Date : 14 June 2021
Location : United States

The US Department of Education is sitting on a vital decision related to scholars availing loan grants for educational studies.

More than half a million students with a borrowed loan for educational studies in the US can have their student debt canceled under Federal law, according to the National Student Legal Defense Network (NSLDN).

The NSLDN identified more than 817,000 borrowers eligible for discharge under the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) program.

The Social Security Administration started identifying borrowers in 2016; a June report suggests more than 517,000 of the borrowers have over $8 billion student debt that has not been discharged.

NSLDN president Alex Elson said that the TPD is aware of the process to provide relief to scholars who suffer disabilities. However, it is unnecessarily delaying the process using red tape over the decision for no good reason.

The students are also in a dilemma of sorts. Under the TPD Discharge program, the student borrowers not employed due to a physical or mental impairment have an entitlement to have their federal student loans fully canceled on submitting a formal application. However, matters are pending decisions affecting scholars hugely in the pandemic lockdown.

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