Date : 30 September 2021
Location : United States

The popular video streaming company, YouTube, announced restrictions related to COVID-19 vaccine. It has decided to dismiss all the videos or content that deliver misleading news about the COVID-19 vaccinations, which convey that they cause infertility, cancer, etc.

YouTube stated that there are videos that claim negative information about the authorized vaccinations. On Wednesday, the Guardian reported that as per the company policy, YouTube would terminate accounts of Anti-vaccine influencers.

It placed restrictions last year for such content to be posted. The restriction removed 130,000 pieces of content from YouTube. So far, the company has deleted around 1 million videos responsible for showing false information of the pandemic outbreak.

This decision was taken after Facebook placed similar restrictions. Although the social media platform did face difficulties in enforcing this restriction, it was implemented globally. Likewise, Twitter has also been taking strict steps since March by deleting the accounts of the users who spread the misinformation about the vaccine.

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