Date : 28 May 2022
Location : United Kingdom

De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Ranks Among the top 15 Universities in the UK

DMU university secured 14th rank in the category of University of the year. The WhatUni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs) are entirely based on students' judgement about a university. Students also rated DMU university as the 4th best university for a postgraduate degree, 5th for international students and 9th for its facilities.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Katie Normington, thanked the staff for their commitment to making the university attain the rank and showed his gratitude to students for voting for DMU university. He further said that the university strives to deliver the best experience to students and the efforts are visible in the results. A total of 95 higher education institutions participated in the WUSCA.

There was an improvement in the DMU rankings across all the categories it participated in. DMU attained 15th rank in student support, 22nd rank in State Union, 25th rank in career prospects, 28th rank in student's life and 45th rank in Lectures and quality of teaching.

Winners of every category reviewed awards in a special ceremony organised by BAFTA-winning actor and comedian Richard Ayoade in London last night.

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64% Surge in the Population of Nigerian Students in the UK in a Year

As per data confirmed by the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency, the UK saw around a 64% hike in Nigerian students, including a 13.08% rise in enrolment of International students in post-graduate courses.

Alma Miftar, a representative of the higher education search platform, Erudera, believes that the rise in the student population is due to the quality education, learning environment and hospitality offered by universities in the UK.

Apart from UK universities, the educational destination of Nigerian students is also The United States, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, and Germany. Although the UK and US are the most preferred destination for higher studies by many international students, There was a decline in the number of enrollments in the US this year, owing to the Covid-19 protocols.

According to Erudera, The three most preferred subjects of international students in the UK were Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, and Social Sciences.

Business and Management rank as the topmost preferred courses by the international students while Engineering and Technology rank as the second most preferred subject. Social Sciences and Computing stand third and fourth rank respectively.

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Sustainability Report: Environmental Values Had Fallen During the Covid-19 Pandemic

A new study from the Western Australian University found a drop in environmental values during the covid-19, also stressing that there may have been a lesser impact if there was a good connection with nature. Sustainability Science published the effect of covid-19 on environmental values and looked forward to surveying changes in the Australian environmental values before and after covid-19.

Post examination, the researchers found a rise in environmental values before covid-19, but it dropped during the pandemic. Dr Sneddon, Associate Professor of Marketing at the UWA Business School and Deputy Director of the UWA Centre for Human and Cultural Values, said that the connection with nature acts as a buffer to the decrease in the environmental values during covid-19. He also said that the increase in connection with nature could lead to the well-being of people during the existing and potential crises in the future.

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Global Study Finds Remote Learning May Put Children’s Privacy at Risk

The Human Rights Watch(HRW) of the Global advocacy group investigated and analysed 164 educational websites and apps used globally by 49 countries to track the data of millions of children worldwide. The findings showed that 89% of EdTech apps or websites might risk children’s privacy.

Despite the privacy guidelines, most EdTech companies asked for access to students' contact information and location to keep a watch on keystrokes. These data were shared with most of the EdTech. Advertising companies. Parents don’t choose because they have to keep their children at pace with their classmates.

The HRW began its investigation a year after remote learning became a part of student's education post-pandemic in 2021. Chris Cooper, the Executive Director of Reset Australia, said that students, teachers and parents are kept in the dark regarding the data that companies collect on young people. Adobe is one such app that gives access to data to their parties. At the same time, the Minecraft education edition was also accused of breaching its privacy policy. Many other Edtech companies stand on the same row and are accused of going against the privacy guidelines while providing learning access to children.

After a detailed analysis and study, HRW has gained lots of data concerning this matter. Human Rights Watch to release its raw data and technical analysis on June 8, worldwide

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