Date : 19 February 2022
Location : Australia

Students Request Sec To Defer Examinations In View Of Elections

Students studying in several universities have insisted the SEC direct technical and higher educational institutions to defer the exams scheduled between Feb 16 and 24 with a view of panchayat elections. It was announced previously by the association of students at Odisha Technical and Professional Education that if the exams, which are scheduled on the days, are not postponed, this will deprive about five lakh students of the upcoming opportunity to practice their franchise in the polls. Biplab Prakash Mohanty, Association Convener, further said that various universities comprising GIET University, Gunpur, and the Utkal University of Culture in Bhubaneswar under the purview of the state administration are performing semester examinations for distinct courses during the period of elections. In a memo, the association has urged the SEC to intervene and grant the Higher education and technical education and skill development department to delay the examinations.


#TakeIndiansbacktoChina: Students Tweet As Thousands Left Stranded Due To The Pandemic

Medical students who cannot travel from India to China for their studies have requested the administration to undertake action. Medical students’ learning at the Chinese Universities is getting affected and over 23000 medical students are stuck in India. The students use social media platforms to express their worries concerning not being permitted to travel back to China. Hashtags like #takeIndiansbacktoChina and #takeusbacktochina is being used by students. Guhan Sivasamy has written on Twitter that about 24000 medical scholars are at stake. He said, “the pandemic was not our fault. We have already been stranded for about two years and still counting. We need your support and attention.” Another student named Mohammad Danish has expressed the same perception in a Tweet.


Short Guide For Students Looking To Study Abroad

If you are an aspirant looking to study overseas, you would already know that the competition is intense. Around 5 lakh students from India contemplate destinations overseas to finish their higher education every year. Here are some tips will help you in this –

Start Early – This enables you to select the best university, destination and programs, prepare the applications, recognize the budget and identify the means to finance the education.

Work Hard – Prepare for hours of writing personal documents, research, collecting official forms, taking exams, offering medical fitness, recognizing finances, and ensuring that everything is in the correct order.

Make Timelines – Prepare a plan and break it down into deliverables and tasks for every month until the initial deadline. It may comprise test preparation, financial clarity and document collation.

Be Original – Many undertake the mistake of making use of readymade templates and consulting services to prepare professional documents such as a statement of purpose, recommendation letters and other essays. All universities and colleges take plagiarism seriously and their program consists of many original perspectives and research. So, it is important to submit your original work.


New Online Event Launched For Students Aspiring To Study In The UK

Postgraduate and undergraduate students will be capable of being involved with top-ranking universities from all across the UK – including 5 of the top 10 UK and 2 in the world top 20 university rankings. 2/3rd of the members from renowned Russell Group of the leading universities in research will also be a part of it.

Study UK: The Essentials is a free online program for students from European nations who desire to study in the UK. It is a fantastic opportunity to get the most recent and significant news and advice about almost every topic - from completing the application form to acquiring the UK student visa. This event is considered suitable for all European students, specifically those looking forward to finalizing and submitting their application in the UK. The British Council has made this complete process of beginning the new chapter and studying in the UK more streamlined.


Universities Must Understand The Pressing Need To Deliver An Upgraded Curriculum To Students

Engineering is a rapidly evolving industry and academic curricula encounter the rising issue of keeping up with the times and ensuring their students develop the required skills during their careers. The present disconnect between industries and academia leads to only a part of engineering graduates completing their university with the knowledge and skills required by industry. Republic Media has associated with Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Engineering School to bring the episode of Shaping India’s Future. In this episode, the significance of adaptability, practical skills, interdisciplinary learning and balancing the specialization with holistic industry learning are highlighted. Moreover, research partnerships, student internships, and other collaborations among universities and corporations are essential for students' development as they offer them an unmatched experience of what awaits them in their careers. Universities are required to offer students greater prospects to expand their learning and experiences, make them effective team players, comprehend the nuances of the industry and grow a proactive attitude towards learning.


