Date : 21 September 2021
Location : Australia

The use of the cuss word beginning with the letter ‘N’has been demeaning in classroom interaction for years. Another instance that was brought to light at Victoria University became the butt for discussion when the term was misused during a British Modern Fiction lecture attended by about 50 students.

The text, delivered in class as a lecture was Joseph Conrad’s short story: ‘An Outpost of Progress,’ 1896, as part of the syllabus to exemplify the racist attitudes of the time in which it was written.

Nobody said anything in class after the lecturer used the N-word for 20 minutes. Then, finally, a painting picturing burning trans-Atlantic slave ships with their disembodied passengers drove the student to leave the class with plans to discontinue the course.

The psychological impact of the word was so intense that it left the scholar devastated enough to leave the class; the student thinks something could have been done to prelude the lecture's unpleasant content.

She plans to meet the humanities department's dean this week to discuss future student support. “We'll talk about how to put action behind these words, not just words,” the youngster stated.

Many students justified it as ‘literature’ and considered it satisfactory as it wasn’t directed at anyone. That's part of the problem. They said.

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