Date : 10 September 2021
Location : United States

Emerson’s international student community is breathing a sigh of relief as the Trump administration rule that said – “International students will be allowed in the states for a limited time” was withdrawn this summer.

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security proposed this rule, and it was formally being cancelled on July 6 by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. If it were being implemented, it would have replaced the current policy of the international students. The current policy states that the F-1 visa holders can stay for the duration of their studies.

It was a negative rule that international students who made the 13% of Emerson’s population took a strong stand against the same.

One of the international students studying for four years said that “it was a tough rule, it gave the feeling like we are in a rush and everything has to be figured out within four years, or else we will lose it. And it created great pressure on the students who are here to fulfil their dreams. ”

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