Date : 09 July 2021
Location : Australia

Two well-known names of this world and owners of billions of wealth are putting everything on the line. They are doing this to take a ride in space on their rockets. Mr. Bezos's flight will be higher But, Mr. Branson’s flight will be longer.

Yes, we are talking about Mr. Richard Branson who will be turning 71 in another week and is very excited about trying out this adventure. And another billionaire is Mr. Jeff Bezos who is 57 and has recently stepped down from the post of Amazon’s CEO. He is choosing the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Mr. Branson has planned the take-off for Sunday. It will be from New Mexico, and there will be two pilots and three employees aboard with him. The rocket plane that is carried aloft by a double fuselage aircraft is being used.

On the other hand, Mr. Bezos will be departing nine days later from Mr. Branson. This launch will be done from West Texas in a completely automated capsule. Three guests will be enjoying the ride along with the billionaire.

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