Date : 20 August 2021
Location : United States

Now, this is an undeniable fact that the US economy, American universities, Technology companies, etc owe a debt to the international students. The United Nation will have very few graduate students in the field of science and technology if they are not international students. The economic demand and the ability to fill the demand are also contributed by the international students for the US. This data has been concluded from the new analysis of the NFAP which is the National Foundation for American Policy.

There are around 50% to 82% of the international students who are full-time graduates in the different technical fields in the United Nation. The number of full-time students who are enrolled in the graduate level of electrical engineering at the US University has declined by 19.5% between 2015 and 2019. India and China are two countries that have been major contributors of international students to the United Nations. But this has also been dropped after the different policies and restrictions which were launched by Trump and been kept in place by Biden. The decline in the number of international students started before the pandemic. And COVID-19 has been added fuel to this decrement.

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