Date : 02 July 2021
Location : US

Confusion continues regarding which vaccines stand approved in the international coterie of students heading West for studies this Fall.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved eight vaccines so far. However, the students are still suffering if they are not appropriately vaccinated the right medicine, approved in the 500 US College campuses.

The US has FDA-authorised vaccines such as Pfizer, Moderna primarily, and Johnson & Johnson approved for students and university campus employees.

However, they are not always available in the international students’ home countries. Once there, students not jabbed with appropriate vaccines suffer a second jab in the university campus if their vaccines do not match the ones mentioned.

Those with two types of approved vaccines jabbed, have to carry relevant papers before entering.

The surge in demand for vaccines in schools and college campuses in the US has seen a sudden rise in the price of vaccines; as a short supply also follows this.

This Fall Semester 2021, it is a general belief that vaccine diplomacy will be an essential mission that colleges and universities intend to fulfil.

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