Date : 21 August 2021
Location : United Kingdom

UK elite universities are also facing issues with the accommodation of the students. They are scrambling to find out enough space to provide housing to the students they have admitted. According to the data, there are thousands of extra students even after the record numbers of the high grade netted students have grasped the offer last week. Some of the students have been offered the halls or shared rooms in the other cities. This space is bought by the institution to provide private accommodation to the students.

This will cause a serious issue for the students and will disturb the education system for the universities. There are only weeks left when the students will start arriving for the semester. And despite a year of disruption in the school's courses, their institution does not have enough space for teaching, staff, equipment, etc.

The member of the elite Russell Group and spokesperson of Bristol University gave her response after the news of high demand for the places and buying halls broke. She said that “Every possible step has been taken to ensure that the students joining in autumn receive proper accommodation and this is part of the motive.”

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