Date : 06 August 2021
Location : United States

Several US employers are now offering debt-free colleges to employees to keep the competition growing and have better employee participation.

The first among the companies remained Target TGT to offer free college studies as an employee benefit.

The benefits include free college tuition fees and books for employees to get undergraduate degree courses at 40 elite academic institutions like the University of Arizona, Oregon State University, University of Denver, Morehouse College and Cornell University.

Under this employee benefit, the company pledges to cover $10,000 yearly as a graduate degree program.

Other companies offering similar benefits are Walmart, which made a similar announcement covering 100% college tuition and books, followed by Chipotle and Starbucks that also plans to help employees avoid incurring student loan debt while pursuing their degrees.

The current student loan outstanding in the US and faced by the Biden administration stands at $1.8 trillion. The government is still working out ways to address the more significant issues and their bankruptcy reform.

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