Date : 14 May 2022
Location : United Kingdom

A Step Towards Building Stronger Ties Between ANU and IIT BHU

The recent visit of Professor Jagdish Chennupati and higher delegations from the Australian National University to IIT BHU opens new doors of opportunities for students and faculties of IIT BHU. In a meeting chaired by Prof Pramod Kumar Jain, director, IIT-BHU, they discussed having joint academic collaborations and student and faculty exchange between IIT-BHU and ANU. They also held discussions about providing joint Ph.D. degrees to students. Professor Jagdish also said that researchers from IIT BHU could Visit ANU through the Chennupati and Vidya Jagadish endowment fund to access research facilities through internship and project fellows.

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Ryerson University Renamed as Toronto Metropolitan University

The board of governors at Ryerson University approved the name change of Ryerson University to Toronto university with immediate effect. Mohamed Lachemi, The president and vice-chancellor of the university, said that the new name represents various aspects of the university, including its community, staff, students, faculties etc.

In order to establish a framework for the renaming process, A university Renaming Advisory Committee(URAC) was formed. Lachemi showed his gratitude to all the community members and the URAC for making this possible.

However, the vision and mission of the university remain the same to maintain the true identity of the university. Lachemi further went on to say that he couldn't think of a better name than Toronto metropolitan university, as this name reflects their identity.

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Queensland University Leaves Its Long-Running Dayboro Veterinary Clinic

Queensland confirms its plan to move all its veterinary teaching to Gatton, resulting in the closure of its 34-year-old long-running running veterinary training clinic at Dayboro, North Brisbane.

The regional cattle farmers showed concerns over being left devoid of accredited cattle vets nearby. They would just have a veterinary clinic at a distance of half an hour drive from Dayboro. Nigel Perkins, Science head professor at QU, said they would search for a new operator at Dayboro veterinary clinic to ensure its smooth running.

In 2012, QU closed its small animal clinic at ST. Lucia and spent $2.4 million to upgrade facilities. The university will close all operations on 30th June 2022. They have assured to provide all the necessary support for the clinic's operation.

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Dalhousie Medical School Partners with Cape Breton University To Provide Undergraduate Medical Education

Dalhousie Medical school and Cape Breton University come together to address the shortage of physicians in the rural Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, Mi'kmaq and African Nova Scotian communities. The President and Vice-Chancellor of CBU said that they are working together with the government of Nova Scotia to make healthcare services accessible in the rural areas of Nova Scotia.

The program will begin in September 2022, when CBU will sponsor 5 seats at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medical Program for eligible rural Nova Scotian applicants. Under the program, 5 successful students will graduate with a Doctor of Medicine from Dalhousie University and commit to working as a family physician in Nova Scotia for 5 years. This initiative will make better healthcare facilities available in the rural areas of Nova Scotia.

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Heritage Course at Rhodes University Off To A Rewarding Re-Start

The postgraduate diploma in heritage management, Anthropology department had its first-ever graduate in person this year after 2 long years of shutdown due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The course was launched in 2022 when covid-19 had just spread worldwide. The department faced many challenges during the starting phase of the course but gradually gained momentum by adding innovative and creative ideas for educating and spreading knowledge.

Although the course curriculum was based around field trips and placements, the course managed to survive through digitalisation. This opened new ways of learning for students and allowed people from different areas to get a virtual tour of heritage sites and museums through the projects developed by students.

One of these course students pointed out the positive impact of the covid-19 lockdown on the sector and said that they saw an increase in social media and virtual platforms where people from different regions could virtually visit and experience the heritage sites without even setting foot.

Dr Pascall Taruvinga, who joined earlier this year in the Department of Anthropology, said they aim to build collaborative networks that can surpass national boundaries.

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Backlogs of Data In The NHS Due To Covid-19 Create Havoc In The Healthcare System

With the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, a huge backlog in NHS data affects 6 million people in the UK. The researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, University College London, and the University of Edinburgh stress the need to manage cardiovascular disease and cancer backlogs that kill 300,000 people in the UK every year.

The authors state the significance of data intelligence by stating how they used it to show the drop-down rate in the admission of cardiovascular and cancer patients in the emergency wards during the first phase of covid-19.

One of the authors also emphasised the need to respond to crises through evidence-based actions driven by insights obtained from data.

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University of New South Wales (UNSW) Receives $50 Million For Its Recycling And Clean Energy Initiative

In partnership with Newcastle University, the University of New South Wales received $50 million for the recycling and clean energy initiative. This program aims to promote sustainable recycling and clean energy solutions and systems in Australia and worldwide. Over 20 industry partners have shown interest and offered to support this initiative by committing to give more than $130 million in cash or kind. Earlier, UNSW was also selected as the academic lead for the $ 15 million New South Wales Decarbonisation Innovation Hub.

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Excellent Opportunity for Aspiring Medical Students Who Want To Study Abroad

Rus education, a leading overseas education provider in India in association with Education Abroad, will bring the best opportunities for MBBS students who can’t make it to the government colleges in India and aspires to pursue their MBBS degree abroad. The Admission MBBS Expo will bring together India's top 20 international medical universities and education providers. Some universities provide affordable education and charge no donation. They also don’t require a TOEFL/IELTS score for admission.

The MBBS admission EXPO will be held on 15th May 2022 and 22nd May 2022 in Kota, Latur, and UP, Maharashtra, respectively. It will also be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Bhopal, and other regions. The NEET students will benefit from this as they can learn expert tips from Dr. N.K Shamra to ace their exams. Students can get on-spot admission, travel and visa arrangements, discounts, and scholarships on the go.

Rus Education is a popular name among the students who seek admission in Russia to pursue their MBBS degree. Education Abroad is another choice for Indian students who aspire to pursue an MBBS degree abroad. Students need to register for free with valid details at their official website to join the event.

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Want to Pursue an MBA from The UK? Here Are a Few Key Points for You

The UK is a popular destination for many international students seeking MBA degrees from different UK business schools. To get admission to the UK, students need to qualify GMAT or English proficiency test based on college or university. Some important points to note before applying for an MBA in the UK.

There are various types of MBA offered by different business schools. The admission criteria may differ based on eligibility and scores.

The minimum eligibility for admission in UK business schools is a three-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized board and a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate.

Students may get scholarships if they have scored excellent marks on GMAT or their academics. Students have the freedom to work for 20 hours a week during their studies, and they can work full-time during holidays.

Studying in the UK can open doors to lucrative opportunities. You get to study from experienced faculty members and get a high-quality education to help you soar high in your career.

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Harvard University Opens the Door For Students To Learn The Albanian Language For The First Time

Faton Limani, the administrator at the Harvard department of comparative literature, announced that students can now choose the Albanian language as an elective subject. He further said that the course would be provided at the entry-level, intermediary, and advanced levels during the year. The Albanian language is also taught across the United States and worldwide.

According to Alan Hartman, director of Mercy college, they had the highest number of students studying the Albanian language than any other college in New York. The huge interest of students in the Albanian language compelled him to see if there was a possibility of providing an Albanian language course.

Through the Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) program, students have the option to study a language that isn't taught in the university classroom. This program has been providing the facility for students to study the Albanian language since 2001.

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