Date : 01 June 2021
Location : United States

President Joe Biden has been pleaded by the US colleges and universities to help them by saving the international student enrolment. The universities and colleges have lost billions of dollars due to this pandemic.The autumn term is about to begin and the institutions serving higher education have expressed their uncertainty about the number of international students enrolled.

According to Moody’s analysis, the drop in the number of international students has created a void that will be affecting universities' finances for several years.Allan Goodman says 40,000 Indian students attend the universities and colleges in the US every year and they need to receive their visa on time for the same.

The state department has made a list of national interest expectations to travel restrictions of COVID-19. The list includes the name of the country from where college students can travel to the US for their academics. The list includes the names of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, the Schengen area of the European Union, Iran, and China.

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