Date : 17 September 2021
Location : Australia

As the next critical step in an old alliance, called the ‘Aukus’, the US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister the UK, Boris Johnson, and Australia Premier Scott Morrison joined virtually to decide on the next critical step in their trilateral agreement.

In reaction to China, the US, UK, and Australia come together for funding a new nuclear submarine programme for Australia to be ready in the next 18 months. Soon, Australia would be in the league to be the 7th country to have nuclear submarines.

However, Morrison added, “Australia is not seeking this to establish a civil nuclear capability.”

USA’s Joe Biden indicated that the future of each of our nations and indeed of the world depends on a free and open Indo-Pacific. Johnson's remarks were on similar lines in London.

The earlier delays hampered a $90bn contract struck by Australia and France's Naval Group in 2016. Also, the ‘Aukus’ initiative is seen as a response to China’s increasing aggressiveness in the South China Sea and its antagonism towards Taiwan.

Critics say Australia's decision to stay in the NPT encourages nuclear proliferation. The big question that remains is whether or not Australians would get the chance to use their uranium enrichment equipment, summarise critics.

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