Thousands of Staff in UK University Strike Over Cuts In Pension

Many staff members are on strike over the new wave of industrial measures over pay, pensions and working conditions, claiming that they have overwhelming support from students. The College and University union that depicts the university workers has said that huge numbers of UCU members had joined picket lines reinforced with musical accompaniment, DIY chants, and banners. In contrast, the university employers mentioned that there were lower levels of industrial measures by what it called the minority of UCU members that had few impacts on students. The pension conflict is emphasized in the financing and management of the USS, which is considered the biggest pension scheme in the UK. Both sides are also fighting over matters like insecure fixed-term contracts used to employ the rising number of teaching staff. The union claims a £2,500 pay rise for all staff and measures to tackle unmanageable work burdens and equality pay differences.


Preparing to Study Abroad? Here Are Five Majors That Have The Greatest Value

Majors such as Business Management/Administration, Math, Computer Science, and Psychology top the list for being most sought after because of their incredible employability and future opportunities. Here is the list of popular majors chosen by a significant proportion of students–

Majors in Social Science – This is an exclusively popular choice for undergraduate students globally. The social sciences courses provided at Columbia University are prestigious and one of the most sought after courses. Different research departments are Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, History and Sociology.

Combined major of technology and management – The Jerome Fisher Programme in Technology and Management at Pennsylvania University offers a dual degree program to serve the students with interdisciplinary interests in business and technology. Less than 60 students are selected every year to acquire the advantage of unparalleled career prospects once they become graduates.

Major in Computer Science – Computer Science Major at Cambridge is famous at MIT Berkeley and Stanford. The acceptance rate is less at 9.56% for over 1500 students.

Math major – Another coveted major is the Mathematics degree at Imperial College London. The minimum IB need is 40 points overall for 2022 entry.

Science and engineering majors – Science and Engineering courses at National University Singapore ranked among the top 10 in the World. This program offers in-depth knowledge of fundamentals and foundations.


Study Abroad Sessions Resurfacing To Help Students Stay Prepared For Academic Opportunities And Challenges

The options for studying abroad are reopening. The administrators of the international studies program of NMU feel highly prepared for what is next, stay adaptable towards new changes and are confident with the path they are taking to manage all abroad related affairs. The virtual model enables the students to take classes and meet with students and professors from across the globe, both in informal and formal settings. Compared to the pre-pandemic time, the nations and corporations providing study abroad programs have distinct requirements. Students are well aware of the risks and the guidelines but are also scared of losing the likeability to travel. NMU has effective partners in affiliated overseas programs who interact well and care for learners. Lila Isleib, coordinator of study abroad and student services, has been conducting Study Abroad: 101 virtual sessions to help students be prepared for an international education.


Applications Are Now Open For Scholarships Worth Up To $12,700 For Qualifying International Students

Colleges and universities in Canada are offering scholarships up to $12700 for qualifying students from 21 nations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. GAC offers these Study in Canada scholarships straightforwardly to universities or colleges for students belonging to –










Students are required to be already registered in full-time studies at the post-secondary institution in the eligible nation and pay off tuition fees to that institution at the application time and for the complete duration of the exchange. The deadline to apply to study in Canada Scholarships Program this year is March 22. The scholarships being provided in this program consists of $10200 for graduate or undergraduate students for the minimum period of 4 months or one academic term of research and $12700 for graduate students for 5-6 months of research or study tenure. The universities and colleges also acquire an additional $500 per scholarship recipient to cover administrative expenses once they arrive in Canada.


Australia Announces New Scholarship And Fellowship Programs For Indian Students

As part of the Maitri initiative of the government, the trade minister of Australia, Dan Tehan, has announced two new scholarships and cultural exchange events for Indian students. Two scholarships, Rhodes and Fullbright, will reinforce 45 undergraduate and graduated Indian students planning to learn in universities of Australia. The scholarship constitutes covering all fees and stipends for covering the living costs of chosen candidates. Tehan has also declared cultural exchange programs to enhance the cultural understanding between two nations to strengthen the relationship. With the scholarship, Indian students cannot worry about living expenses in Australia, and they can concentrate more on the education part. He also added that an announcement regarding a free trade agreement between the two nations could be declared soon. Some talks are going on between Australia and India to sign the new Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.


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