Date : 24 July 2021
Location : Japan

The customary' opening ceremony' in every Olympics--held every four years, but with the exception, 2021--the beginning of the event is marked with a festive fervour that all sports enthusiasts look forward to is the 'Parade of Nations.

The Olympics follows, introducing the countries in the native language of the hosting nation other than the Roman script for alphabets followed in English countries.

The event is marked with certain traditional exceptions, such as Greece – the historical home of the ancient Olympic Games – entering first and the host nation coming in last, followed by countries between Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

Tokyo's Olympic ceremony marked Iceland second instead of customary Afghanistan, the next second.

In Japanese, Iceland spells Aisurando, putting it in the top spot alphabetically. Yemen in Japanese is 'Lemen'. This country also received a boost, entering before its usual trail towards the end, wedged between Vietnam and Zambia.


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