Date : 30 June 2021
Location : Australia

If on the way for an international university enrolment or an admission procedure that is partly due, be aware of the spoofing calls from scammers warns the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Norfolk.

Norfolk, Virginia, is located in the Pacific Ocean about 1602 km northeast of Sydney. Norfolk hosts as many as 98 813 students in the 6 Government and 24 Private colleges housed within 50 miles.

Norfolk remains famous for enrolling several international students, mostly here for doing their two-year degree course available for various technical and non-technical subjects.

According to Norfolk residents, the calls received in the first place seem akin to being a legitimate call; till the Homeland security authorities identified them as 'spoofs'.

The Social Security (SS) for international students, provided to students in Australia, warned the students to be extra cautious before responding to any calls asking for personal details related to confidential information, including their Banking account details.

Affirming the same, Carissa Cutrell, ICE spokesperson out of Homeland Security Investigations Norfolk, said, the incoming call might appear official, but the scam caller may be spoofing.

Scammers use a variety of pretexts for calling either for money or personal information. One of the numbers involved in the spoofing scam was the Homeland Security Investigations Norfolk phone number, which brought the whole instance to the limelight, Carissa said.

Since the fraudulence is catching up nationwide, Homeland security has requested folks to come forward and share the type of fraudulent activity they've encountered so that it can be nipped in the bud.

All those heading to the southern hemisphere for the Fall Semesters, if anytime you find 757-441-6533 reflecting on your mobile sets, remember it's an 'identified spoof number' that should immediately be reported at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE Homeland Security Norfolk for immediate action.


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