity of fossil communities inhabiting a horizontal variation in floras at the same time.

Types of Fossil

For understanding more about paleobotany, it is essential to know about different types of fossils too. Our online paleobotany assignment help experts have described forms of fossils below.

Body Fossils

The most common form of fossils found around the world is the body fossils. These fossils are created from the remains of dead plants and animals. A majority of body fossils are the hard parts of dead organisms, such as - branches, stems, bones, teeth, Woody trunks, shells, etc. Body fossils are available in different sizes on the earth. It might be of microscopic organisms or of Gangetic dinosaurs.

Trace Fossils

Sometimes, eggs, footprints, dung, and nests of historic and ancient creatures convert into fossils, these fossils are known as trace fossils. These fossils help scientists to learn how long the animals lived, how they moved, what they ate, and how they bred.

Fossilised Feces

Fossilised feces are also called dung-stone that give some information to scientists where the certain animals lived and what they had as their food. Fossilised feces or coprolites are found rarely because they decay quickly.

Our paleobotany assignment help experts caption more forms of fossils in the image given below.

Paleobotany Assignment Help

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