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Let’s Skim Through Key takeaways with the help of this Infographic

Oscillations and Waves Assignment Help

Waves Are Everywhere, But What Makes Wave a Wave?

We first need to answer what characteristics, behaviours and properties do waves share? Let us try to characterize and describe a wave with the help of observed qualities and phenomenons.

Fundamentally, we can describe a wave as a disturbance travelling through a medium. This back and forth disturbance in the medium about the mean is known as the wave motion. This motion is responsible for the transfer of energy between two distant points.

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Have you ever seen a Cosine or Sine function? Propagating waves look like the graph of the Trigonometric functions. As a matter of fact, a wave equation is represented as a function of Sine or Cosine. It is this characteristic of Wave that gives birth to phenomenons like superimposition, diffraction and reflection.

Here Are a Few Important Terms To Understand Waves Better


A wavefront can be imagined as a line on the phase that connects the adjacent elements in the phase. If we draw a tangent to all the crests, the tangent would then be known as a wavefront. Wavefronts can be manifested in the form of concentric circles, straight lines and even other complex shapes. Have you ever dropped a stone in the water? The concentric ripples in the water represent the wavefront of the propagating wave.

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Crests and troughs of the waves are the highest and the lowest point of amplitude respectively. Distance between any two consecutive Crests or troughs is known as wavelength.

What Is The Difference Between a Longitudinal and Transverse Wave?

A major difference between longitudinal and transverse waves is that the transverse waves are always perpendicular to the direction of propagation and longitudinal are parallel to the direction of propagation. The oscillation of the amplitude also happens in the same manner, respectively.

Waves travelling through a solid medium can be both longitudinal and transverse, whereas, fluids like liquids and gases can only have longitudinal waves propagating through them.

Electromagnetic Waves VS Mechanical Waves

Fundamentally, vibration or oscillations of the charged particles produce Electromagnetic waves. These waves do not require a medium to travel as they carry their media with them. For example, the electromagnetic waves produced by the sun, make their way to the earth and other planets even through the vacuum of the space. Had they been mechanical waves instead, they would have never reached earth. All light and heat waves are an example of electromagnetic waves.

Mechanical waves are produced as a result of vibration in the molecules of a medium. They propagate through a selected medium via the transmission of energy from one molecule to the other. Thus, longitudinal and transverse waves come in the category of mechanical waves. For example, sound waves are mechanical and longitudinal waves.

What is Sonic Boom?

Whenever an object crosses the speed of sound, it creates a shockwave through the medium. When this happens in the air, the shockwave, in turn, generates a loud noise, that is known as the sonic boom. This can be deemed similar to an explosion, thunder or lightning.

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