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Are you studying ornithology as a part of your biology, zoology, ecology, or wildlife biology degree? Or are you pursuing a degree with majors in ornithology? Well, in both cases, you need to love exploring nature, especially birds, if you wish to excel in ornithology. However, , at My Assignment Services, we understand that meanwhile you long to understand birds and nature better, many times you can get carried away with their beauty, and would refrain yourselves from completing the assignments. To not let your ornithology assignment become the turd of your punchbowl, we provide top-notch quality ornithology assignment help, with which you can both excel the subject and explore all you want in one fell swoop.

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Besides, if you are looking for online ornithology assignment help due to some other reason, you are most welcomed at My Assignment Services’ doorsteps, from where, in the history of the past decade, no scholar has returned unsatisfied. Furthermore, for scholars who wish to finish their ornithology assignment on their own and only need a few online samples to discern the approaches to writing impactful assignment solution, we have free ornithology assignment samples in the resource library section of our website. Thus, if you are one such scholar, visit our website ASAP and get ornithology assignment samples on whichever topic you want, our assignment samples will give you a limpid idea on the quality we furnish to anyone who seeks our assignment help service. Read on and know us better.

What is Ornithology?

In simple words, the science discipline, which is one of the major branches of zoology and is devoted to studying Aves (birds), is called ornithology. Henceforward, the first and foremost pre-requisite to ace ornithology is to know and understand what birds are. So, what are they? Birds are the organisms that fall in the “Aves” class of vertebrates, and although there are two primary schools of thought that describe the origin of birds differently, the characteristic features of birds remain more or less the same. These are often referred to the flying vertebrates; however, there exist certain species of flightless birds as well. Therefore, flying merely cannot be considered an exclusive characteristic feature of Aves. Then, what is, right? Well, while certain other traits of birds, such as the presence of feathers, laying of eggs, high metabolic rate, and the presence of a four-chambered heart are the shared avian characters, here is a list of characteristics that are exclusive to these beautiful creatures that nature has created:

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  • Presence of beak,

  • Toothless jaw,

  • Pneumatized/hollow bones,

  • Presence of the modified clavicular bone, i.e., furcula (wishbone),

  • Keeled sternum that provides a surface for the attachment of muscles,

  • Strong flight muscles,

  • And various other flight-related characters.

What does an Ornithologist do?

An ornithologist is a scientist who studies physiology, behaviour, and conservation of birds and their habitats. Their work often involves recording, surveying, and reporting on the activities of birds, and can either be generalised or specific to a particular species or group of birds. Contrarily, many ornithologists only spend some part of their time researching Aves and work as other professionals as well such as eco-tour guides, ecologists, wildlife biologists, environmental educators, legislative advocates, and more.

Apart from this, the job duty of an ornithologist vary based on his position; for instance, one might conduct field research with an objective of understanding better the routes of birds' migration, habitat needs, and reproduction rates; monitor and assess the population of a certain species population; track the movement and identity of different birds by capturing and banding them; analyse the gathered data; make plans and reports for the management of the birds of his interest. Their fieldwork involves travel to remote places, which can be international too; travel by foot, exposing them to all sorts of weather conditions. Furthermore, an ornithologist can work in a laboratory too, processing data using computer technology in their office settings.

Our Ornithology Assignment Help Means Ornithology on Your Fingertips

No doubt that one requires adequate education to get a degree in ornithology, however, practical experience, either in the laboratory or in the field, is of equal importance. This leaves scholars with no choice but to seek ornithology assignment help from professional assignment help experts to achieve their desired grades. That is why My Assignment Services provides the best assignment help online to the scholars who wish to achieve their goals in the most hassle-free manner.

We have assignment help providers from over a hundred academic fields, including all biological disciplines. So, whether a scholar needs zoology, or botany assignment help regardless of their sub-branches such as ornithology, our experts have panaceas in the best possible forms. In addition to providing the best assignment help in Australia, our erudite academicians, with their step-by-step online mentoring, help students build robust foundations, resulting in their amazing learning outcomes. That is why My Assignment Services has become scholars' first choice for seeking academic assistance every time they need one. For your reference, an ornithology scientific abstract writing assessment task is attached herewith. This task was brought to our proficient writers by a student in need just like you and was flawlessly completed by our experts in the matter of a few hours.

ornithology assignment sample

